Kanekalon braids - trendy hairstyles for the most daring

Kanekalon hair extensions through braids are an actual novelty that attracts more and more attention every day. Girls with short or medium curls prefer this artificial lengthening technology. Current trends include diverse colors of overhead strands and original hairstyles that can be done.

Weaving braids with kanekalon

Kanekalon — these are unnatural strands, in structure and quality, as much as possible resembling natural curls. They do not have a negative impact and often appear in bright color shades. Replacing hair with kanekalon through braids helps not only add length, but also give lush volume to your hair. All kinds of designs and designs are welcome:

  • for short or long hair;
  • weaving at the temples;
  • afro braids;
  • for two pigtails;
  • on the top or back of the head;
  • with haircut and styling waterfall;
  • in combination with a high or low tail;
  • sphinx braids, boxing;
  • children’s performances.

This year, stylists recommend considering a variety of interpretations of braided hairstyles. The most widespread are multi-colored motley overhead products. First of all, check out the various shades of red, pink, yellow, blue, green, purple. Lovers of the classics can afford neutral and more natural colors, while the most daring young ladies choose neon, acidic tones.

braids with kanekalon

Kanekalon braids for short hair

Weaving braids with kanekalon was to the taste of ladies with short hair. This is a great stylistic solution that allows you to add length, volume and a colorful accent. With these accessories, you will definitely not go unnoticed. Some girls think that such jewelry looks ridiculous and defiant. But leading beauty masters recommend combining superimposed curls with both classic and ultra-modern outfits.

Braids are suitable for any length from 7 centimeters. The structure of the strands does not matter, whether you have curly, straight, wavy, thick or sparse hair. Actual variations of hairstyles broadcast diverse reproductions, with loose or collected styling. The good news is the possibility of using additional decorative elements in the form of aesthetic elastic bands, headbands, scarves and hairpins.

kanekalon braids for short hair

Braids with kanekalon for long hair

In the case of long hair, all sorts of expressions are acceptable. Braids for women with kanekalon provide for a complex weaving technique, so it is better to carry it out in your favorite salon. Enlisting the help of an experienced master, you will be satisfied with the result. After weaving artificial strands, classic hairstyles will sparkle with new colors.

You can choose an elegant loose styling or stop at the collected tail, bun, pigtail. If you dream of a unique design, you should pay attention to spectacular large spikelets. For proper care of kanekalon, you need to wash your hair about once a week, use balms, masks, avoid blow-drying, and do not use stylers.

braids with kanekalon for long hair

Temple Braids with Kanekalon

Many modern girls and representatives of street trends prefer bright transformations. Actual braids with kanekalon can be reproduced on the temples, which will look interesting, unusual, beautiful. To achieve the desired hairstyle on your own, you must strictly follow the step-by-step technology.

If you just want to add length, you can choose curls to match your natural color. The most daring and daring girls decide on color shades with lemon, raspberry, emerald, azure, aquamarine, coral tints. Among the main advantages of such styling, it is worth highlighting easy styling, no need to wash your hair often, the possibility of home weaving, and a spectacular appearance.

braids with kanekalon at the temple

Afro braids for braids with kanekalon

Autumn is getting closer, but this is not a reason to abandon colorful and rich accents. African-style braids with kanekalon are perfect for young ladies for everyday walks, romantic dates and special occasions. For office everyday life, you can find a universal collected hairstyle. Cutting-edge trends have presented several types of Afro braids with overhead strands.

First of all, consider the classic interpretations, which include traditional natural-colored triple weaves. More extraordinary are colorful performances using the desired shade. If you want to embody exclusive tonal gradients, it is better to turn to professionals in their field. Owners of a round face, it is better to avoid small braids.

afro braids with kanekalon

Braids two braids with kanekalon

This season, large braids with kanekalon have gained immense popularity. The most popular is the design with two massive braids and colorful strands. For a more spectacular presentation, it is better to choose brick, peach, pink, turquoise, ultramarine, herbal, purple tones. Among light shades, consider vanilla, sky blue, pistachio, powdery, lilac, apricot variations.

