Blue and white manicure - new designs for short and long nails

Blue and white manicure is one of the most elegant and stylish designs used in creating trendy nail art. It is justifiably recognized as truly versatile, since this color combination goes well with many outfits.

Manicure 2018-2019 blue with white

This year, many stylists, when creating fashionable bows, use such an option as a manicure in blue and white. For its design, the following current trends are used:

  • the color scheme can be used in the form of applying different materials, for example, it can be a glossy or matte finish, acrylic powder, rhinestones, sparkles;
  • the snow-white tone can be complemented by another shade, which is presented in different variations, which vary from light, close to blue or turquoise, to dark, almost turning into black;
  • by laying out certain components on the nail plates, you can achieve a variety of effects, it can be openwork lace, and ethnic patterns;
  • blue and white manicure can be simple, concise, emphasizing the elegance of its owner;
  • for several seasons in a row, geometry has not lost its relevance, it is also popular this season;
  • nails can contain an imitation of a marble structure, while the veins can be drawn in both snow-white and azure.

manicure 2018 2019 blue with white

Manicure 2018-2019 blue with white

blue and white manicurewhite manicure with blue pattern

Blue and white manicure for short nails

Lovers of conciseness and accuracy will be able to create a blue and white manicure for short nails. It is distinguished by the following features:

  • the simplest design solution is to divide the nail into two parts and paint over it with two basic shades. In this case, the nail plate can be divided using a clear straight line, zigzag or diagonal;
  • discreet thin stripes may be present that do not overload the image;
  • medium-sized peas or dots applied to any particular finger or all nail plates look good.

blue and white manicure for short nails

Blue and white manicure for long nails

Owners of luxurious long nails will be able to afford a blue and white manicure, made in a variety of variations:

  • drawing patterns containing a variety of fancy curls or imitation of openwork lace is popular;
  • a dark blue manicure with white looks extremely expensive and rich. This effect is achieved due to the depth of tone, which practically turns into black;
  • The ombre effect looks very organic, which consists in a smooth transition from one shade to another. The gradient can also contain geometric motifs;
  • the summer theme continues to be relevant and cool in autumn, many designers use the drawing of small or large flowers on a snow-white background.

blue and white manicure for long nails

Blue and White Manicure Ideas

Stylists use a variety of ideas to create a beautiful blue and white manicure. The most common of them include the following:

  • french and moon nail art remain invariably relevant and not influenced by fashion;
  • silver elements look very organic, they harmonize perfectly with a similar color scheme;
  • blue and white manicure can be very harmoniously designed by drawing a variety of drawings that can be made on floral, floral, geometric themes;
  • rhinestones, sequins and kamifubiki of different sizes, shapes and shades are capable of giving a luxurious and expensive appearance;
  • matte finish can bring elegance to the image;
  • one of the most effective solutions is a gradient, when one color smoothly flows into another;
  • the marine theme is a continuation of the past summer and is associated with freshness and lightness.

blue and white manicure ideasbeautiful blue and white manicure

French manicure blue and white

An incredibly sophisticated variation of the classics is the white blue French manicure. It is presented in the following ways:

  • with drawing the tip in a snow-white or azure tone. In this case, the base is made in the opposite color version;
  • transparent elements may be present, they often act as a dividing strip;
  • the tip can have a traditional rounded or triangular shape;
  • the addition of transverse stripes, which can have different widths, looks harmonious.

manicure french blue with white

Manicure blue with white and silver

Such a kind of nail art as a manicure with blue and white varnish looks unsurpassed in combination with silver:

  • silver spray can be evenly applied over base coats;
  • with the help of silver sequins, certain patterns can be laid out, for example, openwork curls or ethnic motifs.

manicure blue with white and silver

Blue manicure with white pattern

One of the most spectacular variations of fashionable nail art is a white and blue manicure containing all kinds of drawings. Popular images include:

