Types of figure how to emphasize dignity

To achieve an ideal figure, it is not at all necessary to exhaust yourself with various diets and spend hours in the gym, sometimes it is enough to skillfully choose clothes that will present the image in a favorable light for you. As effectively as possible, you can emphasize the dignity of the physique with the help of things that take into account the features of the type of figure.

How to emphasize the figure?

Today, among a wide range of fashionable clothes of various cuts and colors for the fair sex, the question of how to emphasize the dignity of the figure is not worth it, the main thing is to know your features and make the right choice.

So, the owners of the body type «BUT» characterized by wide hips and narrow shoulders. In this case, you should try to balance all parts of the body, or rather highlight the waist and visually enlarge the shoulders. When choosing clothes, you can pay attention to models with a straight cut and with extended shoulders, for example, blouses with puffed sleeves, jackets with shoulder pads. A corset or a beautiful belt will advantageously emphasize the waist. You can also emphasize the top with a V-neck or neckline. When choosing skirts, make sure that they do not have folds and patch pockets that visually increase the hips.

For women with body type «N» the best way to emphasize the beauty of the figure with clothes is to use accessories and a suitable cut. Favorably emphasizing the figure of a dress with a wide belt or fitted with pockets, they look very nice on such girls. For sure, experiments with stripes, color contrasts, low-waisted jeans, tunics, blouses and wrap dresses will be successful.

figure type «T» obliges a woman to visually enlarge her hips and emphasize her waist. In this case, the selection of clothes is less rigid; in principle, many styles are suitable for them, with the exception of shapeless outfits.

Model of a dress emphasizing the dignity of the figure of a woman of the type «O», will definitely be high-waisted. V-neckline, straight silhouette and vertical stripe will also help to hide the fullness and protruding tummy.


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