Burgundy manicure with design - 66 ideas for short and long nails

Burgundy manicure with a design remains at the peak of popularity and does not go out of fashion for a long time. It’s time to classify this color as a classic of nail coatings. It is chosen by an increasing number of fashionistas. It is so versatile that with such gel polish on nails you can walk not only every day, but also attend festive events.

Burgundy manicure with design 2019

The nail service industry is constantly updated, new techniques, materials and ways of decorating nails appear. Therefore, you can create a burgundy manicure 2019, the fashion trends of which are extremely diverse:

  1. In combination with the main coating, you can choose the original decor in metallic colors, especially the current colors are silver and gold.
  2. The geometric ornament and the decor close to it with stripes will not go out of fashion, at least for a few more seasons.
  3. French, moon burgundy manicure with design, rubbing and using gel polish with the effect of «cat’s eye» are still popular.
  4. The professionalism and talent of a manicurist can be confirmed with hand-painted nail art.

burgundy manicure with design 2019

Burgundy manicure with design 2019

burgundy manicure 2019 fashion trendsburgundy manicure with design

Burgundy manicure with a design for short nails

Fashionistas who have neat shortened nail plates will be able to create a burgundy manicure for short nails. The ideal combination is to use any dark coating on short nails. This type of design is chosen very often. Burgundy gel polish wins like no other on such a nail length. This type of coating can already be safely called a manicure classic. Nail plates can be additionally decorated on top of the main coating.

burgundy manicure with design for short nailsburgundy manicure for short nails

Burgundy manicure with design for long nails

A burgundy manicure for long nails looks extremely feminine, this technique can be considered a classic of nail design:

  1. This coating is preferred by self-confident girls, those who choose to be bright and at the same time not get out of everyday life.
  2. Along with scarlet, cherry is just as popular. Long nails are perfectly combined with a deep wine shade coating.
  3. A long almond-shaped or square nail plate, with a neat manicure and covered with rich gel polish, will become a trend for both everyday and evening fashion.
  4. You can combine coatings, combining a solid with a jacket, or choose not a glossy, but a matte finish as an accent.
  5. Long matte nails will create a soft velvet effect.

burgundy manicure with design for long nails

Burgundy manicure ideas with design

Stylists use burgundy nails to make original bows, the design of which is characterized by extreme diversity:

  1. The most popular decor is the decoration of one or two fingers with rhinestones. Such an inlay with shiny elements, combined with a luxurious background, will be in place during parties and gala receptions.
  2. An excellent choice for everyday nail art would be a “cat’s eye”, decor with a matte top, a jacket, or, alternatively, a wine-colored gradient.
  3. For young girls or those who prefer brightness in everyday life, decor with stripes, shiny elements, pearl powder or the addition of a gold or silver shimmer to the main shade is suitable.
  4. You can show your individuality with the help of unusual patterns on the nails or inscriptions.

burgundy manicure ideas with design

Burgundy manicure ideas with design

burgundy nails designburgundy nail design

Burgundy glitter manicure

Glitter in nail design is used, like rubbing: a small amount is enough for decoration:

  1. A manicure in burgundy tones can be decorated with sparkles, which have both the smallest size in the form of a powder and a large diameter in the form of shiny confetti.
  2. You can not only sprinkle sequins on individual elements or the entire nail, you can lay out a pattern from large details or add rhinestones to the decor.
  3. Glitter of any shade of metallic goes well with a rich wine coating.

burgundy glitter manicureburgundy manicure

Burgundy manicure with gold

For luxurious bows, burgundy nail design with gold is extremely relevant. This combination is often chosen by lovers of warm shades. With gold powder or gel polish, you can decorate the holes on the burgundy coating, the tips of the nail, imitating a jacket, or simply draw all kinds of patterns. The combination of wine color with gold is one of the classics in nail art.

burgundy manicure with goldburgundy nail design with gold

Burgundy manicure with silver

Silver is the antagonist of gold. For lovers of cold shades in nail art, it is better to pay attention to the combination of wine gel polish with silver gel or decorative elements:

