Beautiful tattoos - a selection of the best ideas for decorating the female body

Beautiful tattoos have recently been extremely popular among girls. They can decorate a variety of parts of the body, showing their originality and creating a unique individual image. Among the various design ideas, each girl will be able to choose an option to her taste.

Beautiful female tattoos

Every woman wants to stand out from the crowd. A tattoo is a great option to achieve what you want. Masters offer all kinds of beautiful tattoos for girls.

  1. Tattoos in a romantic style stand out in a special group. Often, drawings are associated with freedom, trembling, lightness, femininity. Tattoos can be of different sizes and can say a lot about their owner. Often, in such a subject, beautiful tattoos are made with flowers, birds, small animals, abstract drawings or hieroglyphs are also suitable.
  2. Small tattoos that have a lot of meaning. This option is very popular, allowing you to combine conciseness and symbolism. It can be different signs, animals, birds, inscriptions and so on. You can make a tattoo in the form of chains, bracelets, petals, threads, bows.
  3. Bright tattoos of large sizes. This variety provides an opportunity to stand out and emphasize your own individuality. You can draw flower patterns, trees, wings, portraits, animals, mythical creatures on your own body.

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Beautiful wrist tattoos for girls

There are many different options that feature beautiful wrist tattoos. It is necessary to clarify for yourself what a particular drawing will mean in order to concisely express all the features of the owner’s personality. The most popular tattoos for a female wrist:

  • bracelets that look like a variety of patterns or watches, meaning the speed of time;
  • symbols for good luck and success, protect;
  • different inscriptions: catchphrases, oaths, memorable days, mottos, tattoos in foreign languages;
  • images of animals;
  • tattoos with birds and butterflies;
  • abstract images, geometric shapes;
  • stars and space theme;
  • tattoo with 3D effect;
  • marine theme;
  • beautiful white tutus that look very original due to the contrast with the skin.

beautiful wrist tattoos for girlsbeautiful wrist tattoosthe most beautiful tattoos

Beautiful tattoos for girls on the back

A tattoo on the back is a bold decision that not every girl can decide on. At the same time, the drawings look very impressive and attractive. you can designate such very beautiful tattoos on the back:

  1. Often girls like to depict flowers on their backs. This drawing symbolizes the femininity and natural beauty of the owner. Cherry blossoms look very good on the back. Lily shows the calmness and harmony of the girl’s personality. The lotus is also very popular, which in the East means purity and chastity, perfection. Actual rose, which is ideal for any woman.
  2. On the back, you can also depict original beautiful tattoos with birds. Bold girls on this part of the body make wings for themselves, and it looks extremely impressive. A good option is flying insects.
  3. Many girls decide to depict animals, portraits, space landscapes, abstract patterns and geometric shapes on their backs. You can realize the most daring ideas, since the back is a significant area for tattooing.

beautiful back tattoos for girlsvery beautiful tattoothe most beautiful female tattoos

Beautiful tattoos for girls on the leg

If it is good to choose beautiful tattoos on the leg, then you can combine a sense of style along with modesty and grace. They can be made small, masking from the views of people, or, on the contrary, they can be flaunted:

  1. Even bold pictures can be depicted on the thigh, since this part of the body is hidden by clothing.
  2. The drawings applied to the shin look spectacular.
  3. If you apply a tattoo on the lower or lateral part of the foot, you get a spicy picture. It is worth noting that the tattoo will have to be constantly updated.
  4. On the ankle, a small pattern looks best, since there is not enough space there.

The options that offer beautiful leg tattoos are as follows:

  • bracelets and chains look great on the ankle. Pictures imitate decorations, bows, various ornaments;
  • garter or lace tattoos look very attractive, but this is an option for the most daring and confident ladies. The drawing should look as naturalistic as possible;
  • inscriptions and symbols to emphasize the individuality of the owner. Phrases intended for a young man or spouse can be applied to the upper thigh;
  • tattoos look original on the legs, showing its anatomical structure;
  • flowers can also be applied to the leg, giving femininity;
  • pictures with animals, birds or fish, snakes, small dragons look good.

beautiful leg tattoos for girlsbeautiful leg tattoosbeautiful tattoos for girls

Beautiful tattoos for girls on the neck

The neck is a seductive part of a woman’s body, and a beautiful tattoo will additionally make her attractive. Many celebrities decorate their necks with patterns. Popular ideas featuring beautiful neck tattoos:

