Cascade without bangs for medium hair - what does it look like and who does the haircut suit?

A cascade without bangs for medium hair is not only a hairstyle that has long been loved by many women and girls, but also a favorite haircut of mega stars, especially not with ideal facial features, because a cascade, due to its execution technology, can bring any shape to a generally accepted oval. Suitable for everyone, both plump beauties and slender fashionistas.

What does a cascade haircut look like without bangs?

  1. The main types of cascade for medium hair without bangs have been known since the last century. Universal and suitable for everyone, without exception, this is a classic cascade, which is done by a multi-stage haircut with falling strands. Elongated front curls, profiled with a ladder, beautifully frame the face, giving it the right shape.
  2. Leading stylists separately single out modern mixes, bob-cascade and square-cascade, when two classics merge together, you get an amazing idea that is suitable not only for every day, but also with proper styling — for a holiday and celebration.

what does a cascade haircut look like without bangstypes of cascade on medium hair without bangs

  1. A cascade without bangs for thick medium hair is a graduated and torn cascade, when individual strands acquire clear cuts, the hairstyle itself turns out to be very voluminous and lush, with the effect of slight negligence.
  2. The trend of 2021 is a combination of two seemingly identical haircuts, a cascade and a short flight of stairs. Experienced hairdressers skillfully combine them into one, resulting in a stunning hairstyle suitable for both wavy and straight, both for thin and thick hair.

Classic cascade without bangs

The always relevant and fashionable classic cascade for medium hair without bangs is performed from the top of the head, where the shortest cut is made. Then sections gradually fall down in strands to the shoulders or slightly lower, depending on the length of the hair. This type of haircut helps to visually remove too protruding cheekbones and large cheeks. After all, the front curls with a classic cascade without bangs become slightly elongated and gradually fade away, as if framing the face with pretty curls or even strands.

classic cascade without bangsclassic cascade for medium hair without bangs

A cascade without bangs for medium hair in the classics attracts at the same time with its simplicity of execution and originality of the idea. Small waves and drops starting from the crown contribute to the fact that your hairstyle becomes lush and voluminous, even if you have naturally thin and brittle hair. On thick hair, this hairstyle looks simply amazing, while it also hides minor errors in appearance, bringing your face shape to a perfect oval.

Cascade on medium wavy hair without bangs

So that the cascade on curly hair without bangs does not lose its attractiveness, experienced hairdressers advise making it structured or graduated with an emphasis on the classics. You should not make too lush thinning, thin out the strands, make feathers, because they will be lost on curly curls. A hat is also not the best solution. Therefore, stylists prefer to make a multi-stage haircut for curly curls, starting from the crown and down, with elongated front strands. So you can achieve a trendy effect of slight negligence.

cascade on medium wavy hair without bangs

A cascade without bangs on medium wavy hair, which is still not too thick, will be perfect if you combine it with a ladder. Make a multi-stage haircut with clear transitions, preferably in three layers. Then the styling will be easy, and the hairstyle will be lush and beautiful, suitable not only for every day, but also for festive events. Lovers of extravagance can afford to make asymmetry on wavy curls, which will add splendor and non-triviality to the overall appearance.

cascade on curly hair without bangs

Cascade on medium straight hair without bangs

The ideal choice would be a cascade for medium thin hair without bangs, if you also have straight hair. In this scenario, any of the techniques will suit you:

  • classic will give thin hair randomness and splendor;
  • asymmetric will make you a little mysterious, and your hairstyle will be uniquely attractive;
  • torn and a hat, feathers and additional thinning will create a lot of volume, at which it will not be noticeable that you have thin and brittle hair;
  • round will allow your face to become oval, and the front strands will soften small facial errors;

cascade on medium straight hair without bangs

  • a double cascade without bangs on medium hair will recreate a colossal volume and trendy chaotic negligence;
  • structured, like Aurora, like a short flight of stairs, suitable for all occasions, a very relevant haircut for thin and not thick hair;
  • graduated, consisting of classics and torn hairstyles, will raise the top of the head as much as possible;
  • a mix of bob-cascade and caret-cascade will be the perfect choice for straight hair, revealing the beauty of your even strands.

cascade on medium thin hair without bangs

Bob cascade for medium hair without bangs

Bob-cascade without bangs is a great mixture of two classic haircuts, and they can be modified in one hairstyle in a variety of techniques. A cascade without bangs on medium hair with bob elements will give your look completeness, perfect grooming. Hair will be obedient and not as lush as with conventional cascading styling. The front strands are straightened, slightly elongated, the parting can be either side or central, if desired.