  1. Creating a burgundy manicure with a silver design, stylists follow the same rules as with gold. With silver gel or finely ground sparkles, you can decorate the nail hole, nail tip, geometric design.
  2. A burgundy manicure with foil is relevant; on such a coating, metallized strips of silver color, laid out with the help of this element, look great.

burgundy manicure with silverburgundy manicure 2019 fashion trends

Burgundy manicure «cat’s eye»

A beautiful burgundy manicure with the effect of a cat’s eye stone looks unsurpassed, it creates volume:

  1. Thanks to the special shimmering metallized particles that are part of the gel polish, the desired effect is created, imitating the internal iridescence of cat’s eye stone beads.
  2. For several years now, burgundy manicure with a shimmery design has remained popular and in demand. This color, combined with the three-dimensional deep texture of the cat’s eye, cannot be called restrained. On the contrary, this coating attracts attention, it is often chosen for decorating long almond-shaped nails.
  3. However, the «cat’s eye» is suitable for any length of the nail plate. Such a coating does not need additional design. The ease of application makes such nail art available for repetition on your own, at home.

burgundy cat eye manicurebeautiful burgundy manicure

Burgundy french nails

One of the most popular among fashionistas is reasonably recognized as a burgundy French manicure with a design:

  1. Many girls choose a classic white jacket on medium length nails as a daily, discreet and discreet design, suitable for everyday wear at home and at work. But the fashion for experiments has led to the fact that only a white jacket has ceased to be relevant and many women of fashion prefer to experiment with color, complementing the snow-white background with rich wine stripes at the tips.
  2. Decor in dark shades of red, which is also combined with wine, has become popular.
  3. A burgundy jacket manicure on nails of medium length will look extremely elegant if you do not add unnecessary details, do not load the nail plate with patterns or rhinestones.

burgundy french nailsburgundy french manicure

Burgundy manicure with rubbing

Rubbing as a way to decorate nails has recently come into fashion and immediately became a popular technique:

  1. Rubbing is a shimmering powder of finely ground mica and other elements of a mother-of-pearl shade. A small amount of rubbing powder is enough to decorate the surface of the nail.
  2. Pearlescent powder is applied with dense rubbing movements with a sponge or finger on the dried gel polish. A transparent top is applied on top.
  3. The main function of rubbing is to add a bright mother-of-pearl pearl shade to the main color of nail art.
  4. The pearl shades of the rub itself may differ slightly in tone. A manicure in burgundy tones with a rub-in design is used very actively, diluting the bright base color, turning it into a shimmering shade with a pearly sheen.

burgundy manicure with rubbing

Burgundy nails with rhinestones

A very common and favorite technique for girls is a burgundy nail design with rhinestones:

  1. To date, a huge variety of rhinestones has appeared on the nail art market, different in size, cut, shimmer and shape.
  2. Nail art decoration with stones looks very impressive and attracts attention. The most common rhinestones are round, small in size with multiple cuts.
  3. With the help of round rhinestones, fear without a cut in the form of pearls and rhinestones in the form of geometric shapes, an experienced craftsman can lay out an intricate inlay on the surface of the nail.
  4. Rhinestones of a light «brilliant» shade perfectly contrast with the main color of the gel polish.
  5. You can combine types of decor by combining a solid coating, jacket and rhinestones. Often one or two fingers are decorated with pebbles.

burgundy nails with rhinestonesburgundy nail design with rhinestones

Burgundy manicure with a pattern

The drawing made by the master on the surface of the nail is a separate type of skill. The nail design looks especially impressive in this design, the burgundy color of which serves as the main background:

