Bright manicure for short nails - a selection of the most relevant ideas of the season

Beautiful nail art is not a luxury, but a necessity. On shortened nail plates, it will be possible to embody a chic bright manicure on short nails, using different styles and combinations of techniques. The nail industry is showing an increased interest in the natural and natural length of the nails and allows for their varied design.

Manicure for short nails — bright colors

There is an opinion that a bright manicure for short nails is not very appropriate. This is true only in one case — if you use the entire bright color palette at once. You can apply the following original ideas:

  1. To create a spectacular design, neon varnishes are often used, which glow under the action of ultraviolet rays.
  2. Popular and fashionable shades include: green, orange, red, blue, yellow, crimson and turquoise. In combination with gold and silver, they help create a spectacular bright summer manicure for short nails.
  3. A rich palette of red did not go unnoticed by nail art masters. All shades of red are self-sufficient colors that look advantageous and stylish. But only under one condition — the design must be moderate.
  4. For spring-summer, you should look at the yellow shades that captivate with cheerfulness. Both pale lemon and mustard shades look great. Yellow goes well with patterns or geometry.
  5. When choosing a color, you should avoid congestion in the palette. The design should be well thought out, and the coloring should be moderate.

manicure for short nails bright colorsbright summer manicure for short nailsmanicure in bright colors for short nails

Bright manicure for short square nails

The square shape is appropriate on long and thin fingers, then nail art will look great:

  1. To create an accent on square nails, it is better to use deep shades. Lighter colors will visually enlarge the plate.
  2. Of the drawings that harmoniously complement a bright manicure for short square-shaped nails, you should choose graphic patterns created by bright contrasting shades.

bright manicure for short square nails

Bright manicure for short oval nails

Girls will appreciate the manicure for short nails, the bright design of which is created on an oval shape:

  1. When decorating nail plates with drawings, you should give preference to romantic or floral patterns.
  2. Polka dot designs look great on oval nails, especially if they are small dots on a bright solid color.
  3. On short oval nails, all existing types of design look good. It is worth trying a combination of bright colors and a modern jacket, ombre.

bright manicure for short oval nails

Bright manicure for very short nails

You can also make a manicure on very short nails, the bright colors of which are allowed in any variations. However, the coating should be applied with special care, since even the slightest flaws will be noticeable on such a length of the nail plates. It is recommended to give preference to monochromatic nail art, this is the best solution so as not to overload the image.

bright manicure for very short nailsmanicure for very short nails bright colors

Bright manicure ideas for short nails

Stylists offer a variety of bright manicure ideas for short nails:

  1. One of the main trends is floristry. It is more appropriate to draw flowers with green leaves on one or two nails, and on the rest to make a monophonic design. Flowers can be of any size and type, it is only important to paint them with rich colors, for example, lavender, hot pink.
  2. Tropical motifs are ideal for shortened nail plates. For palm leaves, tropical flowers, juicy and colorful varnishes will be required. The only point is that it is important to place accents. You should not decorate all ten fingers with tropical patterns. It is better to combine a bold design on two or three nails and a solid color coating on the rest. As the latter, you can use one of the shades of the picture.
  3. If one color is not enough, then it is worth making an ombre, which combines several juicy shades at once. With vertical application of varnishes, it will be possible to visually lengthen the plates.
  4. It is better to choose simple drawings. They should not overload the manicure, but should be easily recognized by others. It is important to choose the right size. Very small or, conversely, too large images are not suitable.
  5. The speckled pattern looks great on shortened nail plates. Even with the brightest colors, the manicure will look harmonious due to the moderate length of the nails and the conciseness of the pattern.
  6. Geometric patterns in the style of minimalism have won the hearts of fashionistas. In addition, they will help to visually correct the shape of the nails, for example, vertical lines and patterns will make them longer and more elegant.
  7. Catchy varnishes are well «coexist» with the «negative space». This means that part of the plate will be covered with a colorless varnish.
  8. For the summer season, there is no brighter picture than images of fruits and berries. The main thing is not to overload the design. To embody bright drawings, you will need the most juicy bottles of varnishes. To make a bright manicure for short nails both fashionable and stylish, two or three drawings are enough.
  9. You can make a seasonal design using specific patterns and shades for each season. For example, for autumn, it is worth looking after red maple leaves, and for winter, snowflakes and monograms. In the spring, flowers are painted on the nails.
  10. Slider design is also used to create an unusual manicure on short nails. Special stickers make it easy to create a memorable design. They are very diverse, funny and easy to use. The sliders are of such high quality that they look like a real drawing from an experienced craftsman.
  11. Even inscriptions will fit on short nails. The choice is limited only by the width of the plate.

bright manicure ideas for short nailsbright manicure ideas for shortbright manicure for the summer for short

Hot pink manicure for short nails

One of the most stylish solutions is rightfully recognized as a bright pink manicure with a design for short nails. This shade evokes romantic associations for many, so it will give the image additional femininity. Pink can be harmoniously combined with red, blue and other colors. However, this tone alone is enough to create a memorable nail art.

