Business clothes for women

A modern woman is more than just a hostess, she strives for independence and wants to feel confident in any situation. It’s not hard to be a queen in your home kitchen. At work, the competition for the throne is too high, and here it is important to choose an outfit that will help not only look good, but also prove to others your importance.

Stylish business clothes for women can easily hide the flaws of the figure, while emphasizing its dignity. The main thing is to choose it correctly, taking into account your height and features of the silhouette.

Image of a business woman

A strict dress code in a company or enterprise is not a reason to be a gray mouse. A modern business woman can afford much more than just a penguin suit. Of course, you will have to forget about sneakers, tight-fitting knitted dresses, but no one forbids including, within reasonable limits, elements of country or military style into your outfit.

A business lady’s wardrobe always includes a suit, a pencil skirt and trousers with a jacket. And yet you can always play with the material and shades. If you choose cardigans, jackets, cardigans, boleros and blazers of different styles and lengths in a certain color scheme and style, you can significantly diversify the business style of clothing for women. And by adding neckerchiefs, bows, collars, frills and ties to the outfit, you can give your image a uniqueness and zest for which your bosses will love you and clients will recognize you.

Fashionable business clothing for women this year suggests the presence of a frill with a separate collar — lace or made of fabric, leather, beads and glass beads. If a blouse is chosen as the top, then a jacket or its equivalent must be present on top of it.

Basic business woman wardrobe

Every business woman has at least one black and white suit in her wardrobe. The combination of «white top — black bottom» has long been associated with a strict business style. The suit should be a slightly fitted, elongated silhouette, of moderate length, the jacket should reach the hip line, and the sleeve length should reach the beginning of the hand (as an option, the arm can be closed by three quarters, but in no case less).

A pencil skirt is also a must-have attribute of a business woman’s wardrobe. In 2013, designers once again pay tribute to this piece of clothing, bringing it to almost every one of their collections.

It is believed that for work you can combine a suit with turtlenecks and blouses. And yet, every business woman will not be mistaken if she decorates the outfit with a stylish shirt.

Outerwear should also match the business image. The optimal colors for a raincoat and coat are black, navy blue and beige.

From shoes, you should give preference to pumps, models with medium, high heels or platform.

office skirts

Clothing for a business woman implies a knee-length skirt or even a little lower. The maximum that you can afford is to bring it to the ankles or make it slightly above the knee. This is a classic version of the «bottom» of a women’s suit.

For the office, you can choose a pencil skirt, a tulip skirt and even a flared skirt if you combine it with a completely closed top or decorate it with drapery, buttons, zippers or lacing.

In the new season, designers also offer to complement the wardrobe of a business woman with a skirt with patch pockets with printed prints on them. However, with such additional elements, it is better to be careful not to transfer the business attire to the casual category.

It is absolutely not necessary to be a fashion expert to be able to choose clothes that emphasize individuality and femininity. The main thing to remember is that the brighter the wardrobe element, the stricter in its cut it should be. Elegant, well-chosen women’s office wear can attract much more attention to you than an outfit that exposes most of the silhouette.


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