The extraordinary style of Carrie Bradshaw

The series «Sex and the City» made such a big splash that fans took it apart for quotes, they will be able to guess the series by frame, and the name of one of the four girlfriends became a household name for fashionistas, thanks to the style of Carrie Bradshaw. Describing the best images of the heroine, we can say that they are on the verge between bad taste and an example to follow.

The best images of Carrie Bradshaw

Since the creators have worked thoroughly on the outfits, it is difficult to choose only one look that impresses with uniqueness once and for all. For example, creative people who, by the will of fate, have to appear in the office, should take note of such an outfit in the style of Carrie Bradshaw, like a pink white-striped shirt with a sleeve to the elbow, worn under a white vest. Bottom — white trousers and a casually tied black tie. On her feet — open sandals to match the tie and an unusual handbag.

But mostly the images of Carrie Bradshaw amaze with their brightness and extravagance. This is achieved through a bold combination of different shades that help create an eye-catching outfit that can be described as immediately conspicuous and even somewhat flashy. An interesting detail of the wardrobe, which many women of fashion have taken as the basis for creating images, is the famous tulle skirt.

memorable images of carrie bradshaw

Interesting images of Carrie Bradshaw

carrie bradshaw outfits

Carrie Bradshaw Dresses

All images of the ironic heroine are a mixture of brightness, style, with an admixture of a small amount of bad taste. Dresses are fully consistent with this description. Fans, inspired by the images of the journalist, began to sew the same outfits for themselves. Fashion studios do not lag behind them and offer exact copies of images. Dresses occupy the lion’s share of the entire wardrobe of the heroine, while each has its own purpose.

Among the most memorable outfits that fashionistas can adopt, imitating a screen journalist in their style, are the following:

  • white dress with a V-shaped deep neckline and three-quarter sleeves — suitable for everyday wear;
  • if you need to impress with a daring outfit, then combine the pink dress of Carrie Bradshaw, corresponding to the style of the case, with a wide black belt and low heeled shoes. As an accessory, a string of white pearls is suitable;
  • Don’t discount the multi-colored pieces — a pleated lavender spaghetti strap dress plus a pink bucket bag. The result is an extravagant but memorable look for the summer, which maximally reflects the style of Carrie Bradshaw;
  • a resounding success was a white dress, made in an extraordinary style, which was facilitated by the presence of such a bright memorable detail as a flower on the shoulder.

carrie bradshaw dresses

Carrie Bradshaw outfits

Carrie Bradshaw blue and pink dress

Carrie Bradshaw shoes

A topic that deserves special and closest attention is Carrie Bradshaw’s shoes, since the heroine had a huge weakness for expensive products. There is hardly a woman who will have as many shoes as she had. The main fund of the collection is Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite Manolo Blahnik shoes, they are especially recognized by the on-screen fashionista, and only a small part is reserved for Jimmy Choo. All available shoes differ in style and color, the only thing in common is the hairpin, which the heroine remained true to all six seasons.

carrie bradshaw shoes

Carrie Bradshaw shoes

carrie bradshaw images

Carrie Bradshaw skirt

An indelible impression on the audience was made by Carrie Bradshaw in a tulle skirt. She looked so natural in this style that the creators of the series did not fail to use this wardrobe detail for the main frame, which begins each episode. This style of skirt is suitable for a romantic date, because the light fabric creates the effect of airiness and weightlessness. The product can be of any color and combined with a completely inappropriate top.

Fashionistas who want to use such an item in their wardrobe as a Carrie Bradshaw style skirt should pay attention to such points:

  • along with the white skirt used in the opening shots of the episodes, the stylists added a midi skirt in off-white tulle, which the heroine wore with a tank top, jacket, and even a denim jacket. As for shoes, they are invariably classic pumps;
  • as a fashionable experiment, you can wear a tulle skirt with sneakers or platform shoes. If you already resemble Carrie in style, then you should adopt her habits of mixing incongruous.

skirt carrie bradshaw

Carrie Bradshaw in a tulle skirt

Carrie Bradshaw's best looks

Jewelry by Carrie Bradshaw

The jewelry of the main character of the Sex and the City series is often sought to be copied, because they are original. The way the stylists came up with the idea of ​​dressing the journalist will not work for anyone else. For example, Carrie Bradshaw’s outfits are complemented by beads wrapped around her neck three times. Basically, the emphasis is on having more jewelry, then it will be possible to achieve the maximum similarity with Carrie’s style.

carrie bradshaw hairstyle

Original jewelry by Carrie Bradshaw

carrie bradshaw jewelry

Carrie Bradshaw bags

The heroine’s bags are also characterized by originality and extravagance. They complement the looks of Carrie Bradshaw in outerwear, as well as light summer outfits. All of them are produced by famous fashion houses and are incredibly expensive. Through the efforts of stylists, both small compact handbags and huge ones have become incredibly popular. Bags play one of the main roles in creating a memorable image, so they are equipped with original decorative elements or made in bright saturated colors.

carrie bradshaw outfits

Carrie Bradshaw bags

Carrie Bradshaw's best looks

Carrie Bradshaw wedding look

The wedding image in the series is given special attention, because the heroine went to him for 10 years, and as a result, she married the man of her dreams. Even at her own wedding, she managed to distinguish herself. The traditional veil and white wedding dress of Carrie Bradshaw were present, only they were sewn in the true spirit of the on-screen celebrity. A turquoise peacock feather crowned her head, scarlet lipstick flaunted on her lips, and the hem of her dress was the same as beaten egg whites. The outfit was completed with stud earrings and sandals in golden tones.

carrie bradshaw wedding look

Bride Carrie Bradshaw

carrie bradshaw wedding dress

Carrie Bradshaw hairstyle

The main character’s hairstyles have changed throughout the series. As the main ones that most accurately characterize the style of Carrie Bradshaw, we can list:

  1. First, she appears before the audience with long hair curled with a small «demon».
  2. Then the curls gradually straighten out, although the high forehead, which the heroine was advised to hide, invariably remains open.
  3. The second season of the series gave the opportunity to see Carrie with straightened hair, collected in a bun, ponytail.
  4. It looks very interesting on Carrie Bradshaw short haircut. Short hair owners have a lot to learn from her in the fourth season, when she cut off her hair to the lobes of her ears. The heroine curls them and straightens them, but always remains elegant.

carrie bradshaw hairstyle

Different hairstyles Carrie Bradshaw

actress carrie bradshaw

Makeup Carrie Bradshaw

The make-up of a screen journalist is naturalness in everything, which is still in fashion today. To repeat the image and create the style of Carrie Bradshaw, use:

  • shadows with beige, light shades and the color of asphalt;
  • base for shadows;
  • transparent shimmering powder;
  • gel eyeliner;
  • artificial eyelashes.

Actress Carrie Bradshaw used makeup, which is applied in this way:

  1. First, a base is applied, then shimmering powder is applied to the entire moving eyelid.
  2. Dark beige shadows are added to the outer corner, and shades of nude are added to the center.
  3. Gently shade dark shadows with a soft brush and draw arrows with a small tail, but not much lengthening it.
  4. Apply mascara and glue eyelashes.

carrie bradshaw hairstyle

Everyday makeup Carrie Bradshaw

images of carrie bradshaw in outerwear


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