  • ornaments and patterns;
  • animals and birds (of birds, an owl, a swallow or an eagle look great, crows look good);
  • flowers and plants;
  • symbols, signs and inscriptions in which they put a certain meaning;
  • an interesting option is the image of a snake around the neck;
  • beautiful sophisticated tattoos with different insects;
  • pictures with stars or on a space theme;
  • crosses and chains;
  • Yin Yang;
  • images of barcodes or infinity symbols.

beautiful mini tattoobeautiful neck tattoosbeautiful neck tattoos for girls

Beautiful tattoos on the shoulder

A tattoo gives a girl an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. The shoulders are an ideal place for drawing a pattern of very different complexity. Options suitable for this part of the body, in which the most beautiful tattoos are presented, are as follows:

  • blackwork tattoo, which is done mainly in black. Ideal for the reconstruction of old drawings;
  • lace tattoos look very elegant and feminine. Lace is often used to embellish a different style of pattern;
  • inscriptions and hieroglyphs are very popular, often they have a meaning that is understandable only to the owner;
  • images of insects applied to the shoulder: butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs, bees, bumblebees, moths;
  • beautiful original tattoos with reptiles;
  • tattoos with religious symbols;
  • ethnic images;
  • different thematic patterns;
  • tattoos with animals and birds;
  • flower themes in tattoos.

beautiful shoulder tattoosthe most beautiful tattoosbeautiful flower tattoos for girls

Beautiful tattoos on the collarbone

Collarbone tattoos look elegant and beautiful, have their own meaning. This is a tender zone, so the girls make drawings on it. Since this part of the body does not deform, the picture will always look good. The best ideas that present beautiful tattoos for women are as follows:

  • inscriptions on the collarbones in various languages ​​- the most important thing is to choose the right font;
  • tattoos with images of flowers, while it is desirable that they be as concise as possible;
  • paired collarbone tattoos look very interesting;
  • images of small sizes in color or black and white;
  • drawings of birds and animals, insects.

beautiful collarbone tattoosbeautiful tattoos for womenbeautiful small tattoos

Beautiful face tattoos

Some girls decide to get a tattoo on their face. Such a pattern looks very interesting and distinguishes the owner from the crowd. Beautiful small tattoos for girls on the face are offered in the following variations:

  • teardrop tattoos;
  • ethnic patterns and ornaments;
  • three points on the face;
  • a small cross on the face;
  • heart image;
  • treble clef;
  • stars on the face;
  • geometric patterns and ornaments covering the entire face;
  • different patterns on part of the face;
  • drawings for the face in the form of masks;
  • different inscriptions on the face;
  • glasses tattoo on face

beautiful face tattoosbeautiful small tattoos for girlsbeautiful female tattoos

Beautiful tattoos on the thigh

Many fashionistas like beautiful tattoos for girls on the thigh. They can be done on a different topic, since this part of the body is covered. The options offered by the wizards are as follows:

  • floral motifs are very common among the fair sex;
  • images of different representatives of the animal world. If you choose the right picture, you can visually stretch your legs;
  • hip portraits;
  • marine theme in a tattoo on the thigh;
  • realistic compositions;
  • whimsical patterns and geometric shapes.

beautiful thigh tattoosbeautiful tattoos for girls on the thighbeautiful tattoo flowers

Beautiful chest tattoos

You can make not only beautiful tattoos on the stomach, thigh, arm, but also on the chest. The best ideas are:

  • graceful baroque patterns — thin and neat lines that form an openwork ornament and give the owner femininity;
  • flower tattoos. It is worth making a concise drawing, since the “flower garden” in the chest area can give vulgarity;
  • Egyptian motifs — for example, a scarab;
  • wings, which are a symbol of freedom.

beautiful chest tattoosbeautiful chest tattoos for girlsthe most beautiful tattoos

Beautiful tattoo ideas

The most beautiful tattoos in the world serve as an example to follow. The best ideas to decorate your own body are as follows:

  • an anchor symbolizing reliability;
  • an angel, meaning the desire to unite heaven and earth;
  • a bat, which is associated with a girl’s developed intuition;
  • butterflies mean beauty;
  • chains that look original on the wrist and ankle;
  • crosses are a very popular idea;
  • doves are a symbol of peace and love;
  • dragon, meaning success, strength and wealth;
  • a heart and a rose, expressing the romance of their owner;
  • small tattoos with drawings of animals;
  • small images of birds;
  • marine theme images;
  • the theme of stars and space in tattoos;
  • different inscriptions in foreign languages, which mean a lot to the owner.

beautiful tattoo ideasbeautiful tattoo ideas for girlsbeautiful female tattoos

Beautiful small tattoos

If you don’t want to put a huge pattern on your body, there are many ideas that represent beautiful mini tattoos. Popular drawings are:

  • butterflies, personifying the elegance of a girl;
  • a cat, the meaning of which can be interpreted in different ways;
  • birds that look elegant in miniature;
  • cat paw tattoos look very cute;
  • the infinity sign is a popular choice with deep meaning;
  • anchor;
  • treble clef;
  • crown;
  • bows;
  • stars;
  • heart;
  • small flowers;
  • geometric figures;
  • feathers;
  • airplanes are ideal for travel lovers.

beautiful small tattoosbeautiful mini tattoovery beautiful tattoo

Beautiful inscriptions for a tattoo

Original and beautiful tattoo inscriptions for girls are in great demand. At the same time, many people want to stand out with the image, so as not to be like others. Latin or English phrases look interesting. Among celebrities, for example, laconic “love” or “hate” are popular. There are phrases that can be used for a tattoo by translating them into a foreign language (or leaving them in Russian):

  • indestructible and tender;
  • Here and now;
  • I am completely imperfect;
  • love conquers all;
  • love and honor;
  • I love and believe while I breathe;
  • silence;
  • to each his own;
  • Through hardship to the stars;
  • live means fight;
  • experience is the best teacher;
  • victory loves care;
  • a swan song;
  • I hope without hope;
  • fate;
  • holy way;
  • seize the moment;
  • freedom in art.

beautiful inscriptions for a tattoobeautiful tattoo inscriptions for girlsbeautiful wrist tattoos for girls

Beautiful couple tattoos

Many lovers want to make paired beautiful tattoos on their forearm or other part of the body, so that in moments of separation they feel unity with their loved one. The symbolism of the drawings is visible if you connect them to each other. Such tattoos are placed on the arms and wrists, shoulders, fingers, neck and ankles. The best options are:

  • socket and plug drawing;
  • image of a bolt and nut;
  • fragments of puzzles that are joined on the bodies of partners;
  • the same barcodes;
  • drawings of halves of infinity signs;
  • cardiogram line;
  • almost identical drawings, differing in small details.

  beautiful couple tattoosmost beautiful tattoos in the worldbeautiful tattoo ideas

Beautiful tattoo flowers

Beautiful flower tattoos for girls are very popular. Each flower symbolizes something different, so before choosing a sketch, it is advisable to study their meaning. The best ideas are the following:

  • rose with or without thorns;
  • peony;
  • tulip;
  • poppies;
  • lilies;
  • sunflowers;
  • lotuses;
  • magnolias.

beautiful tattoo flowersbeautiful flower tattoos for girlsvery beautiful tattoo

Beautiful tattoo wings

A tattoo depicting wings is an ideal decoration for a female body. They are gaining more and more demand due to their versatility:

  1. Often they draw beautiful female tattoos on the back, depicted as two wings, although one is acceptable if the picture is behind the ear, on the leg or arm of the owner.
  2. You can make two symmetrical tattoos on one wrist, for example.
  3. Often, images are made in one color, but several different shades can be combined. It is best to go to the master, who will make the tattoo detailed and neat.

beautiful wings tattoobeautiful female tattoos on the backbeautiful couple tattoos

Beautiful intimate tattoos

Not every girl is ready to make intimate most beautiful female tattoos. It is best to apply a picture on the chest, pubis, thighs, buttocks or tailbone. It is important to remember that the pattern can deteriorate with age, so the area for its application must be selected wisely. It is not recommended to put the name of a loved one on the intimate parts of the body. This is unreasonable, because over time people break up, but the tattoo remains. It will be difficult and painful to reduce the drawing from this part of the body.

You can apply the following images to the intimate parts of the body:

  • cats;
  • dragons;
  • flowers;
  • dolphins;
  • lizards;
  • butterflies;
  • sweets and berries;
  • moon and sun;
  • stars;
  • different inscriptions;
  • ornaments;
  • inscriptions;
  • geometric figures;
  • images in gothic style.

beautiful intimate tattoosthe most beautiful female tattoosmost beautiful tattoos in the world


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