Caramel hair color - who suits and how to choose the right shade?

Among many fashionistas, caramel hair color is justifiably popular. This is due to the fact that he is able to favorably emphasize the dignity of appearance, to present it in the most advantageous light. However, it is worth considering certain points so that the tone of the strands is in perfect harmony with the skin tone of the girl.

Who suits caramel hair color?

Many young ladies are interested in knowing who suits caramel hair color? This shade is able to approach different types of appearance, but there are certain exceptions. When choosing the tone of the strands, it is worth considering the following:

  1. Caramel hair color is a warm tone, so skin tone should also be appropriate. For example, these are swarthy beauties, with a peach, bronze skin tone or a tone known as “baked milk”.
  2. Eye color can be absolutely anything, but when it comes to brown-eyed girls, it is preferable that the shade of the eyes be close to light, if it is too dark, then there is a possibility of some disharmony.
  3. From the caramel color of the strands, it is better to refrain from young ladies with a cold color type. This is expressed in the presence of a very light, milky or porcelain skin tone.

caramel hair color who suitswho suits caramel hair colorshades of caramel hair color

Caramel hair color for green eyes

Chic caramel hair is perfect for green-eyed beauties:

  1. The ideal solution would be to choose a shade of strands as close as possible to red. This color is reasonably considered the most suitable for green eyes. Therefore, it is welcome when caramel hair color contains reddish or honey notes.
  2. A light wheat shade will also look unsurpassed, like other light colors. They all go great with green eyes.

caramel hair color for green eyes

Caramel hair color for brown eyes

Especially careful selection requires caramel hair color for brown-eyed girls:

  1. Be sure to take into account which tone the eye color is closer to: light or dark. Based on this, the selection of the tone of the strands will be carried out.
  2. Brown amber eyes, which can be called light rather than dark, can be combined with light caramel. This option will look very organic.
  3. Darker brown eyes will look better with dark caramel curls. At the same time, it is worth considering that young ladies who have a dark brown eye color that is almost close to black are advised to refrain from such coloring at all.

caramel hair color for brown eyes

caramel hair color for blue eyes

Spectacular and luxurious caramel hair looks unsurpassed in combination with blue eyes:

  1. The shade of the strands can be chosen absolutely any, the skin tone will play a decisive role.
  2. If the skin of the young lady is peach or the color of baked milk, then any light caramel combinations are acceptable. Curls with an ashy or pinkish undertone look great.
  3. Dark-skinned beauties are advised to pay attention to caramel hair color with dark, chocolate or reddish notes.

caramel hair color for blue eyes

Caramel shades of hair

The original caramel hair color can have many shades, among which are the following:

  • a pure caramel shade that is very difficult to achieve. The master must show real art when coloring, since it is very easy to break the line between this tone and blond;
  • if you want to make the image unusual and bring cold notes to it, you can turn to an ashy shade that will balance the solar warmth of caramel;
  • young women of fashion will appreciate the combination with pink, this is the current trend of recent seasons, which looks very extraordinary and at the same time feminine;
  • so that the strands look harmonious with one or another skin tone, the hair color is dark caramel or, on the contrary, a light shade;
  • Incredible sophistication and nobility will give the image such a color as milk chocolate.

caramel hair colorscaramel hair

Caramel red hair color

A stunningly spectacular appearance provides an opportunity to create shades of caramel hair color, close to red. At the same time, the tonality may differ and be selected taking into account the individual characteristics of a particular color type:

  • red caramel hair color can be bright and saturated. This option is ideal for young ladies with green eyes, reddish notes are in perfect harmony with their type of appearance, and the caramel addition gives the image softness and tenderness;
  • a red tint can also be light, honey, this option looks unsurpassed on the fair sex, endowed by nature with light brown hair or a shade of blond;
  • when choosing a color, it is important to take into account compatibility with eyebrows and eyelashes, they should not be too dark so that there is no disharmony.

caramel red hair colorshades of caramel hair color

Dark caramel hair color

Girls who naturally have dark curls are advised to opt for such an option as caramel-chestnut hair color:

  • such a tonality will be ideally combined with dark or bronze skin, brown or greenish-brown eyes;
  • the shade of the eyes should still be light or medium, too dark, close to black eyes will look unfavorable with caramel, there is a high probability of disharmony.

dark caramel hair color

Light caramel hair color

For girls who are naturally blonde, caramel blonde hair color is perfect:

