Bright summer nails - the best ideas for a beautiful manicure

In the warm season, any fashionista wants to stand out from the crowd. Bright summer nails, which are represented by a variety of manicure trends, will help create an unforgettable look. Among all kinds of designs, each girl will be able to choose for herself nail art to her taste.

Bright Summer Manicure Ideas

Stylists offer a variety of ideas on how to make a bright trendy summer manicure. You can choose a special design to emphasize the individuality of the girl. Examples of interesting trends are:

  1. Monochromatic bright manicure — glossy or matte. It has been popular for a long time and always looks stylish. It is suitable for both long and short nails.
  2. Bright summer nails with drawings of flowers. You can complement this look with a dress with a similar print. In this case, the pictures can be located both on all nails, and only on one or two.
  3. Saturated manicure with patterns. It helps to diversify the image and combine several different shades within one nail at once.
  4. Catchy ombre manicure. The transition from one color to another looks very original and attractive.
  5. Glitter design. Helps to look even more catchy, and overflows on sunny days attract attention.

bright summer manicure ideasbright trendy summer manicure

Summer bright manicure for long nails

On elongated nail plates, you can try a variety of design options. Experiments with acid colors are not forbidden and are even encouraged. Bright summer multi-colored long nails can be found in such design variations:

  1. Any shades will look great: hot pink, lemon, blue, turquoise, purple and so on.
  2. Extremely relevant manicure in one tone or different colors on two hands. The matte finish is in high demand. In summer, design options such as cross-sectional drawings of fruits, floral motifs, predatory prints or geometric shapes are acceptable.
  3. Bright summer long nails provide an opportunity to make a smooth flow of one shade into another without sharp transitions. You can try even a very complex design of such a plan, as it will look incredibly impressive.

bright summer manicure for long nails

Bright summer design for short nails

Although it seems to some girls that it is problematic to make bright summer short nails, this is not so. Popular ideas offered by stylists are as follows:

  1. It is worth noting a bright French manicure that will dilute the same type of days. Additionally, you can decorate your nails with sparkles or rhinestones.
  2. If you want to make a neat design, then a plain bright summer manicure is perfect, if you wish, you can add stripes or modest drawings, inscriptions to it.
  3. The print with catchy polka dots looks original. It goes well with the same sundresses or dresses.
  4. Juicy fruits look very beautiful and bright on short nails: watermelons, kiwi, oranges and so on. You can play on contrasts by choosing unusual and bold colors.
  5. Painted ornaments are not a solution for every girl, but such images will look very appropriate in the summer. Hand-drawn flowers look very beautiful.
  6. If you want something really bold and bright, then you can cover the nails on both hands with literally all the colors of the rainbow. This is a great option for a beach holiday.

bright summer design for short nails

Bright summer manicure on an almond shape

Almond shaped nails are very popular. It looks great on almost any design. The best manicure ideas that represent bright summer nails are as follows:

  • red nails with a black pattern of any subject;
  • bright manicure with sparkles in a contrasting color;
  • bright color manicure with a transition from one shade to another;
  • summer bright yellow manicure, made in monochrome or complemented by an original ornament;
  • design with motivating inscriptions;
  • predatory drawings;
  • floral motifs;
  • images of fruits;
  • rich manicure, complemented by geometric prints or polka dots of different colors;
  • nail art in two bright colors;
  • french manicure: it can be painted in a catchy color or the main part of the nail plate, or just a strip.

bright summer manicure on almond shape

Bright summer square nails

Square nails are great for busy girls who don’t have much time to take care of their nail art. It can be noted such ideas that present a bright juicy summer manicure, they will suit literally everyone:

  1. Rich design with inscriptions. They can be both bold and daring, and modest and not particularly remarkable. Inscriptions in foreign languages ​​look best.
  2. Relevant and geometric decor. Concise and uncomplicated drawings with thin lines and stripes, cobwebs and so on are encouraged.
  3. It is interesting on square nails that a bright jacket looks. It is complemented with sequins or discreet patterns.
  4. Fans of experiments should try a catchy design combined with a marble effect.
  5. To achieve the most vivid result, it is worth using stamping, airbrushing or art painting.
  6. The catchy design is complemented by glitter, large rhinestones or charms.
  7. For the most unusual design, it is recommended to use dots, with which round patterns are created.
  8. Matte manicure in rich colors also looks great on square nails.

bright summer square nails

Bright summer manicure for sharp nails

Sharp bright summer nails with or without a pattern are a solution for brave girls who are self-confident. You can find such unusual and extraordinary design options:

  1. Sharp nails covered with varnish in red, blue, green, purple or burgundy will look beautiful. This design can be combined with a metallic effect.
  2. Matte manicure looks especially interesting on sharp nails, especially if you complement it with sparkles or rhinestones to match or contrast.
  3. You can make catchy nail art with a minimum of details, this is also very impressive.
  4. French is very good, especially if you make it in acid tones.
  5. Any design is complemented by various prints on a summer theme, openwork patterns, peas, geometric shapes.

