Bob haircut - who suits a fashionable hairstyle?

If you want to cut your hair in an interesting, bright and stylish way, then you need to turn to fashion trends. One of them is the bob haircut, which has become an undeniable hit in hairdressing. It forms the elegant appearance of an exquisite lady, while it has several interpretations, it can be either a shortened or maximally elongated version.

Who is the bob haircut for?

A spectacular classic bob haircut is universal, it is suitable for girls with any appearance, you just need to take into account some features:

  1. A high forehead can be hidden with bangs.
  2. A bob haircut accentuates the face and emphasizes the eyes well. Imperfect ears or a wide neck can be hidden with length.
  3. If you stop at a long version, then it will help to correct a heavy chin.

who suits the bob haircuttypes of bob haircuts

Bob haircut for short hair for women

Such an option as a female bob haircut for short hair will be a great solution for all return categories:

  1. Bob-car is extremely popular, the hairstyle is a mixture of an even cut of a caret with a bob graduation. Such a haircut is a godsend for chubby young ladies, because the hair frames the face and creates a pulling effect, bringing the face as close to the oval as possible.
  2. For a short length, you can create a graduated bob, this is a multi-layered haircut. It is ideal for thin hair and creates extra volume. A graduated bob is combined with torn, milled and oblique bangs.
  3. Not in all cases, the bob haircut will be perfectly even, it can be cut in steps and create the effect of a slight mess. This option quickly fits, after drying, you just need to apply a little mousse.

short bob haircut for women

Bob haircut for medium hair giving volume

A great variation that can be chosen for strands that have different structures will be a female bob haircut for medium hair:

  1. Girls should try the A-line hairstyle. This option differs visually from the classic bean due to its layering and often has a bangs curtain. In such a bean, a symmetrical version of the cut is used.
  2. The bob haircut with an extension in front looks incredibly feminine, it can be worn loose or gathered in a bun, for example, during sports. In such a hairstyle, graduation plays the main role, it distracts from shortcomings.
  3. Cascading crown treatment provides an opportunity to lighten heavy hair. This interpretation helps to create a voluminous crown, if styling is done, it will look chic.

bob haircut for medium hair

Bob haircut for long hair

A wonderful solution for the owner of long curls will be an elongated bob haircut:

  1. In the presence of thick and heavy strands, almost uniform cutting along the entire length can be applied. This design variation will focus on the merits.
  2. The difference in length between the front and back will look incredibly impressive. When creating such a hairstyle, you can use a pronounced contrast that will give the image a unique touch.
  3. An asymmetrical bob haircut is also welcome. If young women of fashion do it, they can use such a technique as shaving one temple, which, if necessary, will be covered with elongated strands.

bob haircut for long hair

bob haircut with bangs

If a young lady prefers bangs, then it can easily be used as a hairstyle addition:

  1. Any of its types will suit a short bob haircut.
  2. If you choose an asymmetrical look, you can experiment with the location and shape of the bangs. For example, you can make a parting on the side and fill one strand behind the ear.
  3. Options with bangs hide minor imperfections on the face, for example, it can be a rash on the forehead.
  4. Bangs are often used in a classic straight bob, if necessary, they are milled, which gives lightness to heavy strands.
  5. The layered version can give your hair a huge amount of volume, it is most suitable for those girls who have thin hair. The ideal solution in this case would be a bob haircut with oblique bangs. This part is done as graduated, it can lean to either side.

bob haircut with bangs

Bob haircut without bangs

If you want to demonstrate expressive features and the correct oval of the face, a female bob haircut that does not contain bangs is perfect:

  1. The asymmetric version is suitable for those who are not afraid of experiments, on the one hand, the strand is shortened, and on the other, the maximum length is left.
  2. The design is also acceptable, when a multi-level transition is created, it can be applied both in front and behind. This option is suitable for girls with an elongated oval face; for a square face, asymmetry should have smooth transitions.
  3. A graduated bob can be created without bangs, the curls will ideally fall on both sides, and the hair will acquire a beautiful and lush volume.
  4. The legged bob option is suitable for owners of short stature, this name is due to the fact that there is a short-cropped nape and a multi-layered hat in front.
  5. A legged bob can be made in the French version, when each tier is lengthened compared to the next.
  6. For medium hair, an asymmetric and ragged version of the bean is performed. Hair can be straightened or braided into an original bun on the side.

bob haircut without bangs

Bob haircut for wavy hair

A creative and memorable solution is a bob haircut for curly hair:

  1. The elongated version looks win-win at any age. For brave ladies, stylists offer a sharp transition from the back of the head to the front strands.
  2. On wavy hair, you can create an asymmetric version, it looks incredibly expressive.
  3. A graduated bob makes styling easy. Transitions from short strands to long strands can be smooth or, conversely, stepped.
  4. Curly hair is demanding in styling, but when choosing this type of hairstyle, you can pay much less attention to it, since the image will turn out to be deliberately bold and containing notes of slight negligence.

bob haircut for wavy hair

Shaved bob haircut

One of the original varieties that fashionable bob haircuts are presented with is the shaved temple option:

  1. A shaved temple in a bob is used for any length of hair. A highlight in a haircut can be a pattern designed as a cobweb, an artistically executed ornament, an extraordinary inscription or even a bold tattoo on a selected area.
  2. If you change the parting, then you can, if necessary, cover the shaved temple with strands that are deliberately left elongated in a certain front part.
  3. It is allowed to create color contrasts, which are achieved by coloring. The shaved part is highlighted in a different tone.

