Blue nails - the most beautiful manicure and pedicure ideas

The sky color shows the sea surface and the beauty of the Alpine plains. In different tint interpretations, it embodies freshness and purity. Many girls often resort to such a type of manicure as blue nails. There are many variations of the design of this design and for every taste.

blue manicure

Stylists offer girls a fashionable blue manicure, presented in a variety of variations:

  1. The fashion trends of this season involve the creation of a simplified manicure, but at the same time it will be as elegant as possible. To create it, you can simply cover the nails with heavenly varnish.
  2. You can also resort to catchy applique designer nail decorations. Blue color is perfect for glossy shellac, while you need to use a light shade range. Even in single color it looks great.
  3. Using blue nails as a background, often creating a “pigtail” effect, braided manicure continues to be relevant.
  4. For everyday wear, you can turn to the reverse French manicure, because the blue jacket or moon design look as elegant, sophisticated and sophisticated as possible.
  5. If you want to diversify nail art, a stunning blue-pink ombre is created. This image is complemented by rhinestones, the main thing is not to overdo it with a shiny element, it is allowed to highlight one or two nails.

blue manicuretrendy blue manicureblue manicure with design

Blue manicure for short nails

Owners of neat shortened nail plates will be able to embody a blue manicure on short nails on them:

  1. On a short length, French manicure looks amazing in a combination of blue and white. In this version, the white “smile” looks great, this is a very beautiful pattern that is suitable for neat fingers.
  2. Many girls love matte varnishes, you can try this coating in blue.
  3. On a short length, the color transition will look great. A light ombre is mainly used for tanned skin, it will be a transition from a light color at the root to a darker finish.
  4. A variety of patterns can be applied to blue short nails, these are floral prints, a marine theme and geometric shapes.

blue manicure for short nailsblue manicure for short nailspale blue manicure

Blue manicure for long nails

You can fully show your imagination by creating long blue nails:

  1. If the nails have an impressive length, then you need to understand that the nail plate needs to be highlighted. You can create a manicure using the color blocking technique, where the main color will be blue.
  2. Abstraction can be applied to blue long nails, while shiny elements can be used. Glitter and sequins can transform the design of nails, add splendor and luxury to it.
  3. A wonderful solution would be to complement the nail design with stamping or stickers. In the spring-summer period, you can turn to positive drawings, images of flowers, animals.

blue manicure for long nailslong blue nailsblue manicure

Blue manicure with almond shape design

Almond-shaped nails are considered one of the most relevant and sophisticated options:

  1. This shape can look luxurious with the help of stone decoration, the design becomes like a kind of treasure box.
  2. French looks perfect on an almond shape, you can add a drop of creativity to a classic design.
  3. Matte blue almond manicure looks interesting and neat. Monochromatic matte nail art with the addition of sparkles and stones will look especially beautiful.
  4. If you are tired of monochrome, then you can turn to a variety of geometric prints. It can be triangles, circles, lines and abstractions that look especially original on the almond shape.
  5. A beautiful blue manicure can be done using African and Indian motifs.

blue manicure with almond shape designblue manicure almondblue nails design

Blue manicure for square nails

A practical and universal solution would be a blue manicure on square nails:

  1. For everyday wear, it is better to choose a neutral design. On square nails, you can apply a monochromatic coating. However, girls love variety, so you can resort to a light marble pattern, a variety of floral and abstract motifs.
  2. As for gloss, this option should be at least. Marble design remains in vogue as it is discreet and sophisticated.
  3. Among the decorations for square blue nails, you can choose an abstraction.
  4. On a short length, you can resort to painting nails in several colors, which are alternately intertwined.

blue manicure on square nailsblue manicure for square nailsblue manicure

Blue pointy nails

In the coming seasons, sharp blue nails will rightfully be considered the most extravagant and spectacular:

  1. For such long nails, you can apply all sorts of nail art techniques that will help you realize the most creative and daring ideas for girls.
  2. A matte sharp manicure will be fashionable, in order to create it more delicate and sophisticated, you can turn to light blue shades.
  3. For greater sophistication, you can combine a matte manicure with a glossy version, you can highlight several nails with a rub or foil.
  4. A laconic and fashionable manicure can be obtained by using drawings made in a geometric version, or by creating a variety of openwork patterns.
  5. A bright blue manicure will emphasize the catchiness of a sharp shape and attract maximum attention.

blue pointy nailspointy blue nailstrendy blue manicure

Manicure blue gradient

A blue gradient on the nails will look truly unsurpassed:

  1. Gradient manicure involves nail design, where the color transition from one shade to another is performed. An unusual gradient can be complemented by metallic varnishes that cover one or two nails.
  2. Color gradation can be combined with techniques such as french, moon design, patterns and drawings.
  3. The horizontal gradient can be combined with patterns, floral and abstract patterns.
  4. If you need a non-standard version of the ombre, then you can turn to a manicure with glitter and rhinestones.
  5. Blue ombre is often seen in spring and summer, this palette looks great with different funny patterns.

blue gradient manicureblue gradient nailspink blue manicure

Blue manicure with gold

The undoubted advantage of the blue scale will be that it is suitable for everyday and elegant decoration. A vivid confirmation of this will be a blue manicure with a design complemented by gold:

  1. Noble decor may be present on part of the nail. It can be a design in the form of elegant stripes, a thin pattern in gold and silver looks impressive on a plain background.
  2. Marigolds that imitate precious stones will look original.
  3. The combination of blue with gold is perfect for a wedding dress, it can be turquoise or sky blue with gold.

