Bouillon manicure - fashion trends for short and long nails

The final moment in creating a female image is a stylish and fashionable manicure. Every year, the nail design industry offers girls a variety of options, diverse in style and color. A neat and stylish manicure with broths is very popular in 2019.

Manicure 2019 with broths

For those who have encountered this decor option for the first time, the question arises, what does it mean — nail design with bouillons. These are tiny beads of mother-of-pearl shades. The size of decorative elements can be different, from grains of sand to large rhinestones. Looking at tiny balls, it is difficult to imagine how to fix them on the nail plate, and how to work with such a miniature decor in general. For manicure, special basic tools are used to create a stylish and original nail design.

As for the color design of 2019, fashion trends welcome lightness and conciseness, soft pastel colors. But the season still plays an important role in the color scheme of the nail design. In the spring-summer season, fashionistas want bright colors in their everyday look, and fashion adapts in every possible way to the request, offering options with pleasant cheerful shades. The autumn-winter season, on the contrary, offers fashionistas cold and matte shades. Mother-of-pearl colors of nail design are especially popular this year.

Manicure 2019 with broths

Manicure for short nails with broths

When choosing a manicure option for short nails, one important point should be kept in focus — the design should visually increase the length of the nail plate and in no case vice versa. The most suitable broth option is a small size, almost the size of a grain of sand. More suitable decor colors are light with a beautiful reflection. Design options for short nails with broths:

  • one nail is completely decorated with broths;
  • Manicure for short nails with broths

  • miniature decoration with broths;
  • Miniature manicure for short nails with broths

  • manicure with rhinestones and broths;
  • Manicure for short nails with broths and rhinestones

  • nail design with sparkles and bouillons.
  • Manicure for short nails with broths and sparkles

Manicure for long nails with broths

Long nails will allow you to realize any design fantasy, experimenting with a combination of colors, transitions, combinations of various decor options. Popular ideas are:

  • full decoration of nails with broths;
  • Manicure for long nails with broths

  • separate decorative elements on the nail from decorative balls;
  • Manicure for long nails with broth decor

  • manicure with broths and rhinestones.
  • Manicure for long nails with broths and rhinestones

Bouillon Manicure Ideas

The options for what a manicure design with broths can be are endless. The choice of the size and color of the decor is not limited, it all depends only on your imagination and the skill of the master. The most popular manicure colors with miniature decorative balls in 2019 are:

  • deep blue color;
  • Manicure ideas with bouillons blue

  • pink manicure;
  • Pink bouillon manicure ideas

  • pastel shades;
  • pastel bouillon manicure ideas

  • bright and colorful nail design.
  • Bright bouillon manicure ideas

Manicure with transparent bouillons

An original and unusual version of the nail design is the decoration with transparent bouillons, which creates an interesting effect of volume and depth. It is used more often with pastel tones of varnish. Transparent decorative balls come in two types — plain and shiny. The second option looks more elegant and festive, and the first is popular due to the unusual effect. Nail design with transparent broths can be combined with other decorative elements.

Manicure with transparent bouillons

Nail design with rhinestones and bouillons

Such a combination, like rhinestones and broths, will allow you to create the most interesting compositions on nails that attract attention and visually increase the length of the nails and create a festive elegant effect. Nail design with rhinestones and broths can be:

  • everyday — a stylish neat design with rhinestones in the center of the composition and decorated with small balls;
  • Nail design with rhinestones and bouillons everyday

  • festive — the nail design is refined and sophisticated, it is possible to add other decorative elements, such as flowers.
  • Festive nail design with rhinestones and bouillons

Nail design with pearls and bouillons

Pearl decor in the upcoming 2019 occupies a strong position in fashion trends, it has not bypassed the nail design either. A manicure with pearls and broths looks sophisticated, delicate and feminine, it is ideal for a wedding, birthday or other special occasion. Delicate pastel colors look beautiful as a background:

French manicure with rhinestones and bouillons

Everyone’s favorite jacket will never lose its popularity — a stylish, delicate and versatile manicure option, suitable for any length of nails and combined with any style and color of clothing. This classic has many variations, and in 2019 at the peak of popularity was a beautiful and delicate French manicure with rhinestones and broths, featuring a soft sheen, in various design options:

  • decor on the transition line between the base color and white;
  • French manicure with rhinestones and bouillons

  • decor on one finger (in most cases — on the ring finger), or on two;
  • French manicure with rhinestones and bouillons decor

  • catchy decor throughout the nail plate.
  • Stylish French manicure with rhinestones and bouillons

A modern jacket is possible not only in the classic and familiar to all white color — the variety of options is limitless, including bright catchy tones and those close to black. French dark manicure with broths looks stylish and elegant, emphasizing the refined feminine taste. This is the perfect combination of conservative design with modern creativity.