  • its difference from the traditional light shade lies in the presence of warm golden notes, while the curls acquire indescribable highlights, effectively playing in the sun;
  • When choosing the right shade, it is important to ensure that it does not merge with the skin tone. Due to the fact that caramel is presented in a wide color palette, this will not be difficult to avoid.

light caramel hair colorhair color caramel blondecaramel hair

Caramel ash hair color

For young fashionistas, caramel-blond hair color with ashy notes will be a godsend:

  • this tone looks unsurpassed with blue or gray eyes;
  • the combination of warm caramel and cold ash helps to make the image unusual and at the same time incredibly refined;
  • age ladies should refrain from such a design, since ashes are often associated with gray hair, so a woman may look a little older.

caramel ash hair color

caramel pink hair color

A fashion trend that has not lost its first position over the past few seasons is pink-honey-caramel hair color:

  • this option was appreciated by young girls who want to stand out from the crowd. The advantage of this tone is that it does not look too catchy and defiant, the image looks gentle and romantic, but at the same time provides an opportunity to express one’s individuality;
  • as for the tone of the skin, it should be light, but at the same time warm — this combination with these strands looks extremely advantageous.

caramel pink hair colorcaramel hair

Hair color milk chocolate with caramel

Caramel chocolate can give extreme sophistication and nobility — a hair color that is ideal for beauties with a bronze tan or dark skin tone:

  • when applying this color, the strands look like dark, but at the same time they acquire juicy, rich notes. With the help of this technique, you can advantageously emphasize the dignity of appearance;
  • for certain young ladies there is a taboo on chocolate caramel hair color. This applies to the fair sex, whom nature has endowed with a certain color type: their light skin tone contrasts with dark eyes.

hair color milk chocolate with caramel

Caramel hair coloring

To get a spectacular caramel shade, you need to determine the features of your natural curls:

  1. It is very easy for blondes or fair-haired women to cope with the task. They can be limited to the need to apply the desired paint to the strands. As an experiment, even tinted shampoos or hair toning products are suitable. Blondes can use any shade of caramel, be it ash, pink or any other tone.
  2. Brunettes and redheads will have a harder time. To completely color the strands in caramel color, they will first have to be lightened. Therefore, they are advised to use gentle techniques that will help avoid severe damage to the curls. For example, it can be caramel hair color with highlights, ombre, balayage, shatush.

caramel hair colorcaramel hair

Hair color caramel with highlights

Caramel highlighting on dark hair looks extremely luxurious:

  • while the color of the curls remains natural, but it alternates with caramel strands;
  • such highlighting is ideal for dark strands, because in order to get the classic coloring option, which involves the use of a blond, you will have to try hard, it is possible that significant harm will be caused to the hair;
  • in addition, dark hair in combination with highly lightened strands look inorganic, which cannot be said about caramel, which will harmoniously shade and complement the natural shade of curls.

hair color caramel with highlights

Balayazh on caramel hair

Another stylish and incredibly fashionable solution will be caramel balayage on dark hair:

  • the technique consists in the fact that smears of a different, lighter, in this case, caramel tone are applied to the strands, as it were;
  • with the help of such techniques, the effect of sun glare is created on the curls, thanks to which they uniquely play and shimmer in the sun.

balayazh on caramel haircaramel balayage for dark hair

Caramel ombre for dark hair

Natural dark strands can harmoniously complement light caramel hair color if the ombre technique is used:

  • it lies in the fact that the natural color of the hair is preserved at the crown, which, closer to the middle, begins to smoothly turn into a different shade;
  • ombre has gained reasonable popularity among fashionistas due to its spectacular appearance and practicality, because you don’t have to worry too much about the hairstyle even when the roots grow significantly;
  • the combination of caramel with dark colors is very harmonious, this is one of the most winning combinations.

caramel ombre for dark hair

Caramel shatush for dark hair

Caramel hair color will look unsurpassed on short hair or on elongated strands when the shatush technique is used to create a hairstyle:

  • it is in many ways similar to balayage, the strands look as if they were burnt out in the sun. A feature of the technique is the so-called «stretching» of color, in which staining is carried out in the open air;
  • the difference from highlighting and ombre is the absence of clear boundaries, color transitions are blurred and randomly arranged;
  • caramel is the perfect tone to apply the shatush technique to dark hair, the hairstyle will look incredibly sophisticated, but at the same time as natural as possible.

caramel shatush for dark hair


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