bob cascade on medium hair without bangsbob cascade without bangs

Double cascade for medium hair without bangs

Double cascade without bangs consists of two tiers. The first multi-stage tier is made with a cap and goes from the top of the head to the neckline at an average length. The second is a cascade without bangs for medium hair, starting from the line where the first tier ended, in our case from the neckline to the shoulders, although the average length can be slightly below the shoulders. There can be several cuts in this hairstyle, from two to three, as in a structured haircut.

double cascade on medium hair without bangsdouble cascade without bangs

Round cascade for medium hair without bangs

The round cascade without bangs got its name because of the shape, which looks like a ball or circle. A fluffy hat is cut in the crown area. The hairdresser creates rounded lines of lines, forms the correct silhouette of the head. The result keeps the given form for three months. Then a correction is required. However, the ladder is also present in this hairstyle, the longest are the lower curls, and the closer to the crown, the shorter. Although the cap goes from the top of the head to the middle of the ears.

round cascade on medium hair without bangs

A round haircut cascade for medium hair without bangs is not for every master. Only experienced hairdressers can give the desired shape to your hair, while making the appearance attractive. The best option for a round hairstyle also needs to be selected taking into account the features of the appearance and shape of the face, so that the round face does not become a full ball, but tends to a perfect oval.

round cascade without bangs

Graduated cascade for medium hair without bangs

A graduated cascade without bangs can be classic or torn, here the choice will already depend on your type and the experience of the hairdresser. Multi-stage transitions go in several layers, you can create a cap, but at the same time carefully profile the tips and strands. Torn feathers can be put all over the haircut. However, leading stylists make them zones. You can separately make feathers along the back of the head, along the temples on the side or in front of the face. Framing torn strands will add more splendor to the whole hairstyle.

graduated cascade on medium hair without bangs

A cascade without bangs will turn out perfect in a graduated form if it is combined with Aurora and a short flight of stairs, although the elements of these haircuts are already laid down in the foundations of the cascade technique itself. A voluminous rounded Aurora hat, a multi-stage ladder in combination with graduated curls will give the hairstyle a touch of attractiveness, a certain charm, removing the effect of deliberate negligence. This will allow in the future even to independently make magnificent styling with a hairdryer.

graduated cascade without bangs

Cascade on a square without bangs

What could be more attractive than a timeless classic? Only the general mix is ​​an elongated caret-cascade without bangs, when two beautiful haircuts are combined, an even caret and a multi-stage cascade. At the same time, volume is created at the crown due to the ladder, and the main long curls are cut in an even layer, like a square. The cut can be even and oblique, with an extension to the face and a leg on the neck. Here the choice depends on personal preferences and the skill of the hairdresser.

cascade on square without bangselongated caret cascade without bangs

Ragged cascade on medium hair without bangs

A torn cascade without bangs has a number of features. Firstly, these are uneven, torn, carefully profiled ends of all strands of hair. Secondly, not only the ends of the strands are cut off evenly, but also the cuts of the main lines, due to which the effect of a ragged haircut is created. In some cases, a hat is made with an oblique cut and thinning, and is laid with feathers. The cut is made at an angle of forty-five degrees. This torn shape creates a deliberate mess, volume and mischief.

torn cascade on medium hair without bangstorn cascade without bangs

Haircut cascade ladder without bangs

What does a ladder cascade look like on medium hair without bangs? It is very impressive, because falling cascading strands are added to the structuredness and layering of the ladder. This stunning mix creates a unique hairstyle with a touch of casualness and full volume. The splendor of hair with this hairstyle becomes maximum, deliberate. The crown can be made with a hat with uneven and torn edges, and the main length is a cascading wave from the back of the head.

haircut cascade ladder without bangscascade ladder for medium hair without bangs

Cascade styling without bangs

To make styling on medium hair of a cascade without bangs perfect, you need to wet your hair or wash it. Wet curls are divided into strands and with the help of a hair dryer they begin to lift slightly up and twist down, stretching them and slightly leveling. It is better to first dry and lay the top from the crown, and then go down smoothly, drying, leveling and laying the main cascading strands, observing the order of the layers.

cascade styling without bangsstyling on medium hair cascade without bangs


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