Black manicure for short nails - stylish ideas for the most daring designs

Nail art in dark shades gives the image depth and mystery. An example is a black manicure for short nails. Stylists bring to the attention of fashionistas casual, evening, office design. The design is complemented by original decorative elements.

Black Manicure Ideas

Nail service masters offer nail art options that differ in design. Black manicure ideas for short nails are represented by the following trends:

  1. If you want to attract attention, you can turn to a shiny rub. Coating is carried out carefully, since even the slightest flaws are visible on the shortened plates.
  2. Cosmic motifs look harmoniously against a dark background. A good solution is to draw images of stars or planets with white varnish.
  3. Black manicure for short nails is performed using the «cat’s eye» technique. For addition, it is permissible to take a coating of emerald, dark blue, cherry hue.
  4. One finger is allowed to be accented. The plate is covered with a pastel background, on which a contrasting inscription is applied.
  5. If you want to create a bright design, a dark color will bring balance to the image. The base is suitable for applying catchy drawings. Patterns embody floral, abstract, geometric, animalistic motifs. Drawings are created in a complex or simple concise version. In the latter case, the images are performed schematically, using lines and ready-made geometric shapes. It will further facilitate the process of applying the selection of stickers suitable for the subject.

black manicure ideasblack manicure ideas for short nailsblack manicure

Black manicure «almond»

For lovers of feminine design, a certain shape of nails is intended. Beautiful black almond manicure is offered in the following variations:

  1. Alternation with negative space is welcome. Holes or strips are made transparent in the middle of the nail plate. Borders are allowed to be marked with small rhinestones.
  2. Black almond manicure for short nails takes on a romantic touch if you highlight a couple of fingers with pastel. A contrasting heart is drawn on a light background.
  3. If you want to add shine, the dark base is covered with shimmering glitter. An alternative would be a varnish with a shimmer, applying foil, laying out patterns with rhinestones. Small sequins or large kamifubuki will help to cope with the task. The elements evenly cover the nail plate or are applied as a stretch.

black manicure almondbeautiful black manicure

Black manicure «square»

Girls who prefer elegance will appreciate the clear-cut plates. Black manicure for square nails is done with slightly rounded edges. Reception will help smooth out the severity:

  1. Matte finish looks good. Contrasting details are welcome — laying out metal strips in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe hole.
  2. Geometry is successfully combined with a square shape. There are simple drawings made with the help of stripes, figures are applied. Images of animals are laid out as separate schematic elements.
  3. The effect of lightness and airiness will be given by a cobweb drawn in white.

beautiful black manicure for short nailsblack manicure squareblack manicure on square nails

Black manicure for short oval nails

When applying a dark coating on a feminine form, a seasoned look is obtained. An example is a fashionable black manicure made on oval plates:

  1. Thin openwork lines with which lace and twigs are drawn organically look.
  2. The trend is marble design, created with the help of light veins depicted on a dark background. The technique helps to accurately recreate the structure of the stone.
  3. With the help of silver foil, abstract stains are created. Another way is to lay out clear stripes.

stylish black manicure for short nailsblack manicure for short oval nailstrendy black manicure

Black manicure with shimmer

For going to a party, nail art with a reflective effect is suitable. Black shimmery manicure is created using a shimmer:

  1. The glow effect is created by the particles included in the composition of the varnish. The coating looks different in artificial and daylight. In the first case, the design looks flawless and smooth, glossy in structure. When exposed to daylight, a black shiny manicure shimmers and changes depending on the angle of view.
  2. Shimmer will be a godsend for problem plates, as it is endowed with a visual corrective effect. Small cracks become invisible.
  3. An interesting trick is to leave the hole unpainted. The rest of the surface is covered with a dark varnish with a shimmer.

black glitter manicureblack manicure with shimmerblack shimmery manicure

Black french manicure

The classic jacket in a dark version will sparkle with new notes. Manicure in black tones is done in the following ways:

  1. The plates are covered with transparent or pastel varnish. The tip is stained with a dark color.
  2. One finger is allowed to be accented, covered with openwork patterns. The effect of a translucent veil looks interesting.
  3. The combination of a jacket with moon nail art is welcome. In this case, the area of ​​the tip and socket is highlighted.
  4. There is a variant with a dark base and a “smile” dyed in white or a bright shade.

stylish black manicureblack french manicureblack manicure

Black and white manicure design

Masters of nail service welcome the game in contrast. Stylish black manicure is complemented by snow-white color:

  1. The combination of shades helps to embody the colors of the zebra on the plates. Non-standard solutions are also acceptable — leopard print
  2. An easy way is to make a French or moon design by painting over the tip or hole.
  3. Floral, lace motifs are depicted in a contrasting tone.
  4. It is allowed to apply geometric shapes, lines. A good solution is to draw a checkerboard on the nails.

black manicure squareblack and white manicure designstylish black manicure

New Year’s manicure in black

The dark coating is suitable for creating not only everyday, but also festive nail art. The trend is black manicure for the New Year:

  1. The bases are suitable for applying white frosty patterns, snowflakes.
  2. Volumetric decor lined with rhinestones looks organic. Christmas balls are decorated with stones. A bow is drawn near the toy with ordinary varnish.
  3. Snow-covered trees and branches look interesting.
  4. The image of a glass of champagne is popular. The nail with a pattern is accentuated. The rest of the plates are covered with a monochromatic varnish.

black manicure for the new yearNew Year's manicure in black

Black and gold manicure

If you want to bring a touch of luxury to the image, they turn to a certain decor. A good solution is a black manicure with gold for short nails:

  1. For an evening out, a brilliant design is suitable. Nail art is created by alternately coating the nails with dark and golden varnish.
  2. Stylists welcome the game in contrast. The plate is divided into two parts, one is painted over with a transparent varnish, the other is dark. The border is indicated by a strip of gold foil, rhinestones.
  3. Popular manicure with black color and stretching sparkles. Details are concentrated in a certain area and decrease towards the other edge.

black gold manicureblack manicure with gold for short nailsblack manicure on square nails

Black and pink manicure

Romantic girls tend to include light pastel shades in nail art. The find will be a beautiful black manicure with a design complemented by pink.

