Braids - what is it, how to weave and how long do they hold?

Braids have been very popular lately. With their help, you can create interesting and unusual hairstyles. It is very important to know what they are and how to use them correctly, taking into account all the characteristic features. This design will help to fully reflect the individuality of the girl.

What are hair braids?

Before talking about braids, it is necessary to understand what this word means. Braids are a type of afro braids. They are braided in the French manner, that is, the base of the braid is adjacent to the head. There are many variations of performance — arrange the hair in the form of patterns, decorate with colored threads, artificial strands of synthetics (often kanekalon is used for this).

French braids are perfect for:

  • girls with a beautiful head shape;
  • young ladies with a face of the correct form;
  • girls without scars, large moles;
  • persons who prefer an informal style of dress.

Contraindications to wearing such braids are as follows:

  • vegetovascular dystonia;
  • frequent headaches of a different nature;
  • diseases of the scalp;
  • weak hair prone to falling out.

what are hair braids

How to weave braids?

Due to the use of synthetic strands woven into the hair, braids are suitable even for short hair (from 7 cm). The density of the hair does not affect the final result. When deciding how to braid braids, you need to take into account the varieties and features of weaving:

  1. Classic straight braids, created from many small and equal in width strands, not in contact with each other. Weave such braids according to the principle of a French braid, capturing a thin strand for the next link. Braids are arranged in parallel and go both from the forehead back, and from the central or side parting.
  2. Geometric patches. They are often made in the same way as straight ones, however, the braids are angled relative to each other, forming several zigzags.
  3. Waves and figure eights are a complex option in which smooth bends are made in each section.
  4. Braids using synthetic materials, woven into the main head of hair.

The classic weaving technology looks like this:

  1. Take a comb with a thin handle, silicone rubber bands or kanekalon (glue is added to it). Rinse hair and dry thoroughly.
  2. Divide the strands into the same number of not too large parts with vertical partings — from the marginal hairline to the back of the head.
  3. Start weaving from above, at each stage adding a new part of the hair from under the bottom. For a large number of thin braids, you need to break the strands into horizontal layers and work from the bottom up.
  4. Kanekalon is woven at the moment the weave intersects with the nape line, if the hair is long, and somewhere in the middle of the length, if the strands are short. The tip is often sealed, but silicone rubber bands can also be used for this purpose.

how to weave braids

How long do the braids last?

Many fashionistas are concerned about how much braids are worn:

  1. Without the addition of artificial materials, they last up to two weeks. In good condition, they remain up to five days.
  2. After the first wash, the braids are slightly fluffy. According to experts, the less mechanical impact on the hair, the longer you can wear braids.
  3. If synthetic materials are woven into the braids, they can be worn for about three weeks.

how long do the braids last

Women’s Braids

A fashionable hairstyle radically affects the appearance. A girl can look both modest and bright — everything is connected with what she wants. Such braids are especially suitable for the fair sex, and the hairstyle has no age restrictions. Like any hairstyle, braids have their advantages and disadvantages. They should be considered before going to the master. The advantages are as follows:

  • you can undo the braids at any time;
  • if you use artificial materials, your own hair length can be increased;
  • colored strands help to bring bright notes to the appearance;
  • while wearing braids, you can not comb and do not engage in constant hair styling;
  • the hairstyle lasts about two weeks;
  • this hairstyle is ideal for sports;
  • under the braids, you can disguise the last unsuccessful haircut;
  • such braids are a good option for the summer;
  • a thick mop of braids with kanekalon can replace a hat.

The disadvantages of hairstyles are as follows:

  • pigtails tighten the skin, so it will take several days to get used to a new hairstyle. However, if discomfort persists for a week, it is recommended to undo the braids;
  • make braids for a very long time, especially for long hair;
  • it takes more time to wash and dry your hair;
  • radically modify the hairstyle will not work;
  • hot with kanekalon in summer.

women's braids

Braids with kanekalon

A good option for those who want to add brightness to their image or want to increase the length of their own hair due to synthetic materials is afro braids through braids. They can be braided at the hairdresser or by yourself. With the help of kanekalon, you can create fantasy hairstyles. It is worth highlighting the following advantages of hairstyles with kanekalon:

  • you do not have to style your hair daily;
  • you can make braids on short hair;
  • in windy weather, hair will not interfere;
  • Kanekalon after removal from the head can be used again.

Disadvantages of braids with kanekalon:

  • you will have to use styling products, since the hairstyle may not lie well;
  • when a lot of kanekalon is woven, the hairstyle becomes heavy;
  • silicone hair ties, needed to secure the braids, can fall off the hair;
  • Kanekalon is a material that easily catches fire.

braids with kanekalon

Braids without kanekalon

Making braids through braids with the addition of artificial materials is optional. The braids fit snugly to the head, so you can create a variety of patterns. They wear this hairstyle for about a month, because the hairs come out of the braids and create a sloppy look. It is worth noting that it is advisable to braid braids from your own hair before the beginning of summer and the first tan. You can make such braids from your hair:

  • straight: the braids are on the head in parallel rows;
  • geometric patterns;
  • spirals, waves and figure eights;
  • temple braids are an option for girls who do not want to change their appearance much.

braids without kanekalon

Zizi through braids

Ready-made long thin braids woven into your own hair are zizi for braids. They can be straight, wavy or ribbed. If we talk about zizi technology through braids, then this is applicable for long hair from 15 cm. You need to take a pack of kanekalon. As for care, there is nothing complicated. You need to wash your head once or twice a week, applying shampoo to the hair roots and close areas. It is not necessary to wash the entire length. Do not blow dry your hair.

