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Beautiful nails presented by trendsetters this summer are striking in their diversity. The classics of the genre got into the trends — red manicure and gradient transitions, rhinestone inclusions and non-trivial solutions in matte and glossy designs, both with drawings and multi-colored monochromatic ones.

Beautiful nail design 2019

Beautiful nails 2019 is an impeccable manicure on any form of the nail plate, made with all the advanced innovative technologies of nail art, using various devices, stamping, negative space, kamifubics, glitter, foil and rubbing. An excellent solution would be brown nails with rhinestones and glitter in a gradient transition from golden to white, or a delicate design in the style of Japanese painting with a sprig of lavender or another flower of your choice.

beautiful nail design 2019

Beautiful stylish nails can be done in green-yellow with an orange touch, and with an unusual pattern on the nails with flowers and insects, a typical summer theme, especially suitable for the holidays. A wonderful idea would be monochromatic mother-of-pearl glossy nails with a thin rendering of white lines and with a three-dimensional effect in the style of a cat’s eye, which is incredibly fashionable this season.

beautiful nails 2019

Beautiful long nails

The most beautiful nails of 2019, which were presented on the world podium, have an abstract pattern, combine several colors in one set, made using foil and glitter. A wonderful contrasting combination — a classic combination of white and black shades with diverse patterns. Not only abstraction and geometry are in fashion, but also marine motifs and the tropics, especially during the vacation period, if you are going to the coast to take a break from the bustle of the city.

beautiful long nails

Beautiful, chic nails in white with negative space and a geometric pattern look great on the oval shape of the nail plate, they can also be diluted with rhinestones in an accent design, which will give the nails an exceptionally wonderful look. If you are adherents of brightness and catchiness, then you will not find a better option than a red-black abstract combination of varnishes with a drawing of fiery flames.

most beautiful nails 2019

Beautiful design for short nails

Beautiful short nails can come with an interesting pattern that combines dots and stripes in a delicate design, diluted with rhinestones along the oval of the nail. A pastel manicure looks tempting with a pattern of flowers or insects, tropical leaves or palm trees, as you like, and depending on what the manicure is for. If you need a laconic design for a business suit, then it is better to opt for a non-flashy option in a plain or nude look, an emphasis on one or two fingers is allowed.

beautiful design for short nails

Beautiful nails on the natural length of the nail plate — this is a chic jacket with patterns in blue, green, black or red with floral motifs and rhinestone small patches along the oval on several nails. Another great option would be red nails with kamifubiki, glitter and other interesting designer decor, which will add catchiness and brightness to monotonous summer days, or enhance vacation bows with spectacularity.

beautiful short nails

Beautiful nail shape

A real seasonal trend is beautiful sharp nails with diverse designs and modern ideas. They can be plain with rhinestones, or with interesting patterns. Leading masters offer non-trivial color combinations, for example, pale pink with hot pink in one set. You can also make a shade of coffee with milk with a mirror or pearl rub if you wish, so that your nails shine and shimmer in the sun with all the shades of the rainbow.

beautiful nail shape

Beautiful sharp nails can be anything, but a black and white combination looks very impressive, both with floral patterns and with abstract geometry, when many figures are used and combined with each other, for example, triangles, rectangles, rhombuses and squares and circles. Another great solution would be a moon manicure with diverse patterns in black and white.

beautiful sharp nails

Beautiful combination of colors on the nails

Beautiful plain nails without any patterns can combine several colors in one manicure. A great idea would be a combination of pastel colors, when each finger is painted with its own color, or a two- or three-color combination, for example, blue, pink and white, whichever suits and likes it best. Also in the fashion of the coming season, as a tribute to the retro hit, a completely monophonic manicure, even without any additional decor. Such a concise option is suitable for all occasions, both at work and on vacation.

beautiful combination of colors on the nailsbeautiful plain nails

Beautiful nails 2019, new ideas

What beautiful nail design will be at the peak of popularity of the new summer season?

  1. A unique moon manicure with an unusual highlight of the moon in a fuzzy triangular shape with a floral or floral ornament in a delicate design. French combination with full coverage of the nail plate on sharp nails with dripping drops and rhinestones on them. With one nail with a pearl rub — a great option for a chic evening.

beautiful nails 2019 new ideas

  1. Beautiful sharp-shaped nails with a diverse pattern, a combination of feathers, sun rays, ethnic ornament and glitter in one set, additionally decorated with rhinestones and drawing a heart with white varnish on one nail — a great holiday and vacation solution. Delicate manicure options with geometric patterns in a bright and pastel palette will be in fashion.

beautiful nail design

Beautiful french nails

French nails with a beautiful pattern are striking in their diversity, so the trends of the season included solutions with abstraction and drawing the moon line in gold or a manicure with a craquelure effect, when openwork monograms and cracks are drawn over the entire surface of the nail plate. A very stylish solution for those who decide to spend their holidays on the coast, or choose a stylish design for the evening. It looks in blue, blue, red and beige colors, here the choice depends on personal preferences, and experienced craftsmen will help you decide on the design.

beautiful french nails

Beautiful nails — French manicure with a pattern — it can be a traditional white or multi-colored jacket with floral or floral patterns, ethnic ornaments and marine motifs, depending on the purpose of the chosen design. If the emphasis is on timeless classics, then you can easily make a white smile on a non-sharp square shape of the nail with unique flowers, orchids, roses, peonies and even daisies, as you like.

french nails with a beautiful pattern

Beautiful drawings on the nails

Stylists recommend making beautiful patterns on nails in the new season, these can be:

