Braids for short hair - fashion ideas for girls and women

Braids for short hair are a lot of original ideas on how to diversify a hairstyle, add originality and extravagance to the intended image, if the choice falls on African braids or dreadlocks with kanekalon or threads. Feel free to experiment with styling and enjoy it.

Braids for girls with short hair

What hairstyles for short hair, pigtails will be at the peak of popularity of the new summer season?

  1. In order to successfully stand out against the general background, fashionistas are going to diversify their appearance this summer with diverse pigtails. These can be spikelets and African braids, two, three and many more braids in one hairstyle, French voluminous braids and unique zizi.

braids for girls with short hair

  1. For those girls who like light and deliberate negligence and promiscuity even for short hair, it will be nice to know that braids for beautiful short hair are gaining popularity, and braids using kanekalon remain in fashion, which can create an effect not only of volume, but also give longer hair. Acrylic braids, simple and boxer braids, waterfall and crown.

hairstyles for short hair braids

African braids for short hair

Many small braids for short hair can diversify any haircut so well that the resulting hairstyle will become a hit choice for a whole month. These braids are very comfortable to wear, they should be washed once a week or every 10 days, dried with a towel or a powerful hair dryer, but do not bring it close to the hair. They are able to instantly transform the fashionista who has chosen them, radically change her appearance and become a wonderful solution during the vacation period, especially at sea.

African braids for short hair

Braids for very short hair are an original idea that will help create a unique and experimental democratic look that easily fits into summer everyday life. Naturally, this hairstyle is not suitable for complementing strict and business bows, but for young people and when creating democratic or bohemian ensembles, it will be an indispensable choice for the young lady to be in the spotlight.

many small braids for short hair

Two braids for short hair

One of the simplest solutions for every day is two braids for short hair on the sides, which you can even braid yourself without resorting to the help of an experienced master. To do this, it is necessary to divide the hair in the middle into a parting, fix one part, and start weaving the second in some chosen way. Then braid the second part of the hair, and fix the result with elastic bands or hairpins. There are a lot of weaving methods, from American to complex French, spikelet or waterfall.

French braids for short hair

How to braid beautiful braids for short hair? Very simple. First you need to decide how many braids you want to braid, one or two. If there are two, then divide the hair in the middle, fasten one half to a hairpin or elastic band so that it does not interfere while you are weaving the second. Once you’re done braiding, secure the braid with an elastic band or pin and start braiding the next half of your hair. If one braid is behind, then you should carefully take strand by strand and take turns weaving them into the braid one by one, according to the French braiding technique.

Zizi braids for short hair

One of the varieties of African braids is braids for short hair for zizi women, which have a number of advantages. They are not as heavy as other braids, they require a length of 5 cm or more of your own hair to weave, and with proper use, the fiber can last a long time and be woven more than once. In time, they weave much faster than other braids using artificial hair, kanekalon or threads, hairdressers advise walking with them for no more than a month.

zizi braids for short hair

Experienced craftsmen will be happy to create this hairstyle for you, it is difficult to do it yourself, because a huge number of strands are woven, and a certain pattern is created on the head. These braids for short hair are of several types:

  • corrugated zizi — braids made with small curls that give the hair an unusual and interesting look;
  • zizi sue, a variety that weaves in large curls and forms a chic voluminous hairstyle;
  • wavy, when the hair becomes a smooth wavy shape.

short hair braids for women

Kanekalon braids for short hair

A real seasonal hit is braiding short hair with kanekalon, when it is possible not only to lengthen your own hair, but also to give it a varied look, to weave beautiful artificial strands of various shades. Along with a solid fiber that easily matches the tone of your own hair, you can use an ombre kanekalon with smooth gradient transitions, or a chameleon that shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow under the sunlight.

kanekalon braids for short hair

Braids for short hair, created using a bright and catchy kanekalon, for example, yellow, red or blue, or with gradient transitions, especially if they are lengthened, are perfectly assembled into diverse hairstyles. In the fashion of the coming season, not only loose hair, but also all kinds of buns, buns and even tails, hairstyles with braids collected or chipped into hairpins and invisibility.

weaving braids for short hair

Braids with threads for short hair

The easiest and most affordable choice is stylish braids with threads for short hair. Experienced hairdressers recommend using acrylic for weaving, because natural threads tend to shrink when wet and will tighten the head, shrinking in size, and fade under the sun. Creating these braids takes a professional from 6 to 8 hours of time, so it’s better to do it with a master than yourself, because without proper experience you can take a whole day and still not achieve the desired result.

