Natural oils are a storehouse of useful substances for the beauty and health of the skin. What are they and how to choose the best one for you?

Experts distinguish between three categories of oils:

  • mineral (a product of the result of oil refining),
  • essential (aromatic oily substances of plants),
  • natural vegetable oils.

The most beneficial for skin health are vegetable oils, which is why they are used in the production of cosmetics. However, essential oils are also involved in the technological process — they add fragrance to cosmetics and perform other functions.

The vegetable oil that we use daily in nutrition is significantly different from cosmetic, although both are essentially natural. The difference is that cosmetic oil goes through a long purification process — some substances, natural waxes and impurities that interfere with bleaching and deodorization are filtered out of its composition.

What can be in the composition of the oil?

What can be in the composition of the oil?

The composition of each cosmetic product is unique. But all oils contain vitamins, fatty acids, trace elements. Manufacturers, in order to create the most effective cosmetic skin care product, resort to a combination of several valuable oils. After all, cosmetic oil is a combination of vegetable and essential oils. A well-chosen formula of mixing ingredients helps to create the best and most beneficial product for the skin.

The most effective products are obtained by mixing several different oils — from nuts, seeds, fruits, roots.

Oil VS cream: which is better?

Both products are good in their own way and perfectly cope with their main tasks. But oil, nevertheless, has more advantages. The right oil is suitable for all skin types. It is also useful for hair, as it strengthens the scalp, improves the appearance of the strands, nourishes them with vitamins and fatty acids.

Many ingredients of oils penetrate deep into the skin, which means they work more effectively for the benefit of youth and health.

Therefore, some experts believe that oil has no equal in nourishing and moisturizing the skin — it is it that quickly, efficiently and without loss delivers vitamins, lipids and fatty acids to skin cells. And at the same time, cosmetic oil is more economical than cream: after all, a small amount is enough for application and application.

Oil plays a special role in the moisturizing process. It prevents the loss of moisture by the skin, locking it «from the inside». You only need to observe the drinking regimen, the oil will do the rest.

By the way!

I learned about the benefits of oil for sensitive skin more than ten years ago Letitia Casta and stopped using creams. Now her main cosmetic product is organic prickly pear seed oil, a cactus growing on the Mediterranean coast. She orders this oil for friends in Corsica.

How to apply oil correctly

How to apply oil correctly

Another advantage of the oil is that you can use it in combination with a cream. Only first you need to apply oil to the skin, which will play the role of serum. And the cream applied next will help remove excess fat and “preserve” all the beneficial elements of the oil in the skin.

No need to explain that oil and cream should be applied to the body after taking a shower. The skin should not be thoroughly wiped with a towel, it is enough to get wet with it, or ideally if you immediately start the procedure after a shower.

Warm a small amount of oil in the palms of your hands and apply with light movements to the selected area. Move from the tips of your fingers and toes up. Treat the chest and abdomen area clockwise, massaging lightly. Oil does not need to be used a lot, it should not drip.

Dry oil — what is it and how to use it?

Cosmetic product with no stickiness and oiliness is called «dry» oil. Such a product provides the skin with a matte finish and guarantees shine to the hair. At the same time, the composition contains an extensive palette of filtered and light phyto-oils. Dry oils have more versatility — they can be applied even to wet skin.

Not just for massage: what oils should be in the arsenal

To make it easier for you to find the right product, we have prepared a selection of products that will always help in skin care.

No. 1 in popularity among the majority of the fair sex is coconut oil. It is ideal for both body and hair.

In summer, coconut oil helps to even out tan and give a chocolate shade to the skin, fill the hair with shine.

Ecomake Coconut Body ButterExcellent option — coconut Ecomake Body Butter. Formulated with 100% natural coconut oil, it softens and hydrates the skin and corrects tan.

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil by MIXITAnother ideal cosmetic product is coconut cold pressed oil from MIXIT. It contains 100% natural and organic product. The oil is also rich in vitamins E and F — they slow down the aging process, smooth out existing wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new ones. And other components of the oil stimulate the regeneration of skin cells and, thanks to the SPF 8 filter, protect it from sunburn. Thanks to this tool, the hair receives a strengthening of the structure and the preservation of color and shine.

Toning massage oil Duhaal aza - Another great tool is tonic Duhaal aza massage oil «A drop happiness» by Siberian Wellness. The product is recommended not only for massage, it can be used in skin care after a shower, bath, bath and sauna. The oil stimulates metabolic processes, improves blood circulation and oxygen supply to tissues.

If coconut oil is familiar to many, then magnesium oil for body and hair can be called an innovation. Magnesium is one of the trending cosmetic ingredients of our time.

Senseful Magnesium Body & Hair OilSenseful Magnesium Body & Hair Oil solves several problems at once — provides gentle and effective hair care and regeneration of skin cells. The composition of this product combines components that effectively affect both the skin and hair.

Magnesium salt promotes muscle relaxation, relieves pain and discomfort, and makes the skin smooth and soft. When applied to the scalp, magnesium nourishes the hair follicles, preventing hair loss. Vitamin E in the composition of the product works as a powerful antioxidant — it protects skin cells from destruction and improves the general condition. Essential oils of lemon and eucalyptus fill the skin and hair with energy, refresh and give a wonderful aroma.

Highlighter Body Oil by MIXITAnother popular type of oil is oil-highlighter body by MIXIT. It contains raspberry oil, vitamin E and light-reflecting particles that give the skin a luxurious glow. The creators worked on the product formula for several years and made it perfect. The tool does not leave marks on clothes and does not upset with stickiness.

Shimmer Dry Oil by SensefulPerfect in every way Shimmer Dry Oil by Senseful for body skin care. In its composition — almond oil and jojoba, shimmer. The fabulous aroma of the product literally makes you repeat the procedure again — to enjoy, relax and leave a fragrant aftertaste on the skin.


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