  • a very extraordinary solution will be the image of cosmic elements;
  • marine theme is considered a fashion trend for several seasons in a row;
  • openwork elements imitating lace look very harmonious;
  • a win-win option would be the image of flowers of different types, it can be lilies of the valley, roses, chamomile;
  • floral motifs can be combined with vegetable motifs or the latter can be used independently and consist of drawing twigs and leaves;
  • ethnic style is considered a real fashion trend, this is an image of patchwork elements, they look unsurpassed on elongated nail plates;
  • one of the most commonly used options that will help to organically embody this color scheme on nails is New Year’s nail art. It contains images of snowflakes, openwork frosty patterns.

blue manicure with white pattern

Blue manicure with white pattern

blue and white manicureblue and white manicure

Blue and white manicure with rhinestones

Incredibly impressive looks nail art containing decoration with rhinestones. It is performed in the following variations:

  • it can be a white manicure with blue rhinestones or the combination can be used the other way around;
  • rhinestones can be used transparent or multi-colored, for example, pink or golden elements look organic;
  • rhinestones can have different sizes and vary from very small to large.

blue and white manicure with rhinestonesbeautiful blue and white manicure

Blue matte manicure with white

An extremely elegant design solution is rightly recognized as a blue and white matte manicure. It comes in the following design variations:

  • snow-white and azure varnishes can alternately cover certain fingers;
  • two shades can be combined on one nail plate, separated by a straight, diagonal or zigzag line;
  • A white manicure with a blue pattern looks very feminine. In this case, the base can be matte, and the lines with which the pattern is drawn can be glossy;
  • nail art can be organically complemented with rhinestones or sparkles, they will bring a bright touch and become an organic addition to the design.

blue matte manicure with white

Blue and white moon manicure

One of the most feminine options is rightfully recognized as a blue and white moon manicure. There are such features of its design:

  • a classic is the image of a traditional rounded hole;
  • drawing a hole in the form of a triangle is considered a real fashion trend;
  • a combination with additional similar colors can be used, for example, this is a delicate blue-white-blue manicure;
  • the hole can be made in any of the two main tones, and the base in another;
  • another way would be to combine the base coats with clear varnish. With its help, a hole, a separate dividing strip or the main part can be framed.

blue and white moon manicure

Manicure white-blue gradient

One of the most popular design options is the blue and white ombre manicure. It can be formatted in the following ways:

  • consist of diamonds that create a smooth transition from one color to another;
  • one tone can flow into another, while their arrangement can be horizontal or vertical, or occur in a diagonal form;
  • some intermediate tone can be used, for example, beige or blue.

manicure white blue gradient

White manicure with blue glitter

Lovers of bright and memorable bows will be able to use a blue with white and silver manicure, containing a variety of sparkles:

  • shiny details can have different shapes: these are traditional round elements, and small triangles, hearts, stars;
  • one of the base coats can serve as a base, over which sparkles of a different color are evenly applied;
  • there are also application methods that imitate shading, when the sparkles are densely located closer to the base or tip and their number decreases towards the opposite edge of the nail.

white manicure with blue glitter

Nautical blue and white manicure

You can use an incredibly interesting white and blue manicure, made on a marine theme. It is characterized by the following details:

  • with the help of an azure hue, sea waves or the sky can be drawn, against which snow-white clouds are located;
  • another option that will help apply a snow-white tone is a drawing depicting seagulls;
  • nail art may contain details that match the theme of the sea. It can be an image of an anchor, a chain, a steering wheel, sand, footprints in the sand, shells.

marine blue and white manicure

Wedding white and blue manicure

Brides can look extremely impressive if they use white and blue manicure for the wedding. It can be used as a match to the individual preferences of the girl or as part of a theme party. It will be ideal if the outfit or accessories have details that echo the color of nail art. Design features include:

  • conciseness, azure shade is used in minimal quantities;
  • the design can be made in the form of a jacket or moon nail art;
  • openwork elements will make the image more sophisticated and delicate, which is ideal for a wedding.

wedding white blue manicurewhite and blue wedding manicure


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