black tie for women

The black tie dress code suggests a formal and solemn style of clothing. It is common at weddings, holiday receptions, and theater premieres.

black tie dress code

If black tie (Black Tie, BT or Tuxedo) is indicated in the invitation, for women this means the need to wear either a long evening dress, or, if the level of the event and its degree of solemnity allows, a cocktail dress, but not above the knee.

From jewelry, you can get by with expensive jewelry. The main thing is that the image should be as elegant and noble as possible. Shoes with heels are a must.

Varieties of black tie for women

There are several subspecies of BT: Black Tie Invited, Black Tie Optional, Creative Black Tie.

If you see a Black Tie Invited mark on your invitation, this may mean that you have to go to an evening event, but its atmosphere will not be too solemn. For example, it can be a dinner at an expensive restaurant, a corporate buffet. In this case, a woman is supposed to wear an elegant cocktail or formal evening dress.

A dress code such as Black Tie Optional suggests a looser look. A woman can wear any elegant dress or just a formal suit to the event.

As is clear even from one name, Creative Black Tie is the most free subspecies of the dress code. A woman can safely wear original or even extravagant accessories to her outfit.

How did the black tie dress code come about?

The progenitor of this dress code was a more strict and formal white tie. This style of clothing for social events was previously the only possible one. The change came in the mid-19th century when a London menswear company offered the Prince of Wales an alternative to the classic tuxedo by shortening it. The prince was delighted with the novelty, so this model of a tuxedo very quickly gained popularity among English gentlemen.

After a while, this fashion migrated overseas to the Americans. Over time, the Black Tie dress code was officially announced there, and a cropped tuxedo became one of the mandatory wardrobe details.

Since then, a lot of time has passed, fashion, especially women’s, has undergone considerable changes. Every year, designers and couturiers offer new and new evening dresses within black tie. On them you can find luxurious embroidery, a sea of ​​​​rhinestones, placers of beads, rich finishes and other decor. But if you do not like all this tinsel, choose more unobtrusive models with delicate large frills or even a trouser suit.


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