Beautiful summer manicure - a selection of fashionable ideas for nails of any length

A beautiful summer manicure is a harmonious addition to the image in the hot season. Depending on the individual preferences of the fashionista, it can be restrained and concise, gentle and romantic, or bright and rich. Any girl will be able to choose an option to her liking.

Beautiful trendy summer manicure

Stylists this season offer all sorts of solutions, creating a beautiful summer manicure. However, there are certain features that are recommended to pay attention to:

  • excessive passion for decor on the nails faded into the background. Decorations are applied, but their choice and location on the nail plates should be approached carefully so that the nail art looks as harmonious as possible;
  • The undoubted trend of this season is a simple and beautiful summer manicure. It can be completely plain or concisely decorated with discreet decor, an unobtrusive pattern, shiny elements used in small quantities;
  • the trend is a theme that is associated with summer, it can be all kinds of fruits, beach or floral motifs.

beautiful trendy summer manicurebeautiful summer manicure with rhinestonessimple and beautiful summer manicure

Summer beautiful manicure for short nails

Owners of shortened nail plates will be able to create a beautiful summer manicure for short nails:

  • plain nail art will be a win-win solution, it will be appropriate for any occasion. In this case, the tone can be restrained or catchy, in the latter case, the varnish should be applied to the nails with great care in order to look neat;
  • on any one finger, you can apply a single decoration with a pebble, a pattern made on a geometric, fruit, flower theme;
  • you can use a combination of two colors on nails, but they should harmoniously match each other, it is preferable to choose shades that are similar in color.

summer beautiful manicure for short nailsbeautiful summer manicure for shortbeautiful gentle summer manicure

Beautiful summer manicure for long nails

Stylists are given the opportunity to show a flight of fancy, creating a beautiful summer manicure for long nails:

  • both a design made using one color and a composition created from several colors will look organic. In the latter case, the ombre technique can be used or a complex multi-color pattern is depicted;
  • a universal option would be a beautiful light summer manicure, made in pastel colors. It is perfect for everyday wear and for going to the office;
  • on elongated nail plates, it is allowed to decorate nails to a greater extent than in the case of short or medium lengths. Laying out with rhinestones and sparkles can have a different arrangement, use one or more fingers.

beautiful summer manicure for long nailsbeautiful easy summer manicurebeautiful summer light manicure

Beautiful summer manicure on oval nails

A beautiful summer manicure on almond-shaped nails looks incredibly elegant and sophisticated:

  • this shape is distinguished by soft smooth lines, so it is advisable to create nail art on it, in which there will not even be a hint of aggressiveness. Pastel colors are ideal, decorated with carefully thought-out elements;
  • a win-win solution would be a French or lunar design, which can be performed in a classic or some other alternative. The latter is expressed in changing the shape of a smile or hole, laying them out with the help of certain elements;
  • You can give your nails an extra shine if you rub them on them. It can be either a more delicate pearl, or a brighter mirror.

beautiful summer manicure on oval nailsbeautiful summer manicure on almond-shaped nailsbeautiful summer everyday manicure

Beautiful summer manicure for sharp nails

A beautiful summer manicure on sharp nails looks catchy and attracts attention:

  1. The pointed shape of the nail plates makes it possible to embody on them both a more restrained design and a very bright one with a pronounced sexuality. In the first case, it will be a beautiful summer monochromatic manicure made using pastel colors, and in the second case, using rich and catchy varnishes.
  2. Sharp nails look good in combination with rhinestones and sparkles, with a clear geometric pattern, emphasizing its shape with a rub.

summer manicure for sharp nailsthe most beautiful summer manicurevery beautiful summer manicure

Ideas for a beautiful summer manicure

Stylists offer a variety of ways to embody the most beautiful summer manicure:

  • a French jacket will be an excellent solution, while both a classic variation and all kinds of original elements can be used for its application;
  • the image of fruits is an undoubted summer trend that will help create a good mood and express your individuality;
  • a beautiful summer manicure can be embodied with the help of a varnish of one color or made in a multi-colored version;
  • decoration with rhinestones, although not used in such abundance as in previous seasons, but at the same time continues to be relevant;
  • Rubbing can add extra shine and charm to nails;
  • you can decorate the nail plates with large or small sparkles;
  • floral motifs are invariably associated with summer and can be embodied in a variety of variations;
  • geometry does not give up its positions and continues to be relevant;
  • Nude beautiful summer manicure is a universal solution that is suitable for all occasions.

beautiful summer manicure ideasthe most beautiful summer manicurebeautiful trendy summer manicure

Beautiful summer French manicure

A beautiful summer French manicure will look stylish, elegant and sophisticated:

  • the classic method of application will be the use of white, pastel colors and the image of a traditional rounded smile;
  • when drawing the tip, you can apply an alternative shape, for example, make it triangular or zigzag;
  • you can use all kinds of drawings that will capture not only the main part of the nail plate, but also the smile zone.

beautiful summer french manicurebeautiful summer french manicurebeautiful summer manicure with a pattern

Beautiful summer manicure with fruits

In the hot season, a very beautiful summer manicure made using a fruit theme is extremely relevant:

  • fruits can be depicted small or large, as a whole or in a section;
  • a fruit cut looks very harmonious, complemented by a voluminous drop of water flowing down its surface;
  • a beautiful summer fruit manicure is often done using bright colors, while different color combinations are allowed. For example, an orange orange and lime green may be depicted;
  • a combination of fruits and berries can be used, the latter will act as a harmonious additional element.

