Broken glass on nails - 30 trendy design ideas for short and long nails

In each new season, nail art masters offer their clients many interesting and original design options for nail plates. Broken glass on nails has gained immense popularity — a modern technique that allows you to get bright and unusual patterns.

Nail design 2019 — broken glass

Stylish and attractive manicure «broken glass» on the nails looks very bold and somewhat extravagant. This unusual technique has gained immense popularity among the fair sex, so the masters of manicure art have developed many variations of it. For example, nail art looks very original, in which an imitation of small glass pieces is created only on accent fingers, while all the rest are covered with ordinary varnish or gel polish.

In addition, broken glass on nails is often combined with other popular designs. So, some of the fair sex prefer to combine it with a French manicure, decor with rhinestones, beads or crystals, gradient coloring and other ways to decorate the nail plates.

nail design 2019 broken glass

Broken glass manicure for short nails

In 2019, long stiletto nails have faded into the background. Stylists and fashion experts advise young ladies to give preference to neat short claws, so those girls who cannot grow long nails should not be upset. One of the main trends of the coming season was the design of short nails «broken glass», which looks very stylish and modern.

Owners of short nail plates in 2019 should give preference to one of the following options:

  • any monophonic coating in combination with an imitation of small glass on accent fingers, which in most cases are ring or middle ones;
  • French manicure with the effect of a broken surface;
  • the novelty of 2019 is broken glass on accent nails in combination with the «cat’s eye» technique;
  • the combination with abstract drawings is also incredibly popular. In the coming season, most nail art masters choose simple and concise images — circles, squares, stripes and much more.

broken glass manicure for short nails

Broken glass manicure for long nails

Colored broken glass on long nails is applied by those representatives of the fair sex who like to stand out from the crowd. This design looks especially impressive and elegant, so it is ideal for going out and special occasions. As a rule, pieces of mica in such cases are applied to all nail plates, however, there are exceptions. For example, the following design options look great on long claws:

  • French manicure, in which the smile line is framed with miniature pieces of glass;
  • moon nail art can also be done using this technique — in this case, fragments of foil can decorate the area of ​​u200bu200bthe hole or, on the contrary, line the rest of the nail plates. In the latest design, the hole almost always remains unpainted, due to which the regrowth of nails will be almost imperceptible;
  • The hit of 2019 was a gradient design with broken glass effects. When choosing such a nail art, experts advise applying foil to darker areas in order to get as much glare as possible in the light rays;
  • finally, any drawings and patterns can be depicted on long nail plates, so they very often complement nail art decorated with miniature foil particles.

broken glass manicure for long nails

Broken glass on sharp nails

In 2019, at the top of popularity is the soft form of nails, as close to natural as possible. However, not all young ladies are ready to give up sharp claws that make their image incredibly seductive and bright. In this case, stylists recommend the “broken glass” design to fashionistas, which looks very impressive on sharp and long nails.

Due to the absence of volumetric elements, foil pieces do not overload nail art and do not contribute to thinning, cracking and breaking of the nail plates, so they can be placed absolutely on the entire surface of the claws. Meanwhile, too much shiny decor combined with the sharp shape of the plates can make the image somewhat vulgar, so it is better to use it only on accent fingers, which should not be more than three.

broken glass on sharp nails

Manicure ideas with broken glass on nails

The effect of broken glass on the nails makes the manicure incredibly interesting, attractive and original. In most cases, this design is chosen by bold and self-confident girls who like to draw attention to their person. However, the possibility of combining this technique with other methods of decorating nail plates provides young ladies with many bright and stylish options for any situation.

broken glass nail ideas

Broken glass foil design

The glass effect can be achieved in a variety of ways. In the classic variation of this design, a special color film is used, however, the creation of this type of nail art using foil has recently been gaining momentum. For this purpose, it is best to use a holographic material, which under no circumstances can be translated.

Foil «broken glass» for nails looks very impressive. To use it, you must first cut a large layer into small pieces, which may have the same shape and size, or be completely different. Broken glass on nails, which is created using foil, is in most cases randomly located, however, some professional nail artists lay out interesting and original patterns from it.