bright pink manicure for short nails

Monochromatic bright manicure on short nails

A monochromatic coating is a win-win option to create a bright manicure for short nails:

  1. Minimalism and conciseness are now in vogue. Having chosen juicy tones, it is worth considering a neat design. All red shades will become a fashionable coating — from noble wine to exquisite scarlet.
  2. Rhinestones will help to dilute the monochromatic coating. They are best placed on one finger at the very base. This is enough to create a spectacular image. Any other decor or pattern can become an accent. It is better to do it on the ring finger or any other finger.
  3. An unforgettable bright manicure for short nails is hard to imagine without sparkles. On short nails with a monophonic coating, tape and liquid foil, spectacular gold casting, glitter, rubbing or kamifubuki are well combined.

plain bright manicure for short nails

Bright gentle manicure for short nails

A very romantic and feminine option would be to create a bright manicure for the summer on short nails, made in a delicate color scheme:

  • to bring this idea to life, juicy, rich tones are suitable, but at the same time they should not be flashy. For example, it can be pink, sky blue or lavender;
  • You can enhance the effect of tenderness by using negative space, which alternates with the main coating and is used to fill the area of ​​u200bu200bthe well or any images.

bright gentle manicure for short nails

Bright matte manicure for short nails

Such a variant of nail art as a beautiful bright manicure for short nails can be embodied with a matte finish:

  • for shortened nail plates, matte varnish is a great solution, as it gives the nails more sophistication and elegance;
  • in a matte finish, even the brightest colors will look organic and sustained, whether it be scarlet, aquamarine, yellow, lime tone;
  • on a matte base, you can make a spectacular contrast if, for example, lay out a strip of foil or decorate the nail plate with rhinestones. The main rule is not to overdo it with decor.

bright matte manicure for short nails

Bright multi-colored manicure for short nails

For a sunny summer, a bright multi-colored manicure for short nails will be an unsurpassed solution. He is able to perfectly convey the mood of this time of year:

  1. To achieve the effect of brightness, you can take any one saturated color as an accent and complement it with a more restrained color scheme.
  2. It is also allowed to use two catchy colors at once, for example, it can be a bright yellow manicure on short nails, complemented by a light green tint.
  3. If you want to use more than two bright colors, you can use this idea, but its implementation should be approached very carefully. This is due to the small area of ​​​​the nail plates, as a result of which the image can be easily overloaded. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to use shades that are similar in tone, for example, these are burgundy, red and crimson.

bright multi-colored manicure for short nailsbright summer manicure for short nailsmanicure for short bright colors

Bright manicure for short nails geometry

Geometry is one of the trends that firmly hold their positions on the fashionable Olympus. A bright summer manicure for short nails may contain geometric shapes that organically complement it:

  • triangles, circles, squares, rhombuses and stripes can serve as a catchy color accent for stylish nail art;
  • to make short nails look harmonious, it is recommended to place bright figures on a neutral background, which can be white, black, gray, pastel or transparent.

bright manicure for short nails geometry

Bright French manicure for short nails

If you want to create a stylish manicure for short, bright colors, you can also use it to decorate a jacket:

  • often, for a bright accent, the tip of the nail plate is chosen, which is painted in any saturated color, selected according to the individual wishes of the fashionista;
  • a bright French manicure for short nails may contain a tip designed as a rainbow, when several catchy shades are taken to create it at once;
  • a great variation of the jacket will be an ombre, in which the main part smoothly passes into the tip. In this case, both of these parts can be saturated.

bright french manicure for short nails

Bright red manicure for short nails

Using red is one of the best solutions to create a bright unusual manicure for short nails:

  • red tone can be combined with pastel colors or with the effect of negative space;
  • if you want to make nail art as catchy as possible, combine red with some other bright colors. The main rule is that their combination looks harmonious. For example, scarlet can be combined with crimson, orange, green, yellow.

bright red manicure for short nailsbeautiful bright manicure for short nails

Bright blue manicure for short nails

With the help of blue, you can also create an unsurpassed bright manicure for short nails:

  • this is a great choice to complement a variety of images, for example, in summer you can embody a marine design in a blue tone, and in winter you can draw frosty patterns on such a background;
  • due to its saturation, the blue color is ideal for making a bright manicure without a pattern on short nails;
  • if desired, apply certain images to the nail plates, this idea can be implemented. The theme of the picture can be geometric, floral, plant. Snow-white patterns will look very harmonious on a blue background.

bright blue manicure for short nails

Bright manicure for short nails on the sea

For a beach holiday, a manicure in bright colors for short nails, made on a marine theme, is ideal:

  • the simplest solution would be to draw blue-white stripes on the nail plates;
  • you can turn to the ombre technique and embody the transitions from blue to blue, such a design will be associated with the sea and waves;
  • images of starfish, seagulls, anchors and other beach paraphernalia will add brightness and originality to nail art.

bright manicure for short nails on the sea


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