The length and structure of your hair does not matter, this kind of styling will ideally emphasize medium, long, short, curly, wavy, straight curls. You can carry out the desired hairstyle with diverse spikelets. Don’t forget about key care steps and additional decorations. Stylists recommend using actual scarves, hairpins, hoops and headbands.

two braids with kanekalon

Braids on the crown with kanekalon

Kanekalon braids are winning more and more women’s hearts every day. This is not surprising as they are the perfect complement to a casual, romantic or holiday look. Representatives of the street trend decide on a combination of strict business suits with bright multi-colored overhead strands. The trends that have come have presented exclusive interpretations starting from the top of the head.

This weaving looks amazing with both loose and gathered styling. Choosing a tight hairstyle, you will definitely like high large buns, exquisite reproductions of braids, and interesting tail options. In order for kanekalons to serve you longer, you must follow the key recommendations of qualified craftsmen and stylists.

braids with kanekalon on top

Brady waterfall with kanekalon

Current stylistic trends have given refined styling expressions. The kanekalon waterfall hairstyle is a stunning embodiment. The technology provides for weaving on the top of the head, in the course of work, artificial curls of the desired color are added. The most popular among modern fashionistas are rich colorful shades of green, blue, purple, yellow, pink, red and blue.

For students, schoolgirls or office workers, it is better to find a universal neutral color or curls to match natural hair. The waterfall style is perfect for short, medium or maximum length. It can be applied to the classic haircut cascade, ladder, bob, bob. Do not forget about careful care and additional accessories. Many young ladies prefer to weave a variety of rings, beads, sparkles.

braids waterfall with kanekalon

Braids in loose ponytail with kanekalon

Collected hairstyles have become the most common and popular last season, so in the fall you can’t do without them either. Braids in a ponytail with kanekalon will not only improve the traditional hairstyle, but also add color to your look. The technology involves the preliminary weaving of unnatural strands, after which a full-fledged tail is formed. Diverse reproductions on the top or back of the head are allowed.

This is an excellent stylistic solution for warm weather, as the hair will not interfere and will be pulled back in parallel. If you can’t decide on the color of false curls, pay attention to bright, delicate, neutral or even neon acid tones. Such interpretations are perfect for short and medium lengths. But do not miss the opportunity to recreate a kanekalon ponytail for long hair.

braids in loose ponytail with kanekalon

Sphinx braids with kanekalon

Sphinx hairstyle provides a combination of diverse braids. French and African weaving must be present. This is a great option that lasts a long time and gives stunning volume. And with the help of kanekalon, you can lengthen short strands or decorate long hair. The main advantage is versatility, practicality and convenience in the process of wearing.

Cutting-edge trends and trends broadcast all sorts of colorful and pastel shades. If you are interested in a lovely, spectacular, feminine and stylish sphinx hairstyle with kanekalon, consider coral, raspberry, lemon, emerald, azure, blue and violet tones. A more delicate range gave menthol, powdery, straw, light green, pinkish, apricot, hyacinth colors.

sphinx and kanekalon braids

Boxer Bras with Kanekalon

Stylists and craftsmen annually delight with interesting novelties in the hair industry. Girlish sympathies instantly won braids with artificial strands suitable for short, medium and long hair. To personify the perfect autumn styling, you should definitely familiarize yourself with all sorts of interpretations. Boxer braids with kanekalon will be a stunning stylistic solution for modern fashionistas.

The reproduction technique consists in weaving a reverse French braid of three curls, directed from the forehead to the back of the head. The overhead elements themselves are woven at the very beginning, after which the tip of the pigtail must be fixed with an elastic band or a special fixative. Do not forget about the basic rules of care: use high-quality professional shampoos, masks, balms, oils.

kanekalon boxer shorts

Braids with kanekalon for children

Every mom wants her daughter to look beautiful, interesting and original. Therefore, stylists offered diverse options for hairstyle design. Braids with kanekalon are perfect for a girl, regardless of the length, structure and type of hair. Classic styling with loose hair from fine weaving is welcome. Collected expressions include pretty pigtails, ponytails or buns.

children's kanekalon braids

Braids for women colored with kanekalon

Current stylistic trends suggest stunning braids with multi-colored accents. Faux curls will help add volume, extra length and a chic look to your hair. With such elements, you will definitely attract well-deserved attention and many compliments. If you are looking for a versatile option suitable for any occasion, you will love the braids with white kanekalon or neutral black strands.

women's colored kanekalon braids


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