French manicure with rhinestones and bouillons dark

Red manicure with bouillons

Nails in red look bright and catchy, such a manicure cannot go unnoticed. It is better to choose such a color scheme for long nails, for short ones red is not the most suitable option, it visually reduces the length. Bouillons are beautifully combined with it:

  • golden;
  • Red manicure with golden bouillons

  • silvery;
  • Red manicure with silver bouillons

  • transparent.
  • Red manicure with transparent bouillons

The nail design in red with broths looks beautiful in different versions:

  1. Red manicure with rhinestones and bouillons. This option looks stylish, bright and festive. Red nail design with rhinestones and broths can be varied, ranging from a miniature pebble on one finger to a luxurious decoration of the entire nail plate.
  2. Red manicure with bouillons

  3. Minimalistic decor. Decoration of the nail plate on one finger or several with a neat string of beads, a heart, a stripe.
  4. White manicure with bouillons everyday

  5. Decor of the entire nail plate. On one or more fingers, the nail is completely decorated with bouillons. This decor option looks original and elegant.
  6. Festive white manicure with bouillons

White manicure with bouillons

White color has one important advantage — any color is combined with it, there are no restrictions in combination. The decor of such a nail design can be either white, matching the base, or dark or bright, and each option is attractive in its own way. White manicure decorated with broths can be different:

  1. Everyday. The nail design is stylish and practical, one or more fingers are neatly decorated with miniature balls, perhaps in combination with rhinestones or sequins. A popular option is a plain white manicure with one finger, on which the nail is completely decorated with broths.
  2. Black manicure with black bouillons

  3. Festive. This option is ideal as a wedding. The decor is beautiful and varied, looks luxurious and expensive. The best option is a combined white manicure with rhinestones and broths, which is distinguished by artistry and amazing brilliance.
  4. Black manicure with silver bouillons

Black manicure with bouillons

A very bright and bold solution is a manicure with black bouillons. In order for it to look beautiful, the nail plate must not be short, have an ideal shape and be processed flawlessly. Subject to all these conditions, such a color scheme will look very stylish and elegant, and miniature broths will emphasize refined taste. Miniature balls for black manicure can be of different colors:

  • nail design with black broths — many people like monotony with an interesting volumetric effect;
  • Black manicure with golden bouillons

  • black manicure with silver broths looks very neat and gentle;
  • Manicure with golden bouillons red

  • black manicure with golden broths create a luxurious and elegant nail design.
  • Manicure with gold bouillons nude

Manicure with golden broths

A beautiful nail design with golden bouillons will add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your look. A neat and miniature decoration is appropriate for everyday manicure, while a rich one, in combination with other decorative elements, is more suitable for special occasions. The most popular manicure colors to combine with golden broths are:

  • red;
  • Manicure with gold bouillons pink

  • nude;
  • Manicure with golden broths black

  • pink (from pastel to bright);
  • Nude manicure with bouillons

  • black.
  • Miniature nude manicure with broths

Nude manicure with bouillons

Lovers of natural colors in cosmetics will certainly like a nude manicure. This is a color close to the natural skin tone. The main advantage of nude tones is versatility, easy compatibility with any style and color of clothing, and they also look beautiful on both long nails and short ones. But for many girls, a monochromatic nude manicure seems too simple and boring, and in this case, you should pay attention to decorative elements, among which are miniature multi-colored bouillon balls.

Nude manicure with broths and stones

How can you decorate a nude manicure with broths? There are many color and design options:

  • the nail plate on one finger or two is completely decorated with broths;
  • miniature decor on one or more nails;
  • beautiful and original manicure with stones and broths.

The most win-win color of broth for manicure in nude tones is silver. The nail design is beautiful, elegant and easily combined with any style of clothing. Other colors of decor are less widely used — these are golden, pink, lilac and many others. With the artistic approach of the master, on a nude basis, any color of bouillon will look stylish and beautiful.

Stylish nude manicure with bouillons

Manicure-snowflake from rhinestones and broths

On the eve of the winter holidays, women love to create a New Year’s mood not only in their home, but also in their everyday look, including nail design. The most popular idea for the new year is a manicure with snowflakes, very delicate, neat and themed. One of the ways to create such a nail design is to use broths and rhinestones, which have a special natural and not intrusive shine.

Manicure-snowflake from rhinestones and broths

The options for what a snowflake manicure with broths and rhinestones can be are endless. The simplest and most popular idea is the middle of a snowflake, made of pebbles, and decorating around it with miniature silver balls. The main color for the New Year’s manicure can be anything, depending on your preferences or the tone of the festive clothes. The most popular options for this topic are:

  • New Year’s blue manicure with broths;
  • nail design in white;
  • red New Year’s manicure;
  • nude tones.
  • New Year's snowflake manicure made of rhinestones and bouillon


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