bob haircut with shaved side

Bob haircut for thick hair

Owners of heavy thick strands can create incredibly beautiful bob haircuts:

  1. The lightness of the hairstyle can be given with the help of milling, which reduces the volume towards the ends of the hair.
  2. The bangs, elongated at the temples, can add romance to the image.
  3. For short thick hair, you can also choose a bob, but you need to consider the shape of the head. An asymmetrical bob would be suitable, with elongation, with and without bangs.

bob haircut for thick hair

Bob haircut for obese women

Particularly careful selection requires a bob haircut for a full face:

  1. A large number of advantages has a short voluminous bob, it fits easily and perfectly corrects the shape of the face. If desired, it can be slightly modified with the help of elements of asymmetry, laying on its side.
  2. Bob with an extension on one side makes the face and neck visually thinner and gives the female image a unique mystery.
  3. You can hide excessive fullness with the help of profiled bangs.

bob haircut for overweight women

bob haircut options

Stylists offer to the attention of fashionistas all kinds of bob haircuts:

  1. The hairstyle differs in length, version. A short bob is made as slightly elongated in front, it covers the ears, and the back of the head is cut higher. The shortened version will serve for a long time, as it grows, but at the same time does not lose the attractiveness of the form for a long time.
  2. The medium bob provides an opportunity for all sorts of experiments, it can be stacked in different ways. Such a haircut can be flat or made at an angle from the back of the head to the front edge.
  3. The current option would be a classic bob, which is characterized by a straight cut of hair and naturally lengthening curls in front.
  4. Another option is an asymmetrical bob, which is characterized by a large difference between the length of the hair in the front parts. Different types of bangs are suitable for such a hairstyle, these can be oblique, thinned or torn options.
  5. Another version of the bean is on a leg, its characteristic feature will be a somewhat shaved and raised nape.

bob haircut optionstypes of bob haircuts

Women’s bob haircut

A kind of symbiosis of two trendy hairstyles is a bob haircut with or without bangs:

  1. Most of all, this variation is in demand for shortened strands, but elongated versions are also allowed.
  2. If such a version is made elongated, but at the same time the crown is cut correctly, then it will give an excellent basal volume, which will be a godsend for weakened hair.
  3. Torn bangs are in demand as a supplement; they rejuvenate for several years. However, it is allowed to do it only if there is sufficient density of the strands.
  4. A fashionable option would be a legged bob, where the back of the head is partially deliberately shaved.

women's bob haircutbob haircut for women

asymmetrical bob haircut

A popular option, which is especially appreciated by fashionistas who prefer creativity when creating images, is an asymmetric bob haircut:

  • the main emphasis in its execution is on the contrast of the front strands. It is achieved due to a sharp difference in length in these parts. This technique ultimately provides a unique zest and, if necessary, provides an opportunity to divert attention from existing shortcomings;
  • asymmetry can also be achieved by shaving one of the temples. It would be advisable to arrange it in such a way that, if necessary, it would be possible to hide the shaved part and appear in a more classic way.

asymmetrical bob haircut

leg bob haircut

If you need to provide the hairstyle with the missing volume, a bob haircut with a leg will be a great solution:

  • a pronounced feature is the presence of a highly cropped nape, which rises due to the design of the “leg”, which acts as a kind of transition to a voluminous “hat”;
  • the variation on the leg is a sought-after variety, which is represented by a bob haircut for thin hair. Even very thin strands will look attractive if you decorate them with a highly raised “cap” and a well-cut crown.

leg bob haircut

Long bob haircut

Young ladies who do not want to completely get rid of elongated strands, but at the same time want to bring novelty to the image, will appreciate such an option as a creative bob haircut, known as «long»:

  • when performed, a technique characteristic of cutting this hairstyle can be used, but at the same time a greater length is left compared to the traditional version. In this case, the cut can be made even, having only a slight difference;
  • another popular option would be the lengthening version, which focuses on the front strands, which have a significant difference in length compared to the back. This hairstyle is a great solution to embody femininity in the image and at the same time give the strands extra volume due to the raised nape.

long bob haircut

Haircut bob cascade

A universal solution that provides the opportunity to cope with various tasks of adjusting the appearance is a multi-layered bob-cascade haircut:

  • When designing, the main thing is to choose the right cutting technique. If you have to deal with thin strands, then it is recommended to make clear cuts and not thin them out. This technique will help ensure the presence of visual volume due to the presence of several levels;
  • if it is necessary to thin out heavy thick strands, then you can resort to a graduated version. As a result, the hairstyle will take on a neater look and it will be better to “lie down”.

bob cascade haircut

Shaggy bob haircut

Many stylists have turned to such an original combination as a fashionable bob-shaggy women’s haircut:

  1. Actual proportions are taken from the bean, and stylish, deliberately emphasized negligence from the shaggy. The effect is achieved using thinning, so it will look great on owners of thick heavy strands.
  2. Such a haircut will be suitable for owners of a graceful neck and is perfect for those who want to visually stretch their face and hide a fuzzy oval.

shaggy bob haircut

pixie bob haircut for fine hair

Lovers of short hairstyles will appreciate this option as a female pixie-bob haircut:

  • when creating it, attention is paid to cutting along the entire length. In this case, the strands will fit more to the head, which is typical for pixies;
  • from the bean, strands that lengthen in front are taken, which are also made multi-level and preferably milled.

pixie bob haircut for thin hair


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