Brown hair color - who suits and how to choose the best shade

Choosing the right shade for painting is the eternal problem of all women. After all, everyone wants to look beautiful, but at the same time comply with fashion trends. Brown hair color in recent seasons is extremely relevant, while it is able to suit many types of appearance.

Fashionable brown hair color

Stylists believe that brown is very successful, as it helps to emphasize the uniqueness and sophistication of any woman. There are a lot of shades of this color — there are both warm and cold. You can designate the following fashionable shades of brown hair:

  1. Light brown. Ideal for natural blondes with fair skin. These are, for example, such shades as bronze, cocoa, cappuccino or light chocolate.
  2. Dark brown. This is a color for swarthy girls with brown eyes.
  3. Cool brown tones look good on girls with delicate skin and brown, gray and blue eyes.
  4. Ash brown is ideal for beauties with blue and brown eyes, olive or fair skin. This shade is the best at covering gray hair.
  5. Golden brown hair color looks good on brown-eyed ladies.
  6. Brown-red suits both mature women and youth. This shade is especially relevant for owners of green eyes and pale skin. When choosing an outfit in this case, it is worth considering that the number of bright objects should be limited so as not to make the image too flashy and defiant.
  7. Chocolate brown is very popular in the brown color palette. It suits girls with both «cold» and «warm» appearance — the main thing is to choose the right tone.
  8. Violet-brown shade is a fashion hit. It looks expensive and noble. Both young ladies and mature elegant ladies who want to emphasize their status will be able to choose it.
  9. Black-brown is a very dark color. Perfect for curvy brunettes.

trendy brown hair colorshades of brown hairwho suits brown hair

light brown hair color

Cold brown hair color, made in light colors, is very popular. . It looks especially good on girls with green eyes. For coloring, a variety of techniques can be used — ombre, balayage, coloring. This color looks good on girls with almost any type of appearance, because it is calm and natural.

light brown hair colorbrown coloringshades of brown hair

dark brown hair color

Dark beautiful brown hair color is also very in demand:

  1. It includes such shades as chocolate, copper and black. This is the most popular range of this year, ideal for middle-aged ladies. Older women with the right tone can “lose” a few years.
  2. If a girl has brown or green eyes, she should take a closer look at double staining in dark colors. For example, resorting to caramel and honey, you can significantly rejuvenate and emphasize the beauty of your appearance.

dark brown hair colorbeautiful brown hair color

Ash brown hair color

The gray-brown hair color, known as ashen, looks very interesting:

  1. This is a cold shade that is very still and very saturated. Ash-brown hair color is suitable for mostly brown-haired women, but blondes can also consider it as an unusual coloring option. The shade also looks good on brunettes.
  2. If we talk about the best color type, then ash-brown looks most advantageous in summer. If a girl has gray or faded blue eyes, delicate porcelain or olive skin, then the color will enliven and make the image interesting and mysterious, without going beyond naturalness.
  3. For a winter type, cold brown is very good, if you take not overly light shades. «Spring» ladies need to take such colors very carefully, because they do not go well with their appearance.
  4. If we talk about the autumn color type, then it is also better for such girls not to dye their hair ash-brown, since this shade gives the appearance of fatigue and soreness.

ash brown hair color

golden brown hair color

Golden warm brown hair color looks great in spring, summer and autumn:

  1. Both cold and warm tones are ideal for girls whose skin has a peach or beige tone.
  2. It is worth saying that brown golden hair color can only be obtained through the use of professional dyes. It doesn’t suit everyone. The condition of the skin should be good, and make-up should always emphasize the eyes, apply a small amount of blush on the cheeks and gloss on the lips.
  3. If a girl has light brown hair, it is better to take such tones as golden blond, honey and dark honey.

golden brown hair color

Brown-red hair color

Red bright brown hair color is extremely interesting. The image of such a girl is striking and remembered for a long time:

  1. It is best to paint in this shade either for very young girls, or for women of the age who want to lose a few years.
  2. It is advisable to give your hair this color in salons, since self-coloring can end in failure. For example, blond hair can turn green instead of reddish.

brown red hair color

black brown hair color

Almost close to black, chocolate brown hair color is very deep and mysterious, it adorns a woman. It suits girls with fair skin and brown or green eyes. It is recommended to refrain from it for such representatives of the fair sex:

  • natural blondes;
  • owners of gray or blue eyes, swarthy skin;
  • ladies with problem skin;
  • very modest girls.

