Brown manicure - fashion trends and trends for nails of any length

This color is warm, non-intrusive and versatile, which is why many who cannot decide on a nail design choose it. Stylish and modern brown manicure can be very diverse, it will look beautiful on nails of any length.

Brown manicure 2018-2019, fashion trends

A monophonic manicure looks a little simple and boring, and the masters offer all kinds of options, what a brown manicure with a design can be. Which of the various ideas to stop in order to be within the fashion trends? In 2018-2019, at the peak of popularity, such design options are:

  • pearlescent coating;
  • Brown manicure 2018-2019, fashion trends

  • brown manicure with gold or silver;
  • Brown manicure 2018-2019, fashion trends

  • trendy New York style manicure with or without a pattern;
  • Brown manicure 2018-2019, fashion trends

  • moon manicure.
  • Brown manicure 2018-2019, fashion trends

Brown manicure for short nails

Not every color will look beautiful on short nails, and brown is just one of the few that are universal. Any shade can be used, ranging from light coffee to deep chocolate. When choosing in which design to make a brown manicure for short nails, pay attention to such points:

  1. The coating should visually lengthen the nails a little, a glossy or mother-of-pearl design does an excellent job with this task.
  2. A very dark brown color is not the best idea for a manicure for short nails, but you can get out of the situation by combining it with beige.
  3. You should not use large decor, it is better to stick to minimalism.
  4. In a small amount, you can use rhinestones.
  5. Brown manicure 2018-2019, fashion trends

Brown manicure for long nails

Long nails will allow you to realize any creative fantasy. These brown nail design options offer us fashion trends:

  1. Powder manicure — using acrylic sand, which acquires the color of the main gel polish. The design can be both simple minimalist and with interesting ideas — geometric shapes, ornate patterns, adding sparkles and rhinestones. Powdery design can also be two-tone, brown with beige manicure looks especially harmonious on long nails.
  2. Brown manicure 2018-2019, fashion trends

  3. The popular 2018-2019 brown manicure nail design is a sweet and relaxing coffee theme. Neat inscriptions “coffee”, “cappuccino” and decor in the form of coffee beans are relevant.
  4. Brown manicure 2018-2019, fashion trends

  5. A popular idea that has been successfully used for both long nails and short ones is the design with rhinestones. Long length gives us a huge advantage — the decor can be rich and very diverse.
  6. Brown manicure 2018-2019, fashion trends

Brown Manicure Ideas

With the onset of autumn, all kinds of brown manicure ideas are at the peak of popularity. This color is warm, cozy, as if warming, and using different decor options, you can create a beautiful design for every taste. A bonus of brown shades is their easy compatibility, the most popular options are:

Brown matte manicure

Matte nail coating is gaining momentum in popularity, this design looks very stylish and noble, emphasizing the exquisite feminine taste. The only drawback of a matte nail design is that any, even the slightest flaws are visible on the nail plate, so preparation for coating should be at the highest level, especially if it is a light brown matte manicure.

Matte nail design can be obtained in two ways:

  • matte varnish and fixing layer;
  • regular polish with a powder design.
  • Brown matte manicure

Brown manicure with gold

Elements of nail design, made in gold color, give elegance and elegance. In small quantities, this decor focuses on your hands, an abundance of golden color will create a festive mood. If you want to make a beautiful New Year’s manicure, brown and gold is a very suitable option. It is worth noting that the golden color in the nail design is best combined with a dark, deep brown color. If you use a light shade, the effect will not be so bright.

In brown and gold tones, the nail design can be made in several versions:

  • plain brown manicure, one or two nails in gold;
  • Brown manicure with gold

  • on one or two fingers, a gold pattern on a brown background;
  • Brown manicure with gold

  • the edges of the nails are decorated with gold lacquer.
  • Brown manicure with gold

Brown cat eye manicure

Considering the ideas of a manicure with brown varnish, one cannot help but pay attention to such a design option as a cat’s eye. It is a dark coating that looks simple and plain from the outside. But in the light, it has a stunning effect of depth and a beautiful mother-of-pearl overflow. Such a manicure looks elegant and elegant even in a monochromatic design, but you can apply different options for nail design. This idea is perfect for a festive look.

Brown cat eye manicure

Brown manicure with rhinestones

Rhinestones are an easy and sure-fire way to create a stylish and dressy nail design using one base color. This decor has a beautiful shine, visually increases the length of the nail plate, it is applicable even for the shortest nails, if used sparingly. The brown color is universal, against such a background both silvery rhinestones and golden ones look beautiful, and even with colored stones. But this version of manicure has a significant drawback — rhinestones can fall off very quickly, so the fixing layer must be especially reliable.

Manicure in brown tones with rhinestones can be done in several ways:

  • the nail on one finger is decorated with rhinestones;
  • Brown manicure with rhinestones

  • rhinestones at the base of the nail on one finger or on all;
  • Brown manicure with rhinestones

  • on one finger there are rhinestones in the form of a line along the entire length of the nail.
  • Brown manicure with rhinestones

Brown glitter manicure

The easiest way to make a light or dark brown manicure festive and elegant is to add sparkles to the nail design. You can do this in several ways:

  • apply a layer of transparent varnish with sparkles on a brown nail plate;
  • densely cover the nail with sparkles on one finger;
  • make a drawing or pattern with a shiny varnish on a brown background (this option is best used with a dark brown background color).