braids with threads for short hair

To make braids for short hair using threads, you need to have 100% acrylic yarn in different tones so that the result exceeds all expectations, and the hairstyle begins to play with all the colors of the rainbow. You also need a comb and a little patience. Next, you need to divide the yarn into strands, each with 3 threads folded in half. The length of each such strand should exceed the length of your own hair by at least 20-25 cm. Then, using a knot, attach the strand to one strand of hair and start weaving.

stylish braids with threads for short hair

Volumetric braids for short hair

Chic light braids for short hair can be made around the head, securing them with hairpins or invisible. These braids are woven quickly from your own hair, in a variety of ways from a French braid to an ear and a waterfall. There is also the crown technique, when a bun is made and braided with hair, you get an amazing hairstyle that can last more than one day. These braids can transform any haircut, add a touch of romanticism and coquetry to the overall conceived image.

voluminous braids for short hair

Pigtails for short hair, made from their own hair, and collecting them into a beautiful hairstyle are quite suitable for complementing even business looks, because with such a styling, a fashionista looks elegant and feminine. Especially if the braid is braided around the head and goes with a rim, regardless of the weaving technique, or the hair is gathered in a bun or bun, which gives the image a certain severity.

easy braids for short hair

American braids for short hair

In order to add a laconic variety to the chosen image, you can braid simple braids for short hair on any hairstyle. They will look great on a square and a cascade, when you can make one, two or even three ordinary pigtails and secure them with invisible ones, which is extremely fashionable this summer season, or make two braids and fasten them behind. And in the trend there will be a hairstyle consisting of one side braid, fastened with an original hair ornament.

american braids for short hairsimple braids for short hair

Spikelet braids for short hair

Diverse types of braids for short hair allow you to completely modify your image, giving it a certain elegance. These types include a braid braided in the form of a spikelet. To weave it, you do not need ultra-short haircuts, if you do not resort to the help of artificial hair so as not to lengthen your own. It will look great on a square without a leg, cascade and Aurora, gavroche and sesson.

braids spikelets for short hair

Pigtails for short hair in the form of a spikelet is a favorite hairstyle of many mega-stars, because it can be done in a concise and beautiful design, giving any chosen bow a touch of completeness. It will easily fit an elegant, evening and even wedding ensemble. A spikelet is braided by choosing strands in turn, gradually weaving additional curls into the main braid. This hairstyle can be easily done on your own, with certain weaving skills.

types of braids for short hair

Boxer braids for short hair

Another seasonal hit is small braids for short hair, which are called boxer. They can be on the head from two to ten. If you use kanekalon or threads, they will perfectly lengthen your own hair and diversify your hairstyle with a play of color shades. You can braid the braids without using artificial hair or extensions, but based on the natural length of your haircut. Experienced craftsmen weave several braids, and then they converge into one, or they remain in the plural. They are easy to chip off, collect and make buns and bunches out of them, even ponytails.

boxer braids for short hairsmall braids for short hair

Pigtail waterfall for short hair

In order to make long braids for short hair, you will need certain skills and abilities, an elastic band to match the hair and a thin comb to highlight the strands. The in-demand waterfall hairstyle looks best on wavy hair, so it’s best to curl your hair before you start braiding. Then he will single out one strand from the temple, divide it into 3 parts and start weaving, gradually adding the divided strands to the common braid around the head, thereby creating the effect of beautifully braided flowing hair.

waterfall braid for short hairlong braids for short hair

Braids for short hair with bangs

Braided braids for short hair look gorgeous if you leave a bang that can be braided in small pigtails using kanekalon or threads, or braid the bang itself into an original pigtail, thereby giving the overall appearance a certain playfulness and youthful enthusiasm. A hairstyle in which the braid is braided around the head will also look beautiful, and the bangs, either straight and even, or oblique or asymmetrical, as you like and go, are left to hide minor appearance errors, for example, a wide forehead or protruding cheekbones.

braids for short hair with bangsbraided braids for short hair

Braids for very short hair

Do you want to keep up with the times and look original? A side braid for short hair will help with this, especially if you have an ultra-short haircut, for example, a pixie, garcon or bob. A side braid on a bob-car and a cascade bob will look great, but it’s better to do it at the hairdresser’s to get not only a super stylish styling, but also neat and elegant, like mega-stars who with these hairstyles can go for party or walk along the red carpet.

braids for very short hairside braid for short hair

Pigtails for the night for short hair

To make amazing curls from braids for short hair, you need to wash your hair before going to bed and braid wet hair into pigtails. And not in one or two, but in many small ones, while stabbing them not only with rubber bands, but you can also collect them in buns, how to twist each pigtail, and by collecting several braids in one bundle. If everything is done carefully and correctly, the result will exceed all expectations, because dried hair, when you loosen the pigtails, will become unusually curly or wavy, depending on what effect you wanted to get at the end.

pigtails at night for short hairbraided curls for short hair


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