Casual hairstyles - 36 photos of fashionable options for hair of any length

Well-groomed hair, neatly styled, secured with stylish accessories — this is something that will not go out of fashion and will be relevant for many seasons in a row. Particular attention in the appearance of every woman should be given to strands, everyday hairstyles play an important role in this.

Casual hairstyles 2018

When creating original bows, stylists use fashionable everyday hairstyles 2018. You can identify their characteristics:

  1. The most relevant styling option is well-groomed and healthy hair in any variation of length and color.
  2. Just like out of fashion classics in clothes, so is loose hair out of fashion. They can be with bangs of any length and type, without bangs, in a straight or side parting, but loose hair is invariably feminine.
  3. In 2018, all kinds of braid weaving are still relevant.
  4. Much attention is paid to hair accessories that will help emphasize individuality and beauty.
  5. The most comfortable everyday option that features everyday hairstyles are ponytails and buns, which are suitable for almost any length.

casual hairstyles 2018trendy casual hairstyles 2018

Casual hairstyles for long hair

Owners of luxurious curls will be able to create everyday hairstyles for long hair. Choosing the current option, you can experiment with accessories, types of braid weaving, beam height and symmetry. However, there are points to consider:

  1. Everyday hairstyles should be simple and practical, not interfere with everyday life and leisure.
  2. If we are talking about French braids and «spikelets», they can be worn for several days in a row, without weaving correction.
  3. The beams are especially voluminous — this must be taken into account.
  4. The “malvina” styling with hair gathered on the sides can be collected both in a ponytail and in a small bun, or a pigtail is also braided.

everyday hairstyles for long hair

Everyday hairstyles for medium hair

Medium strands, like long ones, accept many experiments. You can create incredibly beautiful everyday hairstyles for medium hair:

  1. All kinds of bunches look great, deliberately careless or smooth.
  2. The average hair length also looks good in weaving French braids and spikelets.
  3. It is easy to wind this length on a thick curling iron and lay it in curls or, on the contrary, walk along them with an iron or corrugation, then fix it on the back of the head in a bun or tail.
  4. Medium length hair is well collected high on the crown, so there is the possibility of experimenting with styling height.
  5. All kinds of accessories, hairpins and headbands will refresh and complement everyday hairstyles for medium-length hair. They will not be superfluous, on the contrary, they will come to the place.

casual hairstyles for medium hair

Casual hairstyles for short hair

With short hair, the possibility of experimentation is slightly limited, in contrast to the average and maximum length. Short hair is almost impossible to braid, but there are very successful women’s everyday hairstyles:

  • a short square can be assembled into a «malvina»;
  • a short asymmetrical haircut can allow any kind of styling, especially those that are done in haste with hair mousses;
  • with short strands, you can combine many accessories. All sorts of bandages, hairpins, «invisibles», and small «crabs» look original and very youthful. With their help, you can pick up hair from the forehead, twist it into bundles and imitate fine weaving of braids, which is extremely difficult on shortened strands.

casual hairstyles for short hair

Beautiful everyday hairstyles

Stylists use numerous ideas for everyday hairstyles. You can create beautiful styling with your own hands with a minimum of time and effort spent:

  • a high bun of braids looks original and stylish;
  • you can collect a high tail, secure it with an elastic band for hair and hide the elastic band under a pigtail braided from a thin strand;
  • winding large curls, straightening them and pinning them on the sides with hairpins, you can create a romantic styling for every day;
  • A French braid, braided instead of a rim, looks great with or without bangs.

beautiful everyday hairstyleseveryday hairstyle ideas

Casual hairstyles on a bob

Kare of different lengths, as well as a short haircut, are not very variable, with their help you can create unsurpassed everyday hairstyles for shoulder-length hair. When creating them, consider the following:

  • the main technique in caring for a bob haircut is careful styling;
  • Kare loves geometry, regardless of whether the haircut is asymmetrical or not. Therefore, the first thing you should pay attention to is high-quality styling with a hair dryer, ironing, large curling iron or nozzles with fine corrugation;
  • a medium-length bob can be assembled into a cute “malvina” hairstyle, which looks very original on this haircut;
  • with the help of hair clips or headbands, the caret is collected in a light bun, slightly removed on the sides or fixed at the back of the head.

everyday bob hairstyles

Casual hairstyle with corrugation

The corrugation effect is popular among those girls who strive for additional hair volume. This is a good technique for adding volume to hair that is naturally smooth. In addition, corrugation is a great way to quickly and easily style hair of any type and create a stylish hairstyle for everyday life. To do this, you must have tongs or special nozzles with different wave sizes:

  1. Styling with corrugated strands can be worn both on loose strands and gathered in a bun or tail.
  2. By spending a little more time styling, you can get corrugation on all hair, and not on individual strands.
  3. If a nozzle with a medium wave size is used, then such styling may well have an afro effect.
  4. Having given a basal volume with the help of a small corrugation, you can collect the hair in a careless bun, then go through the free strands with tongs again.

casual hairstyle with frills

Casual hairstyles with loose hair

Loose hair of any length looks equally good. The main condition is regular care, then they will have a healthy and well-groomed appearance. There are the following easy everyday hairstyles:

  1. The most popular option is loose hair, divided into a straight parting. This technique is suitable for straight strands without bangs.
  2. Curly curls can be further emphasized with different styling products, such as mousses, wax or gel.
  3. Loose hair with bangs looks very youthful, and of any length with bangs of any kind.
  4. Loose hair can be gathered into a Malvina hairstyle with a bun at the back of the head or crown, or pinned up on the sides with small hairpins.
  5. Any kind of hair accessory is good to use with loose hair.

casual hairstyles with loose haireasy everyday hairstyles

Everyday braid hairstyles

Braids have been popular with fashionistas for many seasons due to their simplicity and beauty at the same time. With their help, a variety of everyday hairstyles for every day are formed:

  1. You can make different bunches, ponytails, use headbands and collect strands up.
  2. The popularity of braids has grown exponentially. All because of the spread of the technique of weaving French braids and «spikelets». With the help of the French braiding technique, you can create the most intricate everyday hairstyles, completely putting your hair in braids or leaving it loose.
  3. With additional fixation, weaving the “spikelet” can last up to three days. It is very convenient on vacation and during out-of-town trips. Types of weaving French braids are available and not difficult.

everyday hairstyles braids

Everyday voluminous hairstyles

Some girls try to achieve additional hair volume not only when styling for various special occasions, but also in everyday life. There are the following everyday voluminous hairstyles:

  1. Someone’s hair has a large volume, then it will not be difficult for them to collect a lush bun at the back of the head, releasing a few strands on the sides.
  2. Naturally voluminous hair often has a «naughty» structure, exposed to moisture and wind. But such a feature is only in favor. Voluminous hair looks great in the form of braids and ponytails gathered at the crown.
  3. Both voluminous everyday hairstyles with and without bangs are common, with hair combed back or parted.
  4. Strands devoid of volume must first either be slightly twisted or walked with tongs with a corrugated effect. Then any styling that is applicable to voluminous hair is possible: careless buns, tails, weaving of any braids and styling with