Black nails - design for any length and shape

Modern fashion trends allow you to choose a manicure for any preference, reflecting your personality and good taste. Among the top ideas of the new season of 2019 were black nails, the design of which can be both discreet and very stylish and creative.

Black nails — design 2019

If earlier such an idea was distributed exclusively among representatives of informal subcultures, now black nails, the design of which can be very diverse, harmoniously fit into any look, from everyday to festive evening. More recently, stylists advised using catchy dark tones only for long nails, while modern fashion widely uses these shades for short ones. But since black nails cannot be ignored, it is worth paying maximum attention to their correct shape and preparation of the nail plate.

Black nails - design 2019Black nails - design ideas 2019

There are endless variations on how to make such nail art. Top ideas in 2019 were:

  1. Black nails, marble design. The idea of ​​imitating the texture of natural stone looks very mysterious and impressive. To apply the technique, black is combined with white, gray or pink.
  2. Black nails - design 2019 marble

  3. The design of black nails 2019 with foil is a great idea for a festive or evening manicure.
  4. Black nails - design 2019 foil

  5. Cat’s eye in black. Thanks to an unusual reflection with a depth effect, this version of the nail design looks very stylish.
  6. Black nails - design ideas 2019

  7. Black nails, matte design. A stylish and elegant idea that gives the image elegance and sophistication. In combination with a matte finish, you can apply any other techniques — drawing, geometry, jacket, countries, and so on.
  8. Black nails - design 2019 matte

  9. Black French manicure — for a more spectacular look, it is better to use with a matte finish.
  10. Black nails - French design 2019

  11. Black geometry nail design — stylish and elegant ideas for every day.
  12. Black nails - design 2019 geometry

Black design for short nails

Previously, catchy nail colors, which include black, were chosen exclusively for the design of long nails. Modern fashion sets completely different trends, and in 2019, short miniature nails in black were at the peak of popularity, which looks very original and spectacular. It is worth paying maximum attention to the form — the black color makes all the flaws obvious.

Black design for short nailsBlack design for short nails ideas

In general, we can safely conclude that for short nails, you can use absolutely any design options in black. The most successful, according to stylists, are the following options:

Black long nails — design

On long nails, black polish looks catchy and spectacular, this is a great idea for a holiday or a party. To many, this design option may seem very outrageous, but in fact, black nails can rightfully be called a universal manicure idea for both a business bow or an everyday one, and for a special occasion — it all depends on the design.

Black long nails - designBlack long nails - design options

For long nails in 2019, the following black manicure ideas are especially relevant:

Black sharp nails — design

Such an idea as a black manicure was originally used by representatives of youth subcultures just for a pointed shape — such nail art was called “vampire nails”. One fact remained unchanged — the design of sharp black nails looks very catchy and outrageous, it cannot but attract the attention of others. But today, many women and girls of different ages with different taste preferences like this idea.

Black sharp nails - designBlack sharp nails - design ideas

Stylish and you can look such ideas for the design of sharp nails in black:

  • plain black finish;
  • Black sharp nails - fashion design

  • matte black design;
  • Black sharp nails - design style

  • design of sharp black nails with drawings;
  • Black sharp nails - design options

  • rhinestone ideas.
  • Black sharp nails - fashion design

Black polish nail design

Each girl has her own views on what everyday manicure should be like — some prefer fashion trends and standards, while others prefer bold and interesting experiments. Those who are more fond of original ideas that reflect individual taste should pay attention to such an idea as a black manicure, the design of which can be either simple and concise or bold and bright.

Black polish nail design

An important advantage of black nail design is its versatility — it has no age, style or taste restrictions, it looks great on beautiful and well-groomed nails of any shape and length. Stylish and catchy black manicure can be a real find for many girls who follow fashion trends.

Nail design with black polish ideas

Nail design red with black

If you want to complement your image with a bright and catchy, even somewhat daring manicure, you should pay attention to the nail design in black and red. This combination looks very bright and shocking, with its help it is easy to create interesting ideas for an evening or festive look. With all the versatility of black nail art in modern fashion, this idea is best applied to the design of meek nails.

Nail design red with blackNail design red with black ideas

Fashion 2019 offers girls a variety of ideas, what can be the design of red and black nails. The most popular of them are:

  • simple combination of two colors on one hand;
  • Nail design red with black fashion

  • graceful black drawings on a red background, and vice versa;
  • Nail design red with black style

  • red and black ombre design;
  • Nail design red with black ombre

  • exquisite french manicure in red and black colors.
  • Nail design red with black french

Black and silver nail design

An easy way to make black nails more elegant and festive is to add silver to the design. A beautiful reflection will give nails lightness and tenderness, this is an ideal option for both everyday life and festive occasions. You can add notes of silver to the nail design in various ways:

Stylish and trendy black and silver nail design ideas:

Black and gold nail design

Unlike silver, gold in combination with black, on the contrary, looks luxurious and noble. Such an idea is an ideal solution for a holiday or a party, the nail design will look luxurious and will attract maximum attention. Nail art goes well with gold jewelry or stylish high-quality jewelry of the same color.

Black and gold nail designNail design black with gold ideas

Nail design with black color using golden varnish or decor can be done using glitter varnishes or decor — bouillon, sparkles, rhinestones. The most stylish and bright ideas are:

Black matte nails — design

One of the stylish ideas that has been popular for several seasons in a row is a matte nail design, the main feature of which is the absolute absence of shine. The technique is nothing complicated, and differs from the usual manicure only in the last layer, which creates an interesting matte effect. The advantage of black manicure in this version is a very elegant look. The disadvantage is that even the slightest flaws in the nail plate are visible with a matte finish.