  • dots and small bows in a black and pink combination, when the main pattern is applied to a light varnish and drawn in dark color with the moon highlighted;
  • a cat’s eye on a blue and green background with an accent highlighting one finger with rhinestones, and the second with a bright and juicy large flower with a rhinestone center and a ladybug on the flower;

beautiful nail designs

  • beautiful nails with an openwork pattern in an oriental style with monograms and curls in the moon area, combining matte and gloss;
  • dark blue or dark green voluminous manicure with hand-painted in the Slavic style.

beautiful nail designs

Beautiful bright nails

Classic manicure — beautiful red nails with any ideas, even a monochromatic one is beautiful, because a rich, bright and catchy color will be a good addition to all planned images of urban chic and during the vacation period. This is something that will always be fashionable, especially diluted with all sorts of non-trivial solutions in the form of a combination of red and white or black and red varnishes, in an accent version on one or two fingers. It can be geometric or abstract ornaments, glitter and powder.

beautiful red nails

Beautiful nails in red tones look amazing with stylish lines in white and with rhinestone splashes, or experienced craftsmen advise you to make a voluminous red-black manicure with an aquarium effect, when the glossy varnish plays in all its glory, beautifully shimmering with all shades of the red spectrum on a black background . A chic solution not only for every day, but also for a smart evening.

beautiful bright nails

beautiful ombre nails

A beautiful gradient on the nails is obtained by combining red and black varnishes, or blue and blue, if desired, depending on what effect you want to get. Bright and catchy or gentle and smooth. If the choice fell on a contrasting gradient transition, then the ombre can be combined from opposite color combinations, even green and yellow, or orange and blue, and when you want to add notes of romanticism and gentle conciseness, then a gray-blue glossy manicure with small rhinestones will be an incomparable option.

beautiful ombre nails

Another great nail art will turn out if you make a gentle gradient transition from white to sky blue with thin lines drawn on two fingers. You can also decorate them with small and large rhinestones if desired. For those fashionistas who prefer bright shades, a burgundy design that combines not only ombre, but also glossy and matte varnishes with each other will be an excellent option.

beautiful gradient on the nails

Beautiful nude nails

Who decided that beautiful delicate nails in a nude version can only be plain? Leading masters offer many interesting ideas, made in the style of minimalism, when one or maximum two nails are drawn in the style of Japanese painting on a pastel and beige palette. From the drawings, you can pick up a sprig of lavender, mimosa or a beautiful wild flower in a single version. It will look great on one nail and an openwork or lace pattern, or a three-dimensional sakura flower with thin branches. There are many solutions, the choice is yours.

beautiful nude nailsbeautiful delicate nails

Beautiful matte nails

The most beautiful nails in a matte design have a laconic geometric pattern, these solutions are quite suitable for a stylish addition to business ensembles, they easily fit into vacation everyday life, or to become a highlight in an evening dress. Stylists recommend paying attention to matte nails in black and white with line drawing, or in beige neutrality, suitable for everything without exception.

beautiful matte nails

Another chic manicure will be a design that combines pink and black tones, where an openwork ornament in lace tones is drawn on a light background, and black nails are decorated with small rhinestones, which emphasizes the respectability of this solution and adds sophistication to the overall appearance. An excellent option would be a burgundy manicure with a diverse pattern on the oval shape of the nail plate, a non-trivial solution for every day and not only.

the most beautiful nails

Beautiful nails with rhinestones

Very beautiful nails are obtained on “pointe shoes”, in a soft peach color with rhinestone patches, both small and large, scattered throughout the nail plate, or unusually laid out in a pattern that emphasizes the nobility of this design. They are not far behind and in no way inferior to them in beauty are options with pink color and delicate flowers, which are framed with rhinestones, both along the middle of the flower and along the petals.

beautiful nails with rhinestones

A great idea even for a wedding dress is a French manicure on non-sharp squares with a rhinestone pattern laid out on one or two nails, if desired, a stylish and beautiful solution to complement many bows. Another great option is a white and blue cat-eye manicure with rhinestone decorations, both small and large pebbles, even in the same tone as the varnish — a chic design for a smart evening.

very beautiful nails

Beautiful geometry on the nails

A very beautiful nail design is a stylish geometry and graphics, both in pastel and bright palettes. The manicure looks great with the drawing of thin lines and a combination of diverse figures, both with dark varnish and with the help of a cobweb. An excellent solution for every day and during the holidays is a white jacket with abstract geometry on two fingers, traced in black varnish, or a catchy yellow manicure with a two-tone cobweb in beige and white.

beautiful geometry on the nailsvery nice nail design

Beautiful glitter nails

Experienced craftsmen will make you beautiful white nails in a variety of designs and in combination with other colors. A great idea is a white and black French envelope with golden kamifubiki that completely cover one or two nails, or a combination of white and silver glitter with a geometric fuzzy pattern. Solutions that combine a white tone with the effect of broken glass and shiny sand, or a black and white design with a silver sheen look great.

beautiful glitter nailsbeautiful white nails

Beautiful wedding nails

What could be better than a beautiful delicate nail design for a successful addition to a wedding dress, which emphasizes the natural femininity and sophistication of the bride. Fresh ideas are a jacket with rhinestones or an openwork pattern on one or two fingers. You can also make a monochromatic manicure in a pastel palette and dilute it with a lace pattern with monograms and curlicues. An excellent solution is transparent oriental-style nails on the natural form of the nail plate with an openwork ornament.

beautiful wedding nailsbeautiful soft nail design


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