Bob-caret with bangs on medium hair - stylish ideas for redheads, blondes and brunettes

A bob haircut with bangs for medium hair looks fashionable and original. It combines tenderness and extravagance, suitable for brave ladies. With the right selection, the hairstyle will correct the flaws in appearance, the choice should be made taking into account a certain shape of the face.

What does a bob haircut look like?

Stylists offer to the attention of fashionistas all kinds of bob-car with bangs:

  • This is a versatile haircut that will suit any appearance and hair type. If the strands are straight, it will turn out to give them a glossy glow with a hairstyle. However, the owners of wavy hair also highly appreciate this haircut. It looks different depending on the length of the hair;
  • a short haircut highlights the beauty of the neck, emphasizes the femininity of the image. Curls look tousled and somewhat careless. It is allowed to add oblique bangs to look even more extravagant. This option is more suitable for young girls. On thin hair, the haircut looks chic, especially if you make a pile and alternate straight and twisted strands;
  • on medium hair, the haircut also looks great. The images are bold and bright, but surprisingly soft. Hair care is not very difficult.

Bob-car with bangs for medium hair has certain characteristic features:

  • layering at will asymmetric design of the side parts;
  • it is allowed to make a short neck;
  • elongated, almost comparable with the front strands of bangs are allowed;
  • attention is focused on the lines, it is allowed to make different styling options.

what does bob haircut look likegraduated bob with bangsvarieties of bob with bangs

Youth bob with short bangs

An excellent haircut option for young girls who want to emphasize individuality is a bob haircut for medium hair, made in a creative version and complemented by a short bang:

  • hair becomes voluminous and lush. The option with a short bang helps to visually lengthen the nose, highlight the beauty of the eyebrows and eyes;
  • styling is not quite suitable for ladies with a round face, as it will highlight flaws. With age, it is worth gradually moving to a straight and thick bangs.

medium length bob with bangsbob haircut for medium blonde hairyouth bob with short bangs

Bob-car with oblique bangs

A fashionable haircut that looks perfect on both thin and thick hair does not require special care — a bob with bangs on the side, made in an oblique version:

  • the hairstyle distinguishes the girl from the crowd and makes her catchy, attractive;
  • if you want to make an oblique bang, then it is advisable to pay attention to the elongated bean, which is in harmony with it;
  • bob with oblique bangs for medium hair is the best choice for ladies with a high forehead and a round, rectangular or square face. Such a haircut will correct possible imperfections and smooth out the oval of the face.

bob with oblique bangsbob with side bangsbob haircut with bangs

Bob with long bangs

If you want to embody an emphatically feminine image, a bob haircut with long bangs will be a win-win way:

  • the elongated detail makes the face soft, attractive. Paired with a bob, it looks great. It is recommended to do this haircut on straight or slightly wavy hair. The structure of the strands will be emphasized by the volume that is made in the process of cutting at the back of the head;
  • There are many options for a bob with long bangs, which should be selected depending on individual characteristics. Properly selected details help to visually smooth out facial imperfections and correct the shape. For example, with a rounded shape, it is allowed to make a medium-length haircut with pronounced bangs;
  • elongated bangs look spectacular in combination with a bob with a short nape or a neat “leg”, which demonstrates the elegance of the neck. Only an experienced craftsman can trust the creation of such a work of art;
  • owners of a round or elongated face should pay attention to an elongated bob with bangs for medium hair, making side strands to the shoulders. At the same time, the bangs are made light, as if with «feathers», slightly covering the forehead. It is allowed to make straight bangs with a clear outline to look avant-garde and stylish.

bob with long bangsbob haircut with long bangs

Bob with straight bangs

Notes of elegance in the image will bring a bob-car with a smooth bang:

  • a straight detail is not suitable for everyone, but it looks perfect in combination with an oval, rectangular or elongated face;
  • if you want to try to make this variation, it is recommended to give lightness and airiness. For example, it is allowed to pay attention to the Korean bangs or curtains; any length is made, depending on the preferences of the girl. We must not forget that a short bang will draw attention to the face, highlight the eyes, nose and eyebrows, therefore it suits women with proportional and not too expressive facial features.

bob with straight bangsbob with straight bangsmedium length bob

Bob with torn bangs

An excellent opportunity to diversify the usual hairstyle is a bob haircut with bangs, made in a torn version:

  • to achieve an impressive effect, it is recommended that the hair be straight;
  • torn bangs hold volume for a long time and go well with a bob, draws attention to the eyes. This is ideal for young girls;
  • a torn variation is not recommended for young ladies with thin and sparse strands, as it can focus on flaws.

bob with torn bangs

Bob-caret with bangs-curtain

A fashionable detail that will organically complement a medium-length bob — bangs-curtain:

  • bangs are suitable for many women, helping to create beautiful and delicate images. It breaks up on the sides of the face, thereby opening it;
  • the detail is called universal, because it looks great in combination with both long and short hair;
  • the curtain looks perfect on thick strands of owners of an oval, elongated or round face. It will help hide wrinkles, acne and other skin imperfections.

