Biker clothing

Being a biker is by no means an easy task. After all, replenishing the ranks of these brave people in love with speed, you will change your life forever. «Iron Horse» becomes a true friend, and bikers — brothers in spirit. Being a biker means leading a certain way of life, thinking in a different direction, sometimes radically different from the thinking of most people, and, of course, adhering to a certain style of clothing.

What does a biker look like?

With full confidence, we can guarantee that, answering this question, many imagine huge long-haired men in traditional biker jackets and leather pants. By and large, the way it is, but we should not forget that among all these men there are also biker girls. This little detail makes the biker style even more interesting and multifaceted, because although women remain true to all the written and unwritten rules of biker fashion, they still bring a certain piquancy and sexuality to this style. It is unlikely that girls dressed in fitted biker dresses with a deep neckline, in short shorts or tight-fitting chaps — cowboy leather pants with a rough belt — or a T-shirt with a skull image will be able to go unnoticed. I think no.

Biker is the fashion trend of the season

In the new spring-summer 2013 fashion season, every girl can feel like a real biker. To do this, it is not at all necessary to change your wardrobe or habitual lifestyle. The world’s best fashion houses, having borrowed some elements of their clothing from bikers, have created unique collections that combine femininity and aggressiveness, humility and rebellious spirit, rigidity and tenderness. These outfits are perfect for a killer party, and for going to a restaurant. You can buy some of the things in the style of a la biker, for example, from the debut collection of Pre-Fall 2013 from the brand McQ. All pieces are made with impeccable tailoring and form-fitting silhouettes that look great when paired with metal zips, studs and leather straps.

Men’s women’s fashion

But there are a lot in the wardrobe of biker girls and things borrowed from the men’s wardrobe. The first indispensable attribute of their clothing is a leather jacket, in other words, a biker jacket. A distinctive feature of this leather motorcycle jacket is a slanting lock. Often, over the jacket, bikers wear a denim or leather sleeveless vest, decorated with motorcycle club symbols or other equally symbolic signs: the Confederate flag, skulls, crosses or swastikas.

Biker pants are almost always straight leather pants, which may also have various patches. The trousers are complemented by thick leather belts with massive buckles, spikes or rivets. It should be noted that leather biker clothing is more often used in regions with a cool climate. In warm countries, biker girls prefer denim outfits, wearing biker jeans and vests with pleasure.

Biker shoes are very important. It should fit into the overall picture of their image as much as possible and at the same time be practical and comfortable. Rough lace-up boots with a fairly thick sole just meet all the requirements, so they have taken root well in the biker environment.

The style of bikers is quite tough, but even in it there is a place, albeit extraordinary, but still accessories. Jewelry for bikers is: a dark bandana tied in a pirate style, a black knitted hat, helmets of the Wehrmacht or soldiers of the First World War, big glasses, fingerless gloves, massive watches and various metal pendants, medals, bracelets, and tattoos.


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