Bright nail design - 52 photos of the most daring ideas for modern fashionistas

In the hot summer, you want to add bright colors to your image, which is often reflected in the appearance of nail art. Meanwhile, a bright nail design can decorate girls’ hands in any weather, giving a fashionable look freshness, lightness and eccentricity. There are a lot of options for such a manicure, so you can stand out under any circumstances.

Bright nail design 2018

Although in 2018 fashion experts relied on maximum naturalness and naturalness, nail design, in which bright colors are the main ones, has not lost its position either. Most girls use catchy nail art for a special occasion — for romantic dates, going out, music festivals, travel and so on. In everyday wear, on the contrary, it is recommended to give preference to nude shades and a minimum amount of decor.

During the fashion shows, timed to showcase the 2018 collections, bright nail designs could be seen everywhere. The main trends that could be seen on the catwalks were the following:

  • bright red nails with design. All the most intense shades are in fashion — scarlet, garnet, burgundy, fiery red and others. For greater expressiveness, stylists advise complementing such nail art with matching lipstick;
  • nail art in intense green shades. This year it is not monochrome — the greenery in it is adjacent to the universal colors, however, it does not go unnoticed;
  • hot pink — one of the best options for creating summer looks;
  • all kinds of colorful optionsthe number of shades in which can reach 10.

bright nail design 2018bright colors nail design

Bright design of short nails 2018

Owners of short claws can choose almost all options for themselves, since at a short length they do not look too catchy or defiant. Any shades and their combinations are allowed here, additional decor with rhinestones, bouillons or shiny pebbles, leaving negative space along with intense areas. So, for example, a bright design for short nails in the 2018 season can be done based on the following ideas:

  • solid red finish with small drawings, lines or patterns applied with snow-white acrylic paint;
  • manicure with gold leaf effect;
  • a vertical or horizontal gradient with a color transition from hot pink to yellow, red to orange, purple to pink and other tones;
  • iridescent gradient from finger to finger;
  • geometric nail art in intense color shades. In this case, it is useful to use vertical lines and elements to visually increase the length of the nail plates.

bright design of short nails 2018bright design for short nails

Bright design of long nails

A manicure for long nails, a bright design, can be too defiant, so it is important not to overdo it with the intensity of shades and the number of decorative elements. With a sufficient length of claws, even a monochrome monochromatic coating with bright pink, red, yellow and other colors looks very catchy and can attract the attention of others to its owner.

In addition, in 2018 you can make a bright design of long nails in one of the following ways:

  • original jacket, in which the main surface of the claws is painted in nude shades, and the smile line is highlighted in orange, light green, raspberry, bright red or other tones;
  • french or moon manicure with glitter. In this case, the main surface of the nail is decorated with a catchy intense color scheme, and the smile line or hole is highlighted with a brilliant glitter;
  • a monochrome one-color coating, complemented by a pattern made in the same color scheme and located on one accent finger. In 2018, vegetable and fruit themes are especially relevant, so you can use the following options — an image of an orange on an orange background, a kiwi pattern on a green one, or the outline of a flamingo in a hot pink manicure;
  • so that long claws do not look too defiant, only some of them can be painted in bright intense colors, making a smooth horizontal transition to a calmer tone from the same range. For example, a “pink rainbow” will look very gentle and interesting, in which the color intensity changes from finger to finger;
  • in addition, any, even the simplest manicure, on accent fingers can be decorated with a color pattern, getting a bright nail design for going out or everyday wear.

bright long nail designmanicure for long nails bright design

Nail design with bright colors

The most intense color shades are usually included in a bright summer nail design, which easily lifts the mood in the warm season and is great for relaxing. In such nail art, the most daring and extraordinary tones, as well as their combinations, can be used. So, it can be lemon yellow, orange-tangerine, fuchsia and bright red, intense bright blue, intense green and light green, deep purple and many, many others.

There are incredibly many ways to combine color shades. A bright nail design can be done in the moon or French technique, supplemented with a variety of pictures and patterns, geometric elements, volumetric modeling. Both sharp and smooth transitions of colors into each other are popular, which are achieved using gradient technology or airbrushing.

colorful flower nail design

Nail design with bright colors

bright summer nail design

Nail design «bright jacket»

Although traditional French manicure involves coloring only the tips of the nails, and almost always a snow-white coating is used for this, today the situation has changed radically. French manicure can include many different shades that can both contrast and harmonize with each other. The shape of the smile line has also changed — if desired, it can be any.