When working with foil, it is worth considering that it is an order of magnitude thicker than the film and, moreover, does not fix very well on the nail plates. In addition, this material is better to use for owners of long claws, since it visually makes the plates thicker than they actually are, which can play a trick on owners of neat short nails.

broken glass foil design

Black nails with broken glass

Broken glass on nails looks especially bright and impressive if dark shades of coatings are used as a background. The most versatile and popular option among the fair sex is broken glass on black nails, which can be appropriate both in everyday life and at a gala event.

When choosing the type of design, stylists are advised to be guided by the situation — if pieces of film or foil covering all the plates completely look great at a holiday or an official ceremony, then as an option for every day it is better to choose a concise nail art with accent fingers.

black nails with broken glass

Red nails with broken glass

An excellent alternative to deep dark tones is red, which emphasizes the femininity and sexuality of its owner. Nail design with broken glass effect looks equally good on all shades of red, however, it is better for young ladies to choose bright and catchy tones, while wine or burgundy colors are much better for older beautiful ladies.

Broken glass on red nails can coexist with designs such as moon and French manicures, geometric and abstract images, decor with rhinestones, broths and other volumetric elements. Pieces of film in tandem with a matte finish look very beautiful and bright, which in itself is very interesting and attractive.

red nails with broken glass

Pink nails, broken glass

A broken glass nail design combined with pink polish can create a delicate and romantic look or a bright and sexy look. As a rule, the pale shade of the coating is complemented by bright pieces of foil, which makes it much more memorable and attractive. Such a design on pink claws is absolutely universal — it can either fit into a strict business look or emphasize the beauty of an elegant evening dress, demonstrating to others the excellent taste of its owner.

pink nails broken glass

Ombre nails and broken glass

Modern manicure art involves a variety of combinations of colors and techniques for decorating long and short nail plates. So, the “broken glass” manicure design is often combined with a gradient color of the claws, which always looks very stylish, attractive and original.

All ombre options are relevant — horizontal, vertical and stepped, in which the shade changes from finger to finger. In most cases, pieces of foil or film are combined with soft transitions made in pastel colors, however, nail artists can offer their clients a variety of variations.

ombre nails and broken glass

Nails 3d broken glass

The technique of «broken glass» on the nails has many variations of its execution. One of the most complex and time-consuming methods of its application is the application of pieces of foil on top of each other, which creates a three-dimensional multi-layered effect. Such a design looks very impressive and incredibly interesting, however, only the most experienced and qualified masters of manicure art can perform it.

nails 3d broken glass

Delicate nail design with broken glass

Beautiful nails 2019, broken glass, can be covered with both bright and catchy, and delicate and attractive varnish that creates a romantic look. The design, made in soft pink, beige and other pastel shades, goes well with dresses and skirts of various styles and can be appropriate both for everyday wear and for a festive event. Charming broken glass on the nails against the backdrop of a coating in delicate colors is ideal for a young graduate who is just entering adulthood and a young bride.

delicate nail design with broken glass

Nail design «broken glass» with a pattern

Like all other ways of decorating nail plates, pieces of foil can be combined with a variety of patterns. Beautiful nails, broken glass, look best in an ensemble with images such as:

  • floral motifs;
  • geometric elements;
  • simple and concise prints — polka dots and stripes;
  • funny images on the theme of comics and cartoons, which should be placed on the accent fingers.

nail design broken glass patterned

Nail design rubbing «broken glass»

The original “broken glass” rub is somewhat different from the pearl or rainbow variety of this material. It is a thin transparent film that is cut in a chaotic manner in the form of pointed geometric shapes. Such particles can have completely different shapes and sizes, which allows you to create bright and unusual patterns from them.

Depending on which substrate is used for application, the broken glass rubbed nail design looks like broken fragments or ice particles. Due to the presence of holographic material, which is the basis of such a rub, the nails shimmer very brightly and beautifully under different lighting, giving the image of its owner a mystery and mystery.

nail design rubbing broken glass

Broken glass, frosted nails

A stylish design with broken glass can be created using a matte finish, which gives it a very interesting and unusual appearance. Such nail art looks especially attractive in black and milky shades, while it is not recommended to choose bright colors for its creation. In addition, in this case, you should not cover all the nails with a matte top — it is much better to highlight them with accent fingers.

broken glass frosted nails


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