bright summer manicure for sharp nails

Bright neon summer manicure

Neon summer bright juicy nail design looks really bright and interesting. In the evening and at night, the nail plates can glow, so this is a great option for party lovers. The best ideas are represented by such design variations:

  1. Neon french. You can combine two different colors.
  2. Matte neon, making nails very catchy.
  3. Neon ombre. Soft flesh tones are well combined with neon.
  4. Neon manicure combined with thematic summer drawings.
  5. Of particular interest is the neon manicure in pink.

bright neon summer manicure

Bright summer colorful nails

The original bright summer multi-colored manicure will appeal to girls who love to be in the spotlight. In addition, it is a good option for walks on the beach or parties:

  1. You can paint nail plates in absolutely any color, combining catchy tones with calm ones.
  2. Of particular interest is the design, when each nail has its own color, literally a rainbow on the hands is obtained.

bright summer colorful nails

Bright summer manicure with rhinestones

Rhinestones perfectly complement almost any bright summer unusual manicure:

  1. Rhinestones look especially beautiful in combination with a bright jacket. Pebbles are used in different sizes, you can lay out drawings and patterns from them.
  2. As for the color of rhinestones, it all depends on the choice of the girl: they are taken either to match the nails, or in contrast to them.

bright summer manicure with rhinestones

Bright summer manicure with palm trees

Various summer prints are encouraged in summer designs and palm trees are on this list:

  1. Summer bright manicure with a pattern in combination with yellow nail plates looks especially beautiful, evoking associations with a pleasant vacation on the beach. In this case, you can add a palm tree and a yellow ombre.
  2. Additionally, inscriptions or sparkles, rhinestones, various pebbles are added. It is best if the drawing is made by hand, but you can also take a translated one. This is a great holiday design.

bright summer manicure with palm trees

Summer Pedicure Ideas

An integral attribute of the warm season is a beautiful summer pedicure:

  1. There are a lot of ideas, bright and rich colors are very popular: bright red, pink, orange, yellow and blue. Let’s have a metallic effect.
  2. Trends this year offer girls both classic summer pedicure options and bold ones with rhinestones.
  3. Thematic marine drawings look good: palm trees, anchors, waves, starfish and so on. Polka dot print, fruits, flowers look beautiful.
  4. Abstract and geometric patterns that attract attention are acceptable. Don’t be afraid to play with contrasts.

summer pedicure ideasnice summer pedicure

Summer plain pedicure

Some girls prefer a bright summer pedicure made in a single color:

  1. In this case, you can look at the typical summer colors: yellow, blue, red, pink, purple.
  2. You can complement this design with rhinestones or sparkles, or make a small, barely noticeable pattern on one of the nails.
  3. It is allowed to combine a glossy and matte finish, with the help of which a unique fashionable summer pedicure is created. They are taken in one shade and combined on one nail plate or alternated on different ones.

summer plain pedicure

Bright summer jacket on nails

A design that is very popular is a summer French pedicure. For this reason, some ladies prefer to make it in bright saturated colors:

  1. You can paint with a catchy color varnish either the nail itself, or the “smile” line — depending on preferences.
  2. Neon or acid colors look very original, attracting maximum attention to the nail plates.

bright summer french nails

Summer red pedicure

A pedicure, the summer design of which is made in red, will look truly unsurpassed. It is an option for brave and self-confident girls:

  1. The red pedicure is catchy in itself, so you can not add any details to it and make it in monochrome.
  2. A red pedicure looks very interesting in combination with black patterns that look like openwork weaving or geometric motifs.

summer red pedicure

Summer yellow pedicure

Yellow color evokes associations with warm days. In this design, a summer pedicure at sea will look unique:

  1. As an addition to the design, different drawings on a summer theme are used: marine, with fruits, flowers.
  2. Glitter, inscriptions and geometric shapes go well with it.

summer yellow pedicure

Summer pedicure with glitter

The summer design of a pedicure with sparkles will help to bring variety to the image:

  1. Literally any glitter can be used: large and small, in tone or in contrast.
  2. Some masters place them neatly on the nail, while others prefer a chaotic arrangement.
  3. Glitter looks best when paired with a French or plain design, but can complement other options as well.

summer glitter pedicure

Summer matte pedicure

Matte finish is suitable not only for summer, but also for any other time of the year. Almost any shade in this case looks advantageous and catchy:

  1. The matte design is good on its own, so it is often left untouched, but it looks beautiful with rhinestones or abstract patterns.
  2. A couple of nails can be highlighted with sparkles or varnish with a metallic effect.
  3. Juicy summer pedicure colors are relevant: yellow, red, purple, blue, burgundy, pink. Acid and neon tones are acceptable.

summer matte pedicure

Bright summer ombre on nails

Pedicure is extremely popular this season, the summer bright design of which is made using a gradient technique:

  1. The option with a horizontal difference in shades looks interesting: from light to dark. The same horizontal transition looks original, but in contrasting colors.
  2. Vertical ombre manicure is also very relevant. It is made in rich colors: pink, red, blue, green and so on. You can even combine several of these colors, allowing them to transition from one to another.
  3. As an additional decor, drawings, sparkles and rhinestones are used.

bright summer ombre on nails


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