Hairstyle has a number of advantages:

  • zizi are characterized by a minimum thickness, a hairstyle with them looks good on female representatives of any age;
  • the hair structure is not damaged, so you can wear your hair for a long time;
  • you can experiment with colors;
  • zizi material can be used three times;
  • to make this hairstyle from the master is not too expensive;
  • caring for zizi is easy, you can’t just dry your hair;
  • images with such a hairstyle can be created very interesting.

zizi through braids

Afro curls through braids

Very popular due to the unusual appearance of afro curls on braids. To keep the hair in a healthy state, it is necessary to braid the braids all over the head and attach curls to them. Thanks to this, it will be possible to avoid unsafe perms. It is worth noting that the first time after creating a hairstyle, a girl may feel discomfort and itching. If these unpleasant symptoms persist for a long time, you need to ask the master for advice.

The advantages of a hairstyle are as follows:

  • can be braided even on very short hair;
  • it is not necessary to wash the strands too often;
  • you can mask baldness, an unsuccessful haircut, change hair color without dyeing it;
  • appearance becomes very spectacular;
  • can be worn for a couple of months.

afro curls through braids

Braids on the temples

An ideal option for women who would like to try something new and at the same time do not want to change their image too much is braids on the temple with or without kanekalon. They can be done like this:

  1. Comb your hair well.
  2. Select the «working» area at the temple. Secure other strands with a hairpin or clip so as not to interfere.
  3. Divide the hair in the working area into 2-5 parts with a longitudinal parting.
  4. Make a French braid out of each strand. Control the length at will.
  5. Secure the braids with rubber bands.

braids on the templesbraids braids

Braids on the back of the head

Braids can also be made on the back of the head. Before creating a hairstyle, you need to wash your hair a couple of days before weaving. It is undesirable to use balms and masks. To braid braids, you need:

  1. It is good to comb the hair and divide from the back of the head into partings, adjusting the direction of future braids.
  2. Choose strands, often about 20 of them, fasten at the roots with a hairpin. The length is also captured with a large hairpin.
  3. Comb each strand at the beginning of the row and divide into three parts. A couple of grips are done like with a simple braid, and then, as you move towards the end of the parting, thin strands are captured, as in French weaving. The pigtail should fit snugly to the head. Colored strands are woven from the roots.
  4. The length of the hair is taken into a braid. The tip is fixed with an elastic band or beads.

braids on the back of the head

Color braids

Colored afro braids are a real hit of the season. You can take both calm tones, if the hairstyle is required for the office, and bright ones — if, for example, the girl is going on vacation. Bright and contrasting colors look interesting: pink, purple, blue and white. To braid colored braids (with kanekalon), you need the following:

Divide your hair into sections.

  1. Fasten the kanekalon around the first strand. This can be done in two ways: tie a knot around the first strand and secure with a hairpin. You can weave a braid a little, and then just add synthetic material to the weave without a knot.
  2. Start braiding a tight French braid with the addition of kanekalon. Weave to the end, secure with a transparent elastic band. You can wrap a small strand around the elastic band and spray it with varnish for better fixation.

colored braids

Senegalese braids through braids

Two tightly twisted strands that form a smooth tourniquet are Senegalese braids for braids. The length of the hair should be at least 7 cm. The advantages of the hairstyle are as follows:

  • not too long strands are enough;
  • these braids are not as heavy as African braids and do not put as much pressure on the root zone, so they are suitable for weak hair;
  • you can weave synthetic materials and give the hairstyle bright colors;
  • you can make harnesses with your own hands;
  • you don’t have to wash your hair every day, so the hairstyle is a good option for traveling;
  • you can make braids of different thicknesses.

The disadvantages of Senegalese braids are as follows:

  • you can wear them for two months;
  • it is impossible to add additional elements to the hairstyle, as they will increase the load and shorten the life of the braids;
  • after the formation of the hairstyle, it is necessary to carefully care for the braids.

senegalese braids through braids

Braids in the tail

Although braiding is original, it is a hairstyle from which little can be done. At most, you can braid a braid from them or collect them in a ponytail. Nothing complicated is required — the main thing is to carefully fix the hair with an elastic band, preferably not too tight. If there are several colored strands in the hair, then the hairstyle will look even more impressive.

braids in the tail

Braids with bangs

Some people think that Afro braids should not be combined with bangs. However, it is not. You just need to leave the bangs along with the braids. It looks good hairstyle from longitudinal braids with release into African braids with long bangs running along the sides from the face to the bottom line of the cheekbones. You can add zest to the image if you use one shade of kanekalon for bangs, and in braids — alternately this shade and the second — contrasting. Straight bangs can be a great hairstyle accent.

braids with bangs

Braids for short hair

You can also make women’s braids for short hair. To increase the length, masters use artificial strands. Due to this, additional volume is formed in the hairstyle. With the help of braids, you can mask such problems as an unsuccessful haircut, areas of the head with baldness. The main thing is to take into account that synthetic materials can make the head heavier.

braids for short hair


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