beautiful summer manicure with fruitsvery beautiful summer manicuresummer bright beautiful manicure

Beautiful summer multi-colored manicure

To revive the image and bring a piquant touch to it, a summer bright beautiful manicure, made using several shades, is capable:

  • the colors of varnishes can be selected in one tone or be contrasting, the main condition is that they harmoniously overlap with each other;
  • a beautiful summer multi-colored manicure can be embodied on the nails using the ombre technique, which creates iridescent overflows;
  • another way would be the image of different ornaments, it can be geometric shapes of different shades, complex flower arrangements, a combination of several varieties of multi-colored fruits.

beautiful summer multi-colored manicuresummer bright beautiful manicuresimple and beautiful summer manicure

Beautiful summer manicure with rhinestones

Fashionistas who prefer catchy and bright bows will be able to pick up a beautiful summer manicure with rhinestones:

  • this season, nail art should not be overly overloaded with decorative details, so it would be advisable to make a beautiful summer light manicure, decorated with rhinestones, located in a single version or in a small amount;
  • rhinestones can serve as an integral part of any original composition, for example, decorate flower petals or leaves, depict a dew drop;
  • with the help of rhinestones, you can fill a certain small space on the nail plate. For example, small pebbles often lay out the area of ​​u200bu200bthe hole or fill them with some geometric figure traced on the nail.

beautiful summer manicure with rhinestonesbeautiful summer light manicurebeautiful gentle summer manicure

Beautiful summer manicure with rubbing

Rubbing will help to make nail art as memorable as possible:

  1. This element can completely cover all nails or be applied only to certain of them. At the same time, other fingers can be covered with the usual glossy varnish, but the matte finish will look unsurpassed, which creates a spectacular contrast with the rub.
  2. A beautiful summer manicure by the sea may contain beach-themed drawings. Applying a rub on top of the base coat of varnish or on individual fingers will help to make the design more expressive.

beautiful summer manicure with rubbingbeautiful summer manicure by the seabeautiful summer manicure with sparkles

Beautiful summer ombre manicure

In the warm season, a beautiful summer gradient manicure will look very organic. It can be designed in several variations:

  • using nude shades that create a smooth and barely noticeable color transition;
  • with the use of saturated varnishes, similar in tone, while one color gently flows into another;
  • with the use of contrasting varnishes that create a unique color effect;
  • the gradient can be made using small squares, which are the original embodiment of geometry on the nails;
  • for ombre, two shades or more colors can be applied.

beautiful summer ombre manicurebeautiful summer manicure gradientbeautiful summer multi-colored manicure

Beautiful summer manicure with flowers

A beautiful summer manicure with a pattern, made on a floral theme, continues to remain invariably relevant:

  • the flower can be large and cover almost the entire nail plate. In this case, it is recommended to apply it in a single version on any one specific finger;
  • marigolds can be decorated with a scattering of small flowers, similar in color combination or contrasting. For example, it may be a combination of daisies and cornflowers;
  • an organic addition to the flowers will be dew drops, which are depicted with rhinestones or made completely transparent, similar to natural ones;
  • certain petals or the middle of the flower may be filled with sequins.

beautiful summer manicure with flowersbeautiful summer manicure with a patternbeautiful summer manicure on almond-shaped nails

Beautiful summer glitter manicure

You can make an original beautiful summer everyday manicure or evening design with the help of sparkles. For their application, several design variations are used:

  1. The determining role is played by the size of the sparkles. For example, large kamifubiki can be applied to the nail plate in random order. If they have a different shape, for example, these are circles. stars, hearts, then they will become a self-sufficient decor.
  2. Small sequins can be used as an additional decorative element, filling them with geometric shapes, parts of flowers, petals and other elements. In addition, sequins can be laid out as openwork patterns, creating an imitation of lace on the nails.
  3. In recent seasons, such a stylistic device as stretching is relevant, when the sparkles are concentrated in large quantities on one edge of the nail and decrease towards the other edge.

beautiful summer manicure with sparklesbeautiful summer everyday manicurebeautiful easy summer manicure

Beautiful summer nude manicure

A beautiful gentle summer manicure will be a universal solution suitable for any occasion:

  • the design is often created using a nude coating, which completely covers all the nail plates. They can be embellished with a few rhinestones or a small scattering of sparkles;
  • delicate flowers drawn in pastel shades can be applied to the surface of nude varnish;
  • in a nude version, a jacket or moon nail art looks great.

beautiful summer nude manicurebeautiful gentle summer manicurebeautiful summer monochrome manicure

Beautiful summer manicure geometry

A beautiful summer manicure on square nails looks very organic, on which there are geometric motifs:

  • for decoration, any one kind of figure, for example, triangles, can be used, or a combination of several can be used;
  • figures can be painted in one color or filled with several shades. In some cases, sequins or small rhinestones are taken to fill them;
  • with the help of figures, animalistic drawings can be laid out, this is a very popular type of design in recent seasons.

beautiful summer manicure geometrysummer beautiful manicure for short nails

Office beautiful summer manicure

Fashionistas who spend a lot of time at work can create a beautiful summer manicure for the office. It comes in the following design variations:

  • nail art, made in a nude solution or using pastel shades;
  • classic jacket or moon design;
  • a manicure with a discreet pattern, for example, is a discreet geometry;
  • plain dark nail art;
  • it is allowed to decorate with rhinestones in a single copy on one finger.

office beautiful summer manicurebeautiful summer manicure for the officebeautiful summer manicure on square nails


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