Glitter manicure is more practical than rhinestones. First of all, it is more durable — sequins are qualitatively fixed with a fixing layer, and the likelihood that they will fall off over time is minimal, unlike rhinestones. But at the same time, the options for nail design with sparkles are somewhat limited compared to the possibilities of rhinestones. This decor is more of an addition to the main nail design.

Brown glitter manicure

Brown manicure with rubbing

Such a fashionable novelty as a rub for nail design has gained the widest popularity due to the interesting effect that it creates. There are many types of rubbing — mother-of-pearl, mirror, prism, with which a simple dark or light brown manicure will look unusual and very beautiful:

  • pearl rubbing manicure — creates a characteristic flicker on the surface of the nail;
  • mirror rubbing with the effect of a glossy mirror surface;
  • rubbing chrome — matte metal design;
  • chameleon — creates the effect of iridescent colors;
  • rub «prism».
  • Brown manicure with rubbing

What is a manicure rub itself? This is a very small fraction, which is selected to match the main color, and applied to the gel polish. To create such a variant of manicure, after varnishing, we apply a thin, dense layer of decor, and then, using a special brush, rub it into the surface of the nail, creating an interesting effect for the nail design.

Brown manicure with a pattern

One of the most popular modern ideas is a manicure in brown tones with a pattern. This version of the nail design is also suitable as an everyday manicure, and will become part of your image at a gala evening or holiday. It is important to choose the right color scheme — brown does not go well with cold tones. A manicure with a pattern can be decorated with rhinestones or sparkles.

Brown manicure with a pattern

Brown ombre manicure

A manicure in brown tones, made using the ombre technique, looks beautiful and unusual — a smooth transition from one color to another, forming a gradient. This effect is made quickly and simply — first, the nail is painted in two colors, of which there will be a gradient. Next, a sponge is taken, painted in two colors, and with its help a smooth transition is desired. If the length of the nails allows, you can do an ombre manicure with two or more transitions.

Brown color is easy to combine with many shades. An ombre manicure can be done as a contrast, that is, a transition from a very dark color to a light one, or with a difference of literally a few tones. The best ideas are:

  • ombre manicure beige with brown;
  • Brown ombre manicure

  • light brown with white;
  • Brown ombre manicure

  • black and brown ombre manicure.
  • Brown ombre manicure

Solid brown manicure

A beautiful brown manicure does not have to be with interesting nail design ideas. A beautiful monophonic coating, glossy or matte, will create a neat and well-groomed look of nails. A monochromatic brown manicure can be both casual and festive, especially if your outfit is in a restrained elegant style. If the length of the nails is small, you should give preference to lighter tones, any shades will look beautiful on a long nail plate.

Solid brown manicure

Moon brown manicure

The moon design is one variation of the beloved classic French manicure that has gained incredible popularity. The highlight is that not the edge of the nail plate, but its base is covered with a different color. For practical reasons, light colors are chosen for this zone, closer to flesh. In this case, it is not so noticeable when the nail plate grows back, and the manicure looks beautiful much longer. Lunar manicure with brown varnish can be combined with the following colors:

  • beige, flesh;
  • Solid brown manicure

  • white;
  • Solid brown manicure

  • silver, transparent.
  • Moon brown manicure

Brown manicure geometry

In 201802019, geometric themes became especially relevant in nail design — straight thin lines, angles that form various shapes. The lines must be thin, clear and contrasting. If the main color is dark, a brown manicure with silver or beige will look beautiful. On light tones, it is better to apply lines in black or dark brown.

Brown geometry manicure is suitable for nails of any length. For short ones, it is important to make the design concise, it is good if it is a couple of thin stripes. Long nails give a huge space for creativity — with the help of intersecting thin lines, interesting compositions are created that emphasize the length of the nail plate and even visually increase it.

Popular Geometric Brown Manicure Ideas:

  • horizontal stripes;
  • vertical stripes;
  • triangles;
  • diamonds.
  • Moon brown manicure

Brown manicure with foil

A stylish brown manicure in an interesting design can be created using foil (the so-called metallic paper). A simple solution is not inferior in beauty and originality to rhinestones or sparkles, and you can easily make such a decor yourself. It is worth considering that ordinary household foil lying around in the kitchen is not suitable for these purposes; you need to purchase special material in a cosmetic store.

If you want to make a brown stylish foil manicure yourself, follow the algorithm:

  1. Cut the foil with nail scissors.
  2. We cover the nail plate with a special adhesive for foil.
  3. We put prepared foil blanks on a fresh layer of glue. Pay attention to which side you put the material — matte should be from below. It is better to do this with the help of special tweezers.
  4. Using a cotton swab or a special spatula, smooth the foil.
  5. Carefully remove the foil from the nail, the pattern remains on the varnish.
  6. We cover the nail plate with a fixing layer, and the stylish design is ready. As you can see, its creation will take no more than half an hour.
  7. Brown manicure with foil


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