They grace the covers of the most fashionable magazines. They catch millions of admiring glances, skillfully posing for photographers on the red carpet. Actresses, singers, models… Stars of music, cinema and high fashion lead the rankings of the most beautiful and stylish women on the planet. They generously share their beauty secrets, but never talk about plastic surgery. Today we decided not only to remember the most beautiful and spectacular ladies of our time, but also to share their secrets of charm. Watch and write! 🙂

Life hacks from J.Lo

It’s hard to believe that the incendiary Latin American beauty Jennifer Lopez will turn 51 this year. The singer looks amazingly young! Tightened, athletic figure, smooth skin, minimum wrinkles. It can be safely noted that now J. Lo looks better than at the dawn of his career. The star is an ardent fan of a healthy lifestyle, and not only in words! “I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I completely gave up caffeine — all these are the main enemies of our skin, the culprits of wrinkles and a dull complexion,” says the star.

The menu of the 50-year-old celebrity is neither sweet nor fried, all dishes are steamed from the freshest seasonal ingredients: broccoli, asparagus, quinoa, green vegetables. Relief abs and slender legs at 50 do not fall from the sky! Of course, the singer goes in for sports. Another star admits — without a 10-hour sleep, do not expect results, even if you adhere to a healthy lifestyle. Jennifer also admits that she loves salon skin treatments. The star also does not neglect creams. Her favorite cream is Dr. Hauschka’s Rose Day Cream based on avocado and rose oils.

Bollywood princess Aishwarya Rai

One of the famous Bollywood actresses, model and Miss World 94 title holder Aishwarya Rai is considered the epitome of beauty and femininity. According to the star, who celebrated her 43rd birthday this year, the secret of her beauty is in meticulous personal care, the strictest discipline and a healthy lifestyle. The actress does not drink alcohol, does not smoke and follows a vegan diet. In personal care, like many Indian women, she uses natural handmade cosmetics. In the course are hair and face masks made from natural oils.

Since fair skin is highly valued in India, the beauty tries not to sunbathe. And before going out, the actress always uses sunscreen. Aishwarya is also very fond of natural masks from improvised means — cucumber, clay, lemon and dairy products. The main secret of the freshness and youthfulness of her skin is masks made from natural products, as well as daily cleansing and moisturizing of the skin. The actress never goes to bed without removing her makeup. And she doesn’t advise us!  The secret of the beauty of her hair is also simple: Aishwarya does not lighten her hair and loves to apply coconut and palm oil to her curls.

Natalie Portman: sophistication itself

Natalie Portman won our hearts as a little girl. Big expressive eyes, delicate facial features, an innate sense of taste and elegance — you must admit, this cannot but bribe. Although Natalie is only 36 years old, she admits that she has been taking care of her skin since her early youth. The actress pays special attention to hydration. She also never forgets about high-quality cleansing, so she regularly uses soft peeling for her face. Like most Parisians, Natalie uses rose water instead of tonic, which she buys from a pharmacy.

In everyday life, the actress does not use decorative cosmetics. «I always put on moisturizing products for my face and use lip balm on days when I don’t have to deal with makeup,» says the actress. As for nutrition, the actress has long abandoned meat and fish, but admits that she takes supplements and vitamins, which vegetarians often need. And to maintain physical fitness, she chooses yoga, Pilates, stretching and cardio training.

Monica Bellucci: infinite femininity

One of the most spectacular actresses in Hollywood, Monica Bellucci has been repeatedly announced as the most beautiful woman on the planet. A burning brunette with gorgeous hair and a luxurious figure never ceases to amaze with the attractiveness and charisma of her fans even now. Although Monica is already over 50, she still glows with youth and beauty. What is the secret of a charming actress? Monica admits that she manages to keep her youth thanks to constant care for the skin of her face and body, hair and figure. Bellucci does not like sunburn, considering it harmful to the skin, so sunscreen occupies the first place in her arsenal of products.

The actress considers skin cleansing with a scrub and applying nourishing masks to be mandatory items in skin care. Monica loves to enrich her skin with natural oils, especially almond. A separate pride of the star is her beautiful dark hair. They are thick and shiny by nature, but the actress constantly maintains their beauty. My favorite remedy is an olive oil mask. As for the figure, Monica is categorically against strict diets. The curvaceous star is never averse to eating pizza and pasta. And if you need to lose a couple of kilograms for filming, the actress switches to a balanced diet rich in proteins, fiber, fruits and vegetables.

Sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid: the secrets of supermodels

They are called the most sought-after models of the 21st century, they successfully debuted at the Victoria’s Secret show, and then began to represent the most famous brands Calvin Klein, Moschino, DKNY and Dior. In just a couple of years, the Hadid sisters have won recognition all over the world, repeatedly decorating the cover of Vogue. Bella and Gigi Hadid are representatives of a new generation of models who managed to enter the world of high fashion very quickly and successfully. Oddly enough, girls do not particularly adhere to strict diets. Bella admits that she eats hamburgers, french fries and fried cheese almost every day. But the sisters do not miss the gym 3-4 times a week.

As for care, the sisters also do not have special beauty rituals. Daily cleansing and moisturizing of the skin allows you to always look fresh and well-groomed. Despite such a simple approach to self-care, models often give beauty advice to their Instagram followers. For example, Gigi advises only once a week to wash your hair and not pluck your eyebrows. In everyday life, girls for naturalness in makeup, so they use only a moisturizing foundation and mascara. Another life hack from the Hadid sisters is the use of a lip scrub. According to Gigi, after a thorough exfoliation, lips look soft and plump.

Kim Kardashian: Instagram star

No matter how we feel about Kim Kardashian, it was she who brought curvy shapes, natural femininity and expressive eye makeup into fashion. One of the most infamous women on the planet, who has repeatedly ranked first in the rankings of the most beautiful and stylish modern ladies. Thick shiny hair, curvaceous and expressive eyes have become the calling card of the actress and reality show star. Of course, Kim has her own beauty secrets, which the star loves to share with her fans. For example, makeup a la Kim Kardashian with smoky eyes and matte lips has not gone out of fashion for several seasons. The star loves to highlight her eyes, which is not surprising for a girl with southern Armenian roots.

Kim has naturally beautiful, thick dark hair, and she enjoys grooming it with natural coconut and avocado oil masks. The star admits that she does not spend a lot of money on cosmetics, preferring to use natural oils and pharmacy cosmetics. Another feature of Kim is a uniform tan. The celebrity is sure that only with the help of it you can even out skin tone and look more attractive. “I generally love to sunbathe and do it wherever possible. After sunbathing, I look slimmer,” admits Kim.

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Olga Kurylenko: beauty in Ukrainian

Actress, model and just a beauty of Ukrainian origin Olga Kurylenko has repeatedly graced the covers of glossy magazines Glamour, Elle, Vogue. The girl is also the face of several fashion brands, including Pantene Pro-V. In everyday life, Olga does not like bright makeup, preferring colorless lip balms, Dior and Chanel light tonal products, as well as matte lipsticks. But at the exit, the actress prefers non-replaceable classics in makeup — black arrows and red lipstick. Her favorite skin care product is 8 Hours Cream by Elizabeth Arden. The star is also crazy about Dior matte lipsticks.

The actress calls powder the most unloved cosmetic product, preferring the natural shine of the skin. Olga’s modeling past has taught her to always keep herself in good physical shape. But the girl does not adhere to strict diets, trying to eat simple homemade food. The actress admits that her mother cooks her borscht, buckwheat, stew, vinaigrette and green salads, which help her feel cheerful and healthy. Olga does not eat sweets, but sometimes she loves to treat herself to chocolate sweets with nuts «Kyiv Vecherniy». As for sports, the girl trains only before important shootings.

Charlize Theron: Dior Beauty Ambassador

Hollywood beauty Charlize Theron is an Oscar winner, a recognized icon of beauty and style, and also a mother of two children. In August, Charlize Theron celebrated her 42nd birthday, but the actress looks much younger than her years. The star admits that she loves to take care of her skin in the evening, when the children are sleeping. She is very fond of cleansers from the American brand La Mer, especially Cleansing Gel. The actress also actively uses anti-aging serums and nourishing creams from Dior. Speaking of must-haves in her makeup bag, the star notes lip balm and sunscreen: «I put sunscreen on my skin every day, it’s a must.»

In hair care, Charlize prefers sulfate-free, organic shampoos. According to the actress, they strengthen the curls and give them a natural shine. The star also does not recommend using a hair dryer and styling products, as they dry out the hair and can form dandruff. But the actress considers the feeling of happiness to be her main beauty secret: “My mother always told me to just be happy. To be happy and live the way you want is the secret of beauty.”

After written: about beauty

No matter how we treat this or that recognized beauty, you must admit that these women tirelessly work on themselves. And first of all, they are interesting as individuals. To summarize the life hacks of the stars, the recipe for beauty and youth is very simple: be open and cheerful, eat healthy and natural food, take care of your skin daily and play sports. Let such a simple, but at the same time easy formula, help you lead the main ratings of your life!

With love and care, Avocado team!

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