  1. Drawings and various types of nail painting are highly valued both among masters and among clients of numerous manicure salons. The wine shade of gel polish is an excellent background for the manifestation of the master’s creativity and the flight of his imagination. Against the background of such a coating, geometric patterns, applied manually with a brush and special paints, look great.
  2. In geometry, a combination of several shades is permissible, monochromatic with shimmering silver or gold.
  3. The drawings are more complex, in the form of flowers, cartoon characters or characters of comics and books — this is a delicate painstaking work done with the thinnest brush on the finished wine coating.
  4. On the surface of a gel polish of this color, flowers of a light shade, buds, voluminous placers of flowers, short hand-made inscriptions will look gorgeous.

burgundy manicure with a patternnail design burgundy color

Burgundy manicure geometry

Geometric patterns on nails are a trend of the last few years and will not go out of fashion for a few more seasons:

  1. Geometric shapes are created on the lacquer with the help of various stencils, stickers, less often by hand.
  2. If we take a burgundy manicure with a design as a basis, then patterns of light contrasting shades or, on the contrary, dark ones with a metallic effect, are perfect for such a background.
  3. Deep bronze shade, silver and copper are in the current fashion.
  4. With the help of geometric patterns, it is easiest to create asymmetry, with such a decor it will be most appropriate.
  5. Nail designs in burgundy tones and geometric patterns look great on both short and long nails.
  6. When building nails, you can resort to this technique, when the geometry will be created on individual fingers with wine gel polish.

burgundy manicure geometryburgundy nail design

Burgundy manicure with holes

Over the past few seasons in a row, the moon burgundy manicure has been considered a trend:

  1. Holes are light hemispheres at the base of the nail, which it has become fashionable to highlight when covering. These are free fantasies on the theme of French nail art and geometric motifs.
  2. When covered with wine gel polish, a burgundy moon manicure with a design can either be combined with a jacket or leave the holes unfilled.
  3. It must be remembered that the decor with holes goes to the owners of elongated nail plates, if we are talking about short nails, or to the owners of long nail art. This is due to the fact that the holes visually shorten the nail plate, so in combination with short or wide nails this is not the best design choice.

burgundy manicure with holesmoon burgundy manicure

Burgundy manicure with stripes

Vertical or horizontal stripes, a variety of diagonals and intersecting lines — all these are also elements of geometric nail art:

  1. Stripes can be called one of the most popular, simple and stylish types of nail art.
  2. Masters create stripes both manually and using stencils or special stickers.
  3. Metallic stickers, which are thin stripes, are applied directly to the coating and covered with a finish. The result is an incredibly spectacular manicure in burgundy with a striped design.
  4. The combination of intersecting lines is as relevant as geometry. With the help of crosshairs, a semblance of a mosaic is created, which can be highlighted in a contrasting color.
  5. With the help of stripes, you can highlight the jacket, hole, tip of the nail or divide the nail into two halves for an asymmetric design.

burgundy manicure with stripesburgundy manicure with design

Burgundy manicure with cobwebs

The “spider web” pattern is the arbitrary application of a multitude of the thinnest lines to the coating, the lines intersect a large number of times, imitating the finest threads of the cobweb:

  1. Such nail decoration is performed either with the help of special openwork stickers, but often manually with a thin brush, the paint with which is randomly applied to the surface of the nail.
  2. The “spider web” pattern on wine gel polish will look impressive if it is a web of dark, light color or any metallic shade. The main background is a maroon nail design.
  3. The cobweb can also be combined in a combined nail art, where it is applied to a transparent coating. The neat execution of the web speaks of the subtlety and professionalism of the master.

burgundy manicure with cobwebs

Burgundy manicure gradient

The gradient came to the nail industry as an opportunity to depict a spectrum of shade transitions on the nails.

  1. If a few years ago the gradient was performed entirely by hand, selecting and mixing paints, guessing the right shade, today masters perform any kind of gradient using a special automatic device that evenly sprays the paint over the surface of the nail.
  2. The most popular gradient options in which burgundy nails design 2019 is presented are from deep black through maroon to wine and from white through soft pink to burgundy.
  3. Burgundy manicure on sharp nails or applied to plates of any other shape, can be either vertical or horizontal.

burgundy manicure gradientburgundy manicure with design 2019


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