Gradient - a fashion trend in clothing and beauty

On gray days, many girls want bright colors and colorful prints. Color transitions or gradients are one of the most beautiful trends of this season. To create it, colors of the same tonality or cardinally contrasting colors can be taken. When designing, stylists use smooth or clearer solutions.

What is a color gradient?

Many fashionistas who follow current trends are interested in what the gradient means:

  1. With this effect, you can dye your hair, make a manicure with delicate color transitions, or even use the transition option in clothes.
  2. The color transition in clothes can be smooth and light, for example, from white to turquoise, it can also be saturated shades, for example, from hot pink to deep purple.
  3. For a manicure, a color gradient can be created in two ways. The first option is to use the transition from one nail to another. The second version of the ombre in manicure is a carefully executed color transition on one nail. This option is much more difficult, you will need the hand of a master to create it.

what is a color gradientwhat does gradient meancolor gradient

Manicure gradient 2020

An incredibly stylish novelty is manicure 2020, the fashion trends of which are represented by a variety of gradient solutions:

  1. An unusual manicure can be done using original metallic varnishes that cover one or two nails, and the rest are complemented by an ombre design in bright or delicate combinations of shades.
  2. In 2020, the ombre, performed in a horizontal manner, will be presented not only in the classic version, but also with a combination with patterns, feminine floral and abstract patterns.
  3. To make the design much more unconventional, the gradient can be complemented with glitter and rhinestones. However, shine should be in moderation.
  4. Among the new ideas, you can use an ombre coming from the center. For its implementation, it is necessary to take a certain coating, which acts as a basis. Next, you need to make stains coming from the central part and diverging towards the edges of the nail plate. The technique is difficult to perform and requires certain skills.
  5. The angular gradient also looks extraordinary, where the alternation of tones occurs diagonally.

manicure gradient 2020manicure 2020 fashion trends gradientblue gradient

Gradient for long nails

A variety of stylistic solutions are represented by the 2020 gradient, created on elongated nail plates:

  1. When creating such a design, you need to be careful, because you can use too oversaturated color, which will make the nail art too catchy. Such brightness is suitable only for corporate parties, weddings and celebrations.
  2. Nude manicure will be the most suitable, because it is created from gentle tones. When implementing it, it is worth concentrating on the tips. This can be done with one or more colors, or, for example, the complete absence of pigment is allowed.
  3. If bright colors are used, then you need to carefully consider their combinations, it can be red with a black tone or deep blue, growing to pale blue.
  4. On long nails, you can apply matte colors, this is what you need for a stylish gradient. For the summer, a juicy manicure in a matte finish is suitable. You can make a matte design much brighter with the help of stickers and drawings. The use of floral and natural motifs will be relevant.

gradient for long nailsgradient 2020gentle gradient on the nails

Gradient on short nails

A gradient for short nails 2020 is able to give an image of sophistication:

  1. When making an ombre for a short length, you should not give up drawings, because they are able to create an individual design.
  2. As for the drawing, it will be appropriate to refer to the stickers. It can be an inscription, floral motifs or wildlife.
  3. The stamping technique looks great with ombre, while the pattern can be anything. On a short length, you can create a gradient with clear boundaries.

gradient on short nailsgradient for short nails 2020gradient nail design

french gradient on nails

Stylish french gradient is an extremely interesting interpretation of classic nail art:

  1. An elegant option in 2020 will be beige and brown, which smoothly flow into white at the tip of the nail.
  2. The jacket can be decorated with rhinestones, while the pebbles can be beautifully laid out in the hole or along the edge of the nail, which will give originality to the manicure.
  3. The combination looks good when an unusual jacket is made on some fingers, and an ombre is applied on the rest.

French gradient on nailsfrench gradientgradient on nails

marble gradient

Marble gradient manicure looks equally interesting on both long and short nails:

  1. Divorces can be created using contrasting colors, it will always look new, because it is difficult to make nails absolutely identical.
  2. For summer, it is better to turn to light shades. In this design, it will be preferable to choose shades that mimic natural stones. It can be gray, blue or emerald options. To create such a manicure, you need to use pieces of cling film.
  3. Gloss is great for imitating marble, but you can take an extraordinary approach and embody a variation in a matte finish. The alternation of these types of coatings on different fingers is also allowed.

marble gradientmanicure gradient

Black gradient manicure

The color gradient on the nails, presented in black, will look truly unsurpassed. It is perfect for any evening look, as it gives a beautiful effect of depth:

  1. A dark transition will look nice on the edge of the nail, you can try to make a vertical gradient as well.
  2. Black color can be combined with red, the image will come out catchy and attract everyone’s attention.
  3. Black color looks amazing with white, such a classic combination will suit any occasion.
  4. If we take a black coating as a basis, then all kinds of tones can be easily placed on it, which can even be used a few.

black gradient manicurecolor gradientgradient 2020

green gradient

The green gradient on the nails is a stylish solution for brave girls who are not afraid to make their image catchy:

  1. Manicure in green can be combined with white, complemented by sparkles.
  2. A green gradient can be an excellent basis for floral motifs, made in bright or delicate variations.
  3. Green color can be perfectly combined with yellow, blue shades, these will be combinations that can be applied for the summer.

green gradientgradient on nailsbright gradient on the nails

Bright gradient on the nails

Many stylists prefer to use a bright palette when creating a gradient on their nails 2020:

  1. These are different variants of saturated stretch marks, for example, from blue to pink, transitions of shades from lilac to deep purple.
  2. Bold girls create a combination of cardinal contrasting tones, for example, this is a yellow-blue gradient.
  3. Popular in recent years is the rainbow, coatings where a mirror rubbing is used, which will give a metallic tint. Such manicure options will look truly unsurpassed.

bright gradient on the nailsgradient on nails 2020what does gradient mean

Gentle gradient on the nails

A universal solution suitable for any event will be a gradient nail design, made in an emphatically delicate range:

  • nude will look unique, which is stretched from milky to peach options;
  • in a beige and white palette, you can create a design in the form of a jacket or moon manicure;
  • gentle transitions can be decorated with kamifubuki, foil strips, broths, rhinestones, glitter, pixie crystals and rubbing;
  • in recent seasons, it is fashionable to decorate the gradient with drawings, it looks spectacular, colorful and stylish.

gentle gradient on the nailsgradient nail designwhat is a color gradient

hair gradient 2020

Stylists use all kinds of natural and shades of paints, with the help of which a hair coloring gradient is created:

  1. The most common option will be the transition from dark to light shade. At the same time, as a tone, they can go both from top to bottom from highlighting to darkening, and vice versa.
  2. The most common options will be neon yellow on light blond curls, a soft pink version or a peach ombre version on a blond.
  3. Shades that are as close to natural as possible, but differ from them by a couple of subtones, are intended primarily to refresh the image in a natural way.

hair gradient 2020hair coloring gradientcolor gradient

dark hair gradient

Owners of black or dark brown hair can embody an incredibly beautiful gradient:

  1. The traditional option for black hair will be lightening a few subtones. The result is a reddish overflow with golden sparks.
  2. The multi-colored version, when the strands are given a green, purple or blue color, is extremely popular among young fashionistas. The main disadvantage of such staining is that after a month the paint loses its saturation, therefore it requires regular updating.
  3. There is vintage coloring, which implies the effect of regrown roots, it is more suitable for short haircuts.

dark hair gradientbeautiful gradientwhat does gradient mean

red gradient hair

stand out from the crowd and attract everyone’s attention will help the red gradient:

  1. Red color is not easy to use, it can give an unexpected result, so you should contact a master colorist about the selection of tone.
  2. The combination of chestnut-colored roots and wine notes looks luxurious.
  3. With the help of red, you can create such an option as fiery copper. Red hair will become the base, and then there is a transition to sun-bleached shades.
  4. Dark burgundy will be a great solution for women who are naturally endowed with burning black hair. This tone will bring refreshing notes to the image.

red gradient hairred gradientwhat is a color gradient

rainbow gradient

With the help of rainbow coloring, popular in recent seasons, you can create a gradient for short hair, for long or elongated strands:

  1. An example would be a variation when the hair roots are dyed pink, which turn into lilac, and then green and finally yellow.
  2. In this version, a smaller number of shades can be used, for example, this is a transition from lilac and pink, from red to yellow.
  3. Sufficient length is suitable for good stretching of flowers. On them, you can optionally embody even all the tones characteristic of the rainbow.

rainbow gradientshort hair gradienthair gradient 2020

purple gradient hair

A violet gradient will add mystery and depth to the image:

  1. For hair to have a slight purple tint, you can turn to a purple-blonde transition with silver notes.
  2. Brown and ashy shades are perfectly combined with purple. A combination of black, blue and purple is also allowed at the ends.
  3. On the hair, you can create a fruity cocktail, consisting of colors of boysenberry, blueberry and raspberry. Thanks to a similar, but bright tonality, the effect will be amazing.

purple gradient hairpurple gradienthair coloring gradient


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