Possible difficulties that may arise when black-brown hair color is chosen are as follows:

  1. It is problematic to return the previous hair color.
  2. Dark tones can make a woman look older, so after forty is not the best choice.
  3. You need to pay a lot of attention to your hair to keep it beautiful.
  4. Black color can make the face thin and haggard.

black brown hair color

Copper brown hair color

Recently, red-brown hair color has been very popular:

  1. The image of a girl becomes more vivid and memorable through the use of these two tones. Copper shade is suitable only for women with a certain type of appearance. For example, girls with the Autumn color type should pay attention to it. Such ladies often have refined facial features, their eyes are brown or gray. An unusual tandem comes out with green eyes.
  2. Women with blue eyes can also try copper brown hair. This is especially true for those with milky white skin. It is desirable that the initial tone of the strands be golden brown or chestnut.
  3. Girls with naturally dark curls are advised to avoid copper-brown tones. Copper does not like pale or dark skin. Excessively light eyes can generally be lost against the background of such staining.
  4. It is worth saying that if there are any flaws in appearance, then such coloring will only highlight them. Copper brightens age spots, moles or pimples.

copper brown hair colorred brown hair color

natural brown hair color

Natural deep brown hair color looks very beautiful. It harmonizes well with any tone of the face. For a cold color type, muted variations of brown are best suited. If the color type is warm, then the ideal choice is bronze and honey tones or golden. Shade options are as follows:

  • golden brown;
  • caramel;
  • chestnut;
  • dark blond;
  • chocolate brown;
  • brown with a red tint.

natural brown hair colordeep brown hair color

Brown hair coloring

The range with which brown coloring is carried out is so multifaceted that it can be called universal. This shade is suitable for almost everyone, the main thing is to choose it correctly. It is important to say that women over 50 are better off ignoring cold variations with ashy notes, purple-brown palette and copper tones. The most fashionable coloring options are as follows:

  1. Dark brown with mahogany. Best suited for girls with dark skin.
  2. Light brown. Retains natural color.
  3. Warm chestnut. It looks rich and makes the strands luxurious.
  4. Espresso color. Very rich and deep tone.
  5. Brown with ashy notes.
  6. Violet brown. Very popular this year.
  7. Golden brown. Well suited to swarthy ladies with brown eyes.
  8. Reddish brown. Softer than a simple red and brighter than the usual brown hair.
  9. Russo-brown. Versatile and very natural tone. This is an option that will suit almost any woman, no matter what color type she is endowed with. Another advantage is the ability to choose any image, which can be both modest and extremely bright.
  10. Black brown. Suitable for dark-skinned girls with dark eyes. After 50 years, such staining is not worth it.
  11. Chocolate. Very rich shade, ideal for any type of appearance.

brown hair dyebrown coloringtrendy brown hair color

Brown highlights

Perfectly emphasize the dignity of appearance is capable of brown hair color with highlights. This technique gives volume to the strands, hides gray hair, and refreshes the hair. For more interest, it is recommended to use dark and light highlights to create the effect of fading in the sun. You should not choose only one shade for highlighting, it looks unnatural. Possible design options are:

  1. Classic highlighting. First, the strands lighten, and then shade. Shades such as beige, mother-of-pearl, pink or yellow are often used.
  2. Blonding. Brown hair can appear completely blond with this technique. If the master does everything right, the result will be amazing.
  3. Highlighting in the style of «salt and pepper». Light strands are made thin, but frequent. Use cold light colors: pearl, light beige and silver.
  4. Booking. The effect is reminiscent of sun glare playing on dark hair.
  5. California highlighting. At the roots, the strands are dark, after which they gradually turn into light colors. The shades are muted, the width is different.
  6. Partial highlighting. May be asymmetric or zonal.
  7. American highlighting. Tones such as red, red, blue, green, pink and purple are used.

highlighting brown

Ombre with brown

Ombre involves coloring the strands along the entire length with a gradual transition of shades. During dyeing, the paint is applied in layers, from the tips of the strands to their middle. This is a great option for dark-haired beauties who want to bring something new to the image, but do not want to radically lighten up. The disadvantages of this technique are:

  1. Too dark hair does not lend itself well to ombre.
  2. Your hair will need to be taken care of. It is advisable to cut your hair first.

Design options are as follows:

  • classic ombre. Natural shades are used: chestnut, chocolate, coffee, they are combined with honey tones, dark blond and ashy. Extremely interesting brown-pink hair color;
  • ponytail technique;
  • two-tone ombre with a clear border;
  • “tongues of flame” technique — the roots are left with a natural color, and the middle part and tips are painted in bright colors;
  • striped or asymmetrical ombre;
  • bright color variations.

ombre with brown

Balayage brown color

Balayage hair coloring has been popular for a very long time. There are several fashionable variations that are relevant for brown hair:

  • bright contrast. The crown can be left in a natural color, and the tips can be radically lightened;
  • natural highlights. It looks as if the strands are not colored, but simply shimmer in the light and shine;
  • caramel. Looks very interesting and bright;
  • bright brown hair color, red, cherry and pink balayage.

balayage brown color

Who suits brown hair?

Many fashionistas are interested in: who will suit the brown hair color:

  1. Girls of a cold color type can choose similar shades. «Winter» suits dark chocolate and mahogany.
  2. «Autumn» prefers chestnut shades and brown with a red undertone.
  3. «Spring» goes light and warm shades.

who suits brown hairwho suits brown hairbeautiful brown hair color


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