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A beautiful winter manicure is designed to organically complement the time during this period. He is able to bring magic and a fabulous mood to the image. The most diverse themes can be used, due to which gentle or bright seductive notes appear.

Beautiful winter manicure 2019

Many stylists use all sorts of current trends to create trendy seasonal nail art. Among them are the following:

  • nails may contain an image of bullfinches sitting on a rowan branch;
  • snow effect can be created using a coating that has a velvety structure;
  • with this time of the year, the “sweater” technique is reasonably associated, with the help of which an original knitted nail art is created. It looks incredibly organic with jumpers or cardigans knitted from thick yarn and containing “braid” patterns;
  • thematic are images of snowmen, Santa Clauses, Christmas toys, which can be used not only on New Year’s Eve, but throughout the season;
  • drawing frosty patterns or winter manicure «snowflakes» has become a traditional pattern;
  • a real fashion trend is the image of a pig — a symbol of 2019. It can be drawn in the traditional artistic way or done with the help of geometry;
  • A beautiful winter manicure looks very extraordinary, which is made on a theme reminiscent of ethnic. This is manifested in the application of deer patterns to the nail plates, similar ornaments can be found on sweaters;
  • the image of star motifs, which are applied with the help of golden and silver coatings, looks extremely original.

beautiful winter manicure 2019

Beautiful winter manicure 2019

very beautiful winter manicurestylish winter manicure

Beautiful winter manicure for short nails 2019

Lovers of neatness will be able to create a winter manicure 2019 for short nails. In this regard, it is recommended to take into account the following points:

  • since a small area is used, it is important not to overload the image with unnecessary details. Decorative elements are best placed in a minimum amount;
  • discreet snowflakes, openwork patterns and other details may be present;
  • shiny surfaces are allowed, for example, it is the «cat’s eye» technique or mirror rubbing.

beautiful winter manicure for short nails 2019

Beautiful winter manicure for long nails 2019

On elongated nail plates, you can show truly unlimited scope for imagination and create a very beautiful winter manicure:

  • on nails, you can draw whole pictures containing the theme of winter, these are Christmas trees, snowmen, snowflakes, deer and other elements;
  • the decor can be voluminous, made with the help of modeling or made using rhinestones. For example, in this way it is very convenient to decorate spectacular Christmas toys;
  • it is allowed to combine several techniques, for example, certain patterns can be drawn over a mirror rub or ombre;
  • nails can be decorated in traditional ways, for example, this is a beautiful nude winter manicure, French or moon design.

beautiful winter manicure for long nails 2019

Beautiful winter manicure

When compiling a fashionable bow, stylists use all sorts of ideas for a beautiful winter manicure. Among the most striking of them are the following:

  • popular is nail art, made on a seasonal theme and containing appropriate drawings. This is drawing snowflakes, frosty patterns, mittens, snowmen, polar bears;
  • the French or lunar design, which is embellished with original notes, does not lose its popularity;
  • for winter, a design containing shine is very relevant, which is achieved through the use of sequins, rubbing;
  • the airbrush technique is considered a real fashion trend;
  • a variety of effects can be applied, for example, this is modeling or «cat’s eye».

beautiful winter manicurebeautiful winter manicure ideas

Beautiful winter manicure

beautiful winter manicure design

Beautiful manicure with a winter pattern

Fashionistas will be able to fully express their individuality by creating an extraordinary beautiful winter original manicure with a pattern:

  • whole pictures can be applied to the nail plates, for example, it can be a snowy landscape, drawn to the smallest detail;
  • drawings can be graphic, drawn with clear lines using a technique such as geometry;
  • A popular trend is the drawing of the dial, on which the hand is approaching 12 o’clock. Such nail art is especially relevant on the eve of New Year’s Eve;
  • winter manicure with mittens is one of the extraordinary design ideas. At the same time, it can be supplemented with snowballs or other patterns.

beautiful winter manicure

Beautiful manicure with a winter pattern

beautiful winter manicure designwinter style manicure

Beautiful winter moon manicure

An extremely interesting variation of the usual nail art is a winter manicure with holes:

  • the zone of the hole can be lined with rhinestones, decorated in the form of snowflakes, contain a scattering of sparkles;
  • the moon design can be combined with some other type of nail art, for example, with a jacket or with the cat’s eye technique;
  • an ombre effect may be present, when one color smoothly flows from the area of ​​u200bu200bthe hole into another.

beautiful winter moon manicure

Beautiful winter shiny manicure

A stylish winter manicure containing brilliant options is able to give a real New Year’s mood. This design is especially relevant this season, the year of the Yellow Pig is associated with brilliance:

