Black jacket - a stylish manicure for every day and for special occasions

French manicure has gained immense popularity among the fair sex of different ages. In addition to the traditional variation of this nail art, which can rightfully be considered a classic, there are other types of this design, for example, the original black jacket.

Black French 2019

A beautiful jet black French manicure looks luxurious. It is ideal for complementing evening dresses, however, it can also be appropriate in everyday life. This type of nail art not only does not lose its position, but also becomes more and more popular with each new season. So, in 2019, he became one of the main hits among all the variations of nail design.

Black jacket on nails 2019 should be very moderate. This season, stylists do not welcome a lot of dark or overly bright shades — on the contrary, the design should be quite concise so that it can be used in different situations. However, its festive variations can be decorated with rhinestones, shiny pebbles or broths, monograms or imitation of openwork lace, artistic painting or voluminous flowers.

black french 2019

Black french on short nails

The classic variation of the French manicure in black is not very suitable for owners of short nails, because in some cases it can visually make them even smaller. However, on its basis, you can recreate many interesting and original solutions that will look great on small, neat, natural-shaped claws.

So, the fair sex with short nails is recommended to give preference to one of the following variations of the nail design:

  • black jacket with the allocation of the cuticle zone with a bow of small rhinestones;
  • highlighting the smile line is not at all, but only on accent nails, which should not be many. The optimal number is 2 or 3;
  • white jacket on black nails;
  • options with a contour stroke of the plate with a thin contrast line;
  • French manicure with a combination of matte and glossy textures;
  • design with accent fingers inlaid with small shiny crystals;
  • nail art with pieces of foil;
  • options using velvet sand;
  • gradient French manicure with a color stretch from black to gray or white.

black french on short nails

Black jacket on long nails

For owners of long claws, a classic jacket with a black tip is perfect, in which the main surface of the nail plates is covered with transparent gel polish. This design can be varied in many different ways, for example:

  • rhinestones or broths;
  • gradient;
  • silver stripes parallel to the smile line;
  • contrasting patches;
  • geometric elements;
  • a combination of matte and glossy surfaces;
  • additional selection of the hole;
  • sequins or golden glitter;
  • all kinds of drawings — flowers, monograms, openwork lace, images of animals and so on;
  • inscriptions.

black french on long nails

Black jacket ideas

A beautiful and spectacular black jacket on the nails won no less fans than the classic variation of the French manicure, which is performed in a white color scheme. Masters of manicure art are constantly coming up with new ideas and solutions based on it, which look unusually stylish and modern. In addition to combining a French manicure with a solid coating, there are many more ways to create interesting designs using a variety of decorative elements and combinations of different techniques.

black jacket ideas

Black and white French

For those ladies who can’t decide which French manicure to choose — black or white — a black and white variation that combines both colors is perfect. Such nail art is an excellent choice for a brave and self-confident woman, including a business woman who often has to attend important negotiations.

Black and white jacket on the nails has several varieties, for example:

  • snow-white surface of the nail plates and jet black tip;
  • reverse variation — white tip and jet black surface;
  • alternating coloring of the free edge of the nails in white and black. The main surface in this case is covered with a transparent gel polish;
  • black French manicure with patterns applied with snow-white acrylic paint;
  • classic white french manicure with drawings or geometric elements painted in black.

black and white french

Black and white French

Black matte french

The black matte jacket on the nails looks very elegant, which can be varied with different colors of the substrate. Especially advantageous is the combination with nude tones — beige or light pink. In addition, the coal-black matte tip looks great in tandem with the transparent surface of the nail plates. Another interesting variation is a glossy smile line over a matte gel polish to match — it looks a little eccentric, but is very popular with beautiful ladies.

black matte french

Black jacket with a pattern

Different images on the nail plates can completely change the impression of a manicure — make it more strict and elegant or, on the contrary, soft and feminine. A black jacket on nails with a pattern often becomes the choice of young girls and women, because it looks very stylish and attractive. Depending on individual preferences, a fashionista may prefer the following types of images:

  • flower sketches;
  • lace or monograms;
  • lines and other geometric elements;
  • butterfly wings and other insects;
  • hieroglyphs;
  • colorful designs such as rainbows, balloons, sweets and more. Such images will make the black jacket very unusual and original.