  1. The combination of shades is in harmony with silver or gold. It is allowed to cover the nails with light varnish. Dark contours of figures are applied to the base, which are filled with small shiny details.
  2. In the trend, the design created with the help of foil. Chaotic pink stains are made on the main background.
  3. A romantic theme will help to embody the image of hearts. The addition of rhinestones, which are selected in a similar shade, is welcome.

black and pink manicurebeautiful black manicure design

Black matte manicure with design

If you want to bring notes of nobility to the image, they turn to a specific design. Black manicure for very short nails is created in a matte version:

  1. Decorating with rhinestones laid out in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe hole will help to dilute the monochromatic coating.
  2. Glitter decoration looks organic on a matte background. Details completely cover one of the plates, making it accent. Another option is to turn to stretching.
  3. One of the nails is allowed to be covered with pastel matte varnish. Branches decorated with sparkles are drawn from above.
  4. Fresh notes will bring multi-colored decor. These are drawings depicted with bright varnishes, laying out patterns with rhinestones.

black matte manicure with designblack manicure for very short nailsblack manicure square

Black manicure «cat’s eye»

The overflows created on the nails have gained popularity. Stylish black manicure for short nails is done using the «cat’s eye» technique:

  1. The design will help to realize the magnetic gel polish. After processing the plates, the effect of iridescent stripes is given.
  2. The direction of the color transition is made longitudinal, transverse, diagonal.
  3. «Cat’s eye» looks self-sufficient and does not require additions. It is allowed to decorate with rhinestones laid out at the base of the nail.
  4. To create overflows, a combination with red, blue, green, yellow, light tones is taken.

black cat eye manicurestylish black manicure for short nailsblack glitter manicure

Black manicure with foil

The recognition of fashionistas was won by certain decorative elements. Black shiny manicure for short nails is created with foil:

  1. In the trend of applying stains on the nail plate. The reception harmoniously looks both on a matte and on a glossy background. Foil is allowed to be taken in golden, silver, bright colors.
  2. The traditional way is to lay out shiny stripes. Longitudinal or transverse application is allowed. It is allowed to cross the strips with each other, the arrangement in a diagonal version.
  3. Craftsmanship requires applying foil in a specific area. An example is moon nail art with decor concentrated in the hole area.

black manicure with foilblack glitter manicure for short nailsblack manicure with glitter

Black manicure with rhinestones

Shiny stones are associated with luxury, act as a decor when creating nail art. Beautiful black manicure for short nails is offered in the following designs:

  1. A large stone acts as the main focus. The decor is laid out on one of the plates and framed with small rhinestones.
  2. Stones are taken to lay out patterns. An example is butterfly wings placed on adjacent fingers.
  3. A simple trick is to create even strips lined with small stones.
  4. Rhinestones are allowed to fill in geometric shapes, flower petals.
  5. For going to a party, a design with one accent plate completely filled with stones is suitable.

black manicure with rhinestonesbeautiful black manicure for short nailsbeautiful black manicure for short nails

Black and red manicure with design

The combination of certain shades is recognized as successful and harmonious. Red and black manicure for short nails is offered in the following design variations:

  1. A simple technique is the alternation of tones on different fingers. It is allowed to dilute the design with contrasting stripes or cobwebs.
  2. The dark background is covered with large red kamifubiki. A rub is applied on top, giving a brilliant effect.
  3. A romantic design is created by drawing hearts on a dark background. The decor is drawn with varnish or made voluminous, laid out with rhinestones.
  4. Thematic images are welcome. An example is rowan branches with red berries. On the next finger, it is allowed to draw a bullfinch with a scarlet breast.

black and red manicure designred and black manicure for short nailsbeautiful black manicure

Black manicure with rubbing

Girls who want to bring festive notes to the image should turn to certain coatings. The find will be a black manicure with glitter:

  1. The effect is achieved by rubbing, which is applied over a dark base. Thanks to this, the nails become shiny.
  2. Alternation with other shades is allowed — light beige, deep purple, bright red.
  3. Rubbing is suitable even for the image of drawings. An example is the brilliant tongues of flame applied to a contrasting matte background.

black manicure with rubbingblack manicure with glittertrendy black manicure

Black manicure with stickers

Design with drawings remains in demand. Stickers will help facilitate the process of applying images:

  1. The pattern is placed over the main dark background. A fixing transparent layer is applied over the pattern.
  2. It looks interesting black manicure with inscriptions. Nail art with stickers is easier to create compared to traced options.
  3. The drawings correspond to a certain topic. Floral, animalistic motifs are welcome. The trend is pop art patterns, including portrait images, cosmetics.

black manicure with stickersblack manicure with inscriptionsblack manicure


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