Black matte nails designBlack matte nails design ideas

The design of black matte nails looks stylish and bright in plain colors, but this is far from the only good idea. This technique is perfectly combined with any decor options, favorably emphasizing their zest. Looks nice in matte design;

  • black jacket and moon manicure;
  • Black matte nails french design

  • black nails, design with drawings;
  • Black matte nails design drawing

  • geometry style;
  • Black matte nails design geometry

  • black nails with shiny decor — rhinestones, broths, sparkles, foil.
  • Black matte nails french design

black french nail design

Elegant French manicure has long become a kind of classic, a universal option for any look and occasion. In the original version, it was a natural nude nail plate with a neat white tip. This idea is popular even now, but modern fashion is rapidly changing the classics, offering girls many new variations. One of the most successful ideas is a black jacket that looks elegant and elegant.

black french nail design

The main advantage of a black jacket is the fact that it looks great at any length, short nails are even more preferable — the manicure looks very gentle and elegant on them. In this technique, you can safely apply a variety of design and decor options — rhinestones, drawings, sparkles and prints. The black and white French nail design looks very stylish, bringing a touch of elegance to the image.

Nail design black french fashion

Black glitter nail design

The easiest way to transform black nails and create a more festive and elegant design is to choose sparkles as decor, which can be:

  • golden;
  • Black glitter nail design

  • silvery.
  • Black glitter nail design silver

Glitter nail design on a black background can be varied — from a luxurious and catchy holiday idea to laconic minimalism. For everyday manicure, it is better to use glitter in a small amount to give the nails a beautiful and elegant look. One of the popular options is a black jacket with sparkles, a sharp transition from the main color to silver or ombre.

Black Glitter Nail Design IdeasBlack glitter nail design options

Black nail design with rhinestones

Another idea to spruce up a simple nail design is to add a few miniature sparkly pebbles to it. A solid black nail plate looks more bright and elegant if you decorate it with rhinestones, especially creating an interesting pattern or line. Previously, catchy and luxurious decor was popular, but today, on the contrary, laconic design and restraint have become a trend.

Black nail design with rhinestones

There are a lot of options on how to decorate nails with rhinestones — pebbles are perfectly combined with most well-known design techniques. The most popular ideas are:

  • minimalism — a point design or a line of rhinestones on a plain surface;
  • Black nail design with rhinestones ideas

  • bright decor with rhinestones of one nail on the hand;
  • Black nail design with rhinestones style

  • matte nail design with rhinestones;
  • Black nail design with rhinestones fashion

  • rhinestone pattern combined with broths.
  • Black nail design with rhinestones fashion

The ideas of black manicure can also include such an option as nail design with black rhinestones. This version of nail art looks very catchy and unusual — with the help of black stones on the nail plate, a variety of patterns or concise design options are created, and a beautiful shine is a beneficial addition. The background is better to choose bright or light — pink, nude, white, red.

Black nail design with black rhinestones

Nail design with black gossamer

A novelty in the world of nail design was the gossamer decor, which quickly gained popularity. The technique is the use of a special gel paint that stretches very well. A special stick is dipped into the material, and with its help chaotic patterns are applied to the nail. Sequins or rhinestones can become a beautiful decoration for such an idea, but even without decor, the cobweb looks very beautiful and original.

Nail design with black gossamer

A great way to create an original black nail design is to choose a different color for one or two nails, it is better that it be in contrast, and apply an interesting design with a black cobweb on it. The preferred colors for the background are white, pink, nude; for a more catchy manicure, you can use raspberry, red and other bright colors.

Nail design with black gossamer ideas

Black nail design with rubbing

For those who prefer conciseness in nail design, but at the same time want to create an interesting elegant manicure, the ideal solution would be to use a decorative rub, the effect of which is a shining shine on the nails. The material is a powder of a very fine fraction, which is applied to the nail plate, painted black in our case, and gently rubbed with a special sponge.

Black nail design with rubbing

Nail design in black 2019 using a rub can be different, it all depends on the color and fraction of the material. One of the options is a glossy shining mirror surface in silver or gold. Another popular idea is a colorless rub with a beautiful reflection in the sun. The design looks interesting with a variety of shades that play beautifully in the light.

Black nail design with rubbing ideas

Fire nail design on black

Lovers of a bright and catchy nail design that attracts special attention will certainly like black nails, a design with fire. The idea looks very bold and creative, more often it is preferred by young stylish girls. This design option is more suitable for a good length, while the shape can be any, but a skilled craftsman can also make a beautiful design of black short nails in this version.

Fire nail design on blackNail design with fire on black ideas

Black patterned nail design

An important advantage of black is that it can be used as a background for a variety of patterns — contrasting colors look very bright, sophisticated and stylish on it. To apply patterns, you can use different tones of bright and light colors — white, beige, pink, red. Patterns of gold and silver colors look spectacular on a black background.

Black patterned nail design

In 2019, the following pattern options on black nails are relevant:

  • sophisticated white or nude pattern on a black background;
  • Black nail art design ideas

  • beautiful black patterns on a white nail plate in combination with black nails;
  • Black nail art design ideas

  • geometry — nail design with black stripes on a light background and vice versa;
  • Black nail design with pattern options

  • flower painting.
  • Black flower nail design


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