blue manicure with goldblue manicure with design

Blue manicure with clouds

The first thing that is associated with this color is the beautiful sky. Therefore, one of the stylish trends associated with this shade will be blue nails with clouds:

  1. This little accent will help make the manicure incredibly gentle and airy. This picture will look great on almond-shaped nails.
  2. Pale blue manicure can be complemented by clouds located on several or all nails. Silvery openwork details will become an organic decor that emphasizes the romanticism of the image.

blue manicure with cloudsblue nails with cloudsbright blue manicure

Blue marble nails

The delicate sky color goes well with the marble pattern, so you can embody the appropriate manicure in blue tones on the nails:

  1. This design will be perfect for a spring look and for any important event. Marble nails look very gentle, but for a change they can be supplemented with sparkles, rubbing and stripe stickers.
  2. Gray, pink, beige tones are perfectly combined with a heavenly shade, with the help of which marble stains are created.

blue marble nailsblue manicurebright blue manicure

Blue manicure with stripes

This season, blue nails are welcome, the design of which is complemented by stripes:

  1. It seems to some that such nail art looks simple, but each option can be saturated with individuality and creativity.
  2. The easiest option can be a manicure with foil. A shiny stripe in combination with a neutral base perfectly complements it.
  3. The striped design can also be paired with a tropical print. Bright stripes can be applied in a chaotic manner, thereby adding some liveliness to the picture.
  4. Stripes can be present in French manicure, it is not difficult to perform, but it looks much more creative.
  5. Another current trend will be a manicure with transparent stripes. This variation of design fell in love due to its simplicity and unusualness.

blue manicure with stripesblue nails designblue manicure for short nails

Pink and blue manicure

A light blue manicure in combination with a pink tint will look extremely feminine and romantic:

  1. When combining pink and blue, you can create a beautiful and bright French manicure. For example, the base will be colored pink and blue represented as a «smile».
  2. With such flowers, you can create a beautiful moon manicure.
  3. In such shades, a stunning gentle ombre is obtained, the main thing is not to overdo it with the details. A smooth transition between blue and pink pastel will look advantageous.
  4. Pink and blue can be on different hands, while you can change the shade.
  5. In such tones, color blocks are created when the nail plate is divided into two sections, one is painted over in pink and the other in blue.
  6. You can turn to watercolor nail art, and it doesn’t have to be beautiful patterns, it can just be interesting color stains.
  7. Delicate roses can be depicted against a heavenly background; rhinestones can be used to decorate their petals.

pink blue manicurelight blue manicureblue manicure on square nails

blue pedicure

One of the classic options for nail art is a blue pedicure:

  1. There are many options for how to adequately present such a shade. It can be a plain blue shellac.
  2. If you do not want to dwell on monochrome, you can combine a glossy and matte top, which will differ slightly in tone.
  3. A mirror and holographic rubbing will look luxurious on a blue color.
  4. When creating a pedicure in blue tones, you can turn to rhinestones; this design looks noble and elegant.
  5. The thumb can be covered with blue kamifubiki, and the rest can be applied with a plain varnish of the same shade.

blue pedicureblue pedicureblue pedicure

Pale blue pedicure

Pale blue nails will look incredibly elegant and sophisticated:

  1. This color has many associations, it can perfectly express a marine floral theme.
  2. An amazing option would be the union of stars and space. To make the pedicure look gentle, you can turn to the gradient technique, and create a cluster of stars using small crystals and rhinestones.
  3. The blue tint is an excellent background for applying a mirror or holographic rubbing.
  4. If you want something elegant, then you can turn to blue shades with a miniature design or flowers.

pale blue pedicurepale blue nailsblue pedicure

Blue matte pedicure

Such a rich and bright color will provide an opportunity to make the pedicure colorful and deep. Blue matte nails will look especially elegant:

  1. To slightly transform this color scheme, you can refer to the use of drawings. On a blue coating, images in the form of a floral ornament look great. In this case, you can dilute the color with soothing colors, such as white, milky, and beige.
  2. To make the color more vibrant, you can turn to the use of multi-colored rhinestones.

blue matte pedicure

Blue pedicure with rhinestones

One hundred percent will not leave others indifferent blue pedicure with a design complemented by rhinestones:

  • pebbles can be laid out at the base of the nail, in the form of one or more stripes, in the form of a specific pattern;
  • for decoration, both traditional transparent rhinestones and pink, green, yellow, black are taken.

blue pedicure with rhinestonesblue pedicure with design

Blue french pedicure

One of the most popular solutions is a blue jacket on nails:

  1. A jacket created with a matte varnish will look beautiful. In this case, you can decorate the main part of the nail with a matte finish, and the smaller part with a glossy one.
  2. Matte jacket can be embellished with decorative elements. From rhinestones, you can lay out a variety of patterns. Stripes of silver or gold color will also look great.
  3. A small pattern in the form of hearts or flowers may be appropriate.

blue french pedicureblue french nails

Blue pedicure with silver

Romantic notes in the image will bring a blue pedicure design with silver:

  • silver sequins can be used to create a jacket or moon nail art. In the first case, they lay out the area of ​​u200bu200bthe “smile”, and in the second — the hole;
  • such a technique as stretching with silver sequins is also popular, with the help of which the original variation of ombre is embodied;
  • silver can lay out stripes using foil. Another way to apply it will be chaotic, embodying an extraordinary abstract pattern;
  • it is allowed to apply openwork lace patterns, nail art in this case will turn out to be incredibly refined and sophisticated.

blue pedicure with silver


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