Modern fashionistas select combinations of tones to create a French manicure to their liking. So, for example, one of the most popular options is hot pink and black nail design. This combination emphasizes the individual style, beauty and elegance of its owner. The tandem of bright red and white looks more feminine, but at the same time focuses the attention of others on the courage and confidence of a beautiful lady.

bright french nail design

Nail design «bright jacket»

bright summer nail design

Bright nail design with rhinestones

Gorgeous nail design, bright colors with rhinestones, looks festive and original. It is perfect for friends wedding, prom and any outdoor celebration. Shiny pebbles, which can be scattered randomly or form a certain pattern, look very cute and pretty. Shimmering in the sun, they attract interested glances, not leaving their owner unnoticed.

Decor with rhinestones can complement a manicure made in any technique. So, it looks very good with moon and French nail art, broths and monograms, drawings and lace patterns. Rhinestones can be small and large, however, it is better not to place too large pebbles on short claws.

bright nail design with rhinestones

Bright nail design with rhinestones

nail design bright colors with rhinestones

Bright matte nail design

Matte finishes are more relevant than ever. A nail design in bright colors combined with a matte top looks great, regardless of the chosen shades. So, even a plain coating will look very elegant and will be able to complement a beautiful evening look. In addition, stylists advise young ladies to combine areas with a matte and glossy layer in one nail art — this combination looks fresh and unusual.

bright matte nail designnail design in bright colors

Bright nail design — geometry

Geometric elements and perfectly straight lines give the nail art an incredibly stylish and elegant look. A similar nail design with hot pink color and other catchy intense shades is suitable for both everyday wear and for a celebration, however, the drawings on it must be absolutely perfect. Do not try to draw too many figures and lines — it is much better to draw 2-3 decorative elements that will attract attention and become the main focus of nail art.

bright geometry nail designnail design in bright colors

Bright nail design with a pattern

All kinds of drawings can radically change the whole image of a fashionista, demonstrate her mood and attitude to the world. In nail art, various patterns and images are very often used, which can be universal or dedicated to a specific event or holiday. So, for example, hot pink nails, the design of which is very variable, can be decorated with delicate flowers, geometric shapes, funny animals and other pictures.

Masters of manicure art are ready to offer their clients a variety of options. Among them, the following are considered the most advantageous for catchy and intense color shades:

  • leaves, twigs, flowers, especially poppies and sunflowers;
  • fruits and berries — raspberries, cherries, apples, watermelons, oranges and much more;
  • dots and polka dots;
  • waves and zigzags;
  • marine print;
  • mosaic;
  • abstraction;
  • funny little animals;
  • emoticons;
  • sweets — ice cream, cakes, sweets;
  • hearts and lips folded into a kiss.

bright nail design with a patternbright pink nails design

Bright nail design with rubbing

A beautiful bright nail design can be supplemented with a rub, thanks to which the pens will shine and shimmer in the sun. In the summer, this nail art will easily fit into both everyday and evening looks. Although it is customary to avoid too intense «flashy» color shades when using a rub, in fact, pearl and holographic pigment can look very interesting with them. Meanwhile, in order not to overload the nail art, only accent fingers should be highlighted with a rub.

bright nail design with rubbingbeautiful bright nail design

Nail design «bright ornament»

You can create a truly unique and unusual bright nail design using all kinds of patterns and ornaments, you can draw ideas for which you can from different areas — cinema, art, needlework, fashion and much more. For example, a bright design for long nails or similar nail art for short plates can be created using images on topics such as:

  • Ukrainian embroidery;
  • Gzhel and Khokhloma;
  • African motives;
  • scandinavian patterns;
  • geometric shapes and elements;
  • abstract variations;
  • ornaments in country style.

nail design bright ornamentunusual bright nail design

Bright multicolored nail design

A manicure will look brighter the more different intense shades are used to create it. Often the number of tones in such nail art reaches 10 or even more, resulting in an unusually colorful and attractive picture. Such bright nails, design, at sea or a friendly party will be very appropriate, however, within the office it is better to give preference to more discreet options.

bright multicolored nail design

Nail design «bright gradient»

Gradient manicure has no limits. Depending on individual preferences, a fashionista can choose a variety of color combinations, combining all kinds of shades. As a rule, the most catchy and intense tones appear on the hands of girls in the spring and summer. So, the “highlight” of a summer bow can be yellow, pink, raspberry, purple, purple and other shades. The bright design of extended nails in most cases has a vertical design, while natural short claws are best painted with a horizontal gradient.

bright gradient nail design

Bright glitter nail design

The brightest nail design of 2018 features an alluring and delightful brilliance. If such nail art is intended for special occasions, the number of sparkles in it can be any. Including, stretching or shiny elements can be placed on all claws. Meanwhile, in everyday wear, an excessive amount of sequins will be redundant. For every day, stylists recommend highlighting 1-2 accent fingers with a brilliant pigment or applying them in a very thin layer on a small area of ​​u200bu200beach nail.

bright glitter nail designthe brightest nail design 2018


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