When creating a bob-car with a bang-curtain for medium hair, it is worth considering the following points:

  • if the face is triangular, it is better to make an asymmetrical bang-curtain, it is allowed to throw a strand to the side;
  • for an elongated or rectangular face, a straight bang is suitable, which does not weigh it down and balances the features;
  • owners of a round face are recommended to make a bang-blind of a conical shape, which can be laid on its side. The main thing is not to choose too long an option that will close your eyes and make facial features heavy;
  • a square face needs to be smoothed so that it does not appear sharp. It is better to opt for a long bang, which is divided in half. The item can be worn with long hair to even more smooth imperfections;
  • a diamond-shaped face goes well with a voluminous and moving strand that falls apart on the sides. Sharp cheekbones need to be softened.

bob with bangs curtainmedium length bob

Bob with thick bangs

Emphasizes the beauty of medium-length bob strands with bangs made in a thick version:

  • the detail suits many girls, but you need to know certain nuances. Thick bangs look perfect on straight hair. It is also allowed to do it with curls, but you will have to constantly make sure that it is perfectly even;
  • even bangs from the crown are more suitable for young girls, rather than mature women. This option provides an opportunity to experiment with hairstyles. Older ladies are advised to refuse it;
  • thick bangs are suitable for owners of an oval face. With a square face, it is better not to do a straight bang, it is advisable to dwell on the oblique version. For a rectangular one, a similar design is suitable, but it is necessary to lengthen the strands near the cheekbones;
  • thick bangs suit girls with a triangular face shape. It will be possible to smooth the cheekbones and balance them with a sharp chin;
  • with a pear-shaped shape, it is advisable to choose an elongated, oblique or asymmetrical variation of the bangs.

bob with thick bangs

Bob-car for curly hair

For owners of curls, a bob-car for wavy hair will be a godsend:

  • this haircut is ideal for romantic girls, helping to express themselves. On wavy strands, the hairstyle looks good with a thin hair structure, since the strands lend themselves better to styling and hold volume;
  • thick hair will have to be constantly re-styled, which is inconvenient;
  • it is worth supplementing the finished hairstyle with a variety of accessories: bows, hairpins.

bob for curly hairbob for wavy hair

Bob-car for thin hair with bangs

Rare strands sometimes look lifeless and dull. Correcting the situation is allowed with the help of the right haircut, which will be a bob-car for medium thin hair:

  • it is important to remember that it is better to give preference to styling with careless waves, it is allowed to bouffant near the roots;
  • it is better to dry the head, tilting down. Particular attention should be paid to the graduated version of the haircut, which gives additional volume.

bob for thin hair with bangsbob for medium thin hair

Bob-caret with elongation

A modern haircut that girls admire is an elongated bob with bangs:

  • especially the hairstyle is liked by rebels who want to emphasize individuality;
  • suitable for owners of a full and round face to visually stretch the oval;
  • when creating such a haircut, there is a transition from an elongated part at the temples to a short length at the back of the head;
  • the highlight, which has an elongated bob with bangs, is the absence of clear rules and strict laws. There is no need to make absolute symmetry, but it is allowed to give free rein to fantasy;
  • of the minuses — you need to spend time every day on styling, you can’t make a regular ponytail. Once a month, you will need to do a haircut correction.

long bob

Bob-car with elongation for brunettes with bangs

A dark bob with bangs looks truly unsurpassed:

  • Thanks to the hairstyle, brunettes look feminine and attractive. It is allowed to combine styling with a variety of coloring options, make an ombre;
  • bangs are selected depending on the shape of the face and the structure of the hair. So, on thick strands, a straight bang with a perfectly even cut looks great. On thin curls, it is better to make a bang-curtain.

dark bob with bangsbob for brunettes with bangs

Red bob with bangs

Red-haired girls are very bright and unusual. On the owners of fiery curls, a shoulder-length bob with bangs looks extremely impressive:

  • a haircut will help emphasize individuality and dignity. Ideal styling will look on straight strands;
  • if desired, it is allowed to supplement the hairstyle with various accessories: a headband, a beautiful hairpin, a scarf.

red bob with bangsred bob with bangs 2021bob haircut for medium hair

Bob-car blond

The bob haircut for medium hair looks very impressive, the blond will emphasize the originality and beauty of the styling:

  • it is allowed to make oblique bangs with highlighting or another coloring option;
  • interesting haircut will look on the hair with the effect of burnout.

bob blonde

Full face bob with bangs

For girls with a full face, a medium-length bob haircut for women is well suited:

  • the hairstyle is especially relevant for those who have graceful facial features, but fullness is present:
  • the length of the haircut varies depending on the neck: if it is short, it is recommended to mask it with strands. It is recommended to pay a lot of attention to small details in order to correct imperfections;
  • visually elongate the face of the front strands that go to elongation.

bob full face with bangsmedium length bob haircut for women

Asymmetric bob

The original option for lovers to stand out from the crowd is a bob-car asymmetry for medium hair:

  • with the help of styling it is allowed to place the necessary accents, hide possible flaws in appearance. Asymmetry is a win-win way to divert attention from flaws;
  • bob hairstyle for medium hair emphasizes the neck, makes the face visually proportional. Asymmetry refreshes the face, smoothes the features;
  • bangs can be replaced with a long strand of hair coming from the crown.

asymmetrical bob

Bob-car cascade

A bright haircut, which is made from strands of different lengths, is a bob-car cascade for medium hair:

  • curls when creating this option are stepped. Each top strand covers the bottom, which is longer;
  • the modern variation involves a shortened nape area, while the rest of the strands differ greatly in length;
  • it is important to remember that the haircut is not suitable for ladies with strong or stiff curls. Styling is not too easy, you have to make an effort to look perfect.

bob cascade for medium hair

Short bob

A good solution for any woman is a medium-length bob with a short crown:

  • age when choosing a hairstyle is unprincipled. Bangs are allowed to do absolutely any, but two strands released forward look interesting;
  • for greater originality, it is recommended to choose an interesting coloring from several colors.

short bob

Graduated bob for medium hair

When the hair is thin and weak, it is advisable to pay attention to the graduated bob with bangs:

  • the length of the strand increases towards the inner zone, due to which the curls acquire visual splendor;
  • to give more volume, it is allowed to pick up the coloring, highlighting certain strands, due to which the curls visually look more magnificent.

graduated bob for medium hair


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