  • a shiny coating containing sparkles and overflows in its structure can be used;
  • glitter can be used separately, in which case they are applied to a varnish of a certain color;
  • sequins can have different shapes and sizes; kamifubiki made in the form of stars, hearts, rhombuses are popular.

beautiful winter shiny manicure

Beautiful winter manicure gradient

An extremely original variation of nail art can be called a winter ombre manicure. It is done taking into account the following trends:

  • both dark tones associated with winter can be used, these are emerald green, dark blue, and delicate nude shades;
  • sequins look spectacular, giving shimmer and mystery to the image. Their scattering can also be stretched over the surface of the nail in the form of an ombre.

beautiful winter manicure gradient

Winter manicure with rubbing

A winter-style manicure, complemented by a mirror rub, looks incredibly organic. This design is ideal for New Year’s Eve, which is associated with glitter. You can make the image even more spectacular if you apply decoration with rhinestones. With their help, you can lay out openwork patterns or depict a three-dimensional Christmas tree toy.

winter manicure with rubbing

Winter manicure with modeling

There is a variation of nail art, which is reasonably popular throughout the year, but especially in the trend in winter — this is the «sculpting» design:

  • for many seasons in a row, a beautiful delicate winter manicure, known as a “sweater”, containing an image of knitted braids, does not lose its relevance;
  • modeling can be used to depict certain elements, for example, it can be a Christmas tree toy. It looks especially organic when decorated with rhinestones. A beautiful winter stylish manicure looks very interesting and unusual due to the volume of this detail.

winter manicure with stucco

Winter manicure «airbrush»

Another favorite of winter can be called a beautiful winter manicure, which is made using the «airbrush» technique:

  • tones can be used bright and saturated or somewhat muted, giving the image softness and romance;
  • airbrushing is the best match for the snowy season, as it contains magical fairy-tale drawings that are associated with something cosmic;
  • a dark winter manicure is often used, made using the “airbrush” technique, such a color scheme looks very organic and makes it possible to clearly draw snow-white patterns on such a tone.

airbrush winter manicure

Beautiful winter French manicure

A very interesting variation of the traditional design is a beautiful winter French manicure. It is distinguished by the presence of the following elements:

  • white and nude tones predominate, which look very organic in winter. A black, dark blue shade is also allowed, giving depth and mystery to the image. Snowflakes or fancy frosty patterns are often drawn over the top;
  • snow scattering can be located along the edge of the tips and gradually move towards the base;
  • sequins that can decorate the tips look spectacular, while any of the fingers can be covered with shiny elements.

beautiful winter french manicurebeautiful winter french manicure

Beautiful winter manicure in nude colors

Lovers of gentle and romantic bows will be able to apply nude winter manicure:

  • in this design, a jacket or moon nail art can be made, they are decorated in the traditional way, but with the help of rhinestones, nails can be given a more festive look;
  • certain parts of the nail plate can be painted with nude shades, for example, this is the tip or zone of the hole;
  • with gentle pastel tones, the nails can be completely painted, and patterns with other shades are drawn on top.

beautiful winter manicure in nude colorsnude winter manicure

Beautiful winter manicure «cat’s eye»

A beautiful winter manicure looks incredibly expensive and luxurious, the design of which is made using the “cat’s eye” technique:

  • dark shades predominate, which look extremely deep and give an iridescent effect;
  • in this option, a jacket, moon design, ombre, traditional one-color nail art can be decorated;
  • a beautiful winter manicure for short nails can also be done as a «cat’s eye». This design is able to give the missing volume to the nail plates.

beautiful winter cat eye manicure

Beautiful winter wedding manicure

Brides want to look perfect on the big day of their lives. For this, the most beautiful winter manicure is intended:

  • winter is the season associated with a snowy fairy tale and magic. Therefore, it is advisable to draw openwork frosty patterns, curly snowflakes on the nail plates;
  • light colors predominate, it is snow-white, beige, delicate pastel colors;
  • nails can be decorated with golden or silver elements;
  • if the wedding has a certain color theme, then it can also be present on the nails. In this case, they may contain shades that echo the details of the outfit or the color of the bouquet. For example, it can be blue or red shades;
  • a win-win option to emphasize the tenderness and romance of the image of the bride will be to make a French design;
  • nail plates can have a velvety texture if they are properly coated. With it, you can create the effect of snowflakes covering a certain part of the nail;
  • Ombre is another stylish solution that can be done in light colors or contain a bright design.

beautiful winter wedding manicurethe most beautiful winter manicure


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