black jacket with a pattern

Black jacket with rhinestones

Black French nail design can be decorated with transparent or colored rhinestones that will make it more festive and elegant. With the help of small rhinestones, you can separate the smile line from the main surface, depict a pyramid in the root zone and any other pattern. In addition, the current trend is to place one large rhinestone in each hole and chaotically scatter these shiny stones on the surface of the accent fingers. A black jacket looks especially original in combination with matching rhinestones.

black jacket with rhinestones

Black jacket with gold

A beautiful and spectacular black French manicure with golden sparkles decor is a great choice for a club party or any special event. Such nail art goes well with evening dresses, especially maxi lengths or made of lace. Another incredibly interesting variation is the jet-black surface of the nail plates in tandem with a strip of golden foil that plays the role of a smile line.

black jacket with gold

Black jacket with silver

The combination of jet black and silver has gained immense popularity among the fair sex. Nail art made in this color scheme always attracts attention, but it is not too bright or vulgar. With a small amount of decor, this design can be used even in everyday life, however, it can hardly be called an option for every day. A black French manicure can have both a transparent and a colored surface, and the tip of the nail can be painted with paint or highlighted with foil tape.

black jacket with silver

Black jacket with sequins

Glitter decor has been used in the nail art world for many years. It can be used to highlight accent fingers or give them a shimmery effect. The choice of the type of manicure depends not only on the situation, but also on the shape and length of the nails. So, for example, a black jacket on almond-shaped nails will look great if you add a little glitter to the tip of the nail, while square ones are best decorated at the base or near the cuticle. In addition, in the case of short plates, shiny decor should only be used on accent fingers.

black jacket with sequins

Black jacket with flowers

Floral motifs in manicure always add femininity and tenderness to the image of their owner. This is especially important when choosing jet black gel polish, which looks very gloomy and can evoke negative thoughts. As a rule, when adding a floral decor, a black jacket is diluted with other colors of varnish, which makes it more interesting, attractive and original. For example, a red and black jacket decorated with voluminous roses looks very nice, or a delicate black and pink variation with exquisite artistic painting.

black jacket with flowers

Black jacket with geometry

Nail design with geometric elements is usually chosen by the fair sex, who likes to look strict and elegant. They look especially good in dark color shades, which can be complemented with silver decor. It is worth considering that a black jacket with geometry drawn using thick lines looks extraordinary and even outrageous, while neatly drawn thin contours make it very elegant and feminine.

Separately, it is necessary to highlight the geometric manicure, black and white jacket, which is one of the main trends of the last few seasons. This variation is ideal for business women and can easily emphasize the solid status of its owner. In addition, it is quite appropriate in everyday life.

black jacket with geometry

Black jacket with monograms

A black jacket looks absolutely charming with a monogram design, which is drawn with a thin brush and acrylic paint. Monograms can be located on different parts of the nail plates — at the base, from the center with an overlap of the smile line or at the tip. In most cases, such elements adorn only accent fingers, however, miniature curls can be drawn on all nails. In addition, monograms are often sprinkled with velvet sand, which gives them a special texture and makes nail art incredibly original.

black jacket with monograms

Black jacket with an inscription

Inscriptions in manicure have recently been at the top of popularity. It can be any names, names of cities and countries, sports and musical groups, funny phrases or inviting slogans. Variations on love topics are relevant — the word «love» in different languages, the names of two lovers, tender confessions and much more. Fans of oriental culture can choose interesting phrases written using hieroglyphs. A black jacket looks especially impressive on sharp nails, complemented by any inscriptions located from the base to the tip of the nail plate.

black jacket with inscription

Black jacket with holes

A few years ago, an interesting novelty appeared in the world of manicure art — a Hollywood black French manicure, in which not only the smile line, but also the lunula area is highlighted. Currently, it is possible to distinguish several variations of such nail art:

  • light surface with a jet-black tip and a hole in tone;
  • a transparent surface with a dark tip and a shiny hole, and vice versa;
  • jet black or bluish black surface with a negative hole and a contrasting nail tip;
  • French manicure, in which the lunula area and the free edge stand out only on the accent fingers;
  • black jacket on the nails with decor in the hole area, the function of which can be performed by rhinestones, shiny pebbles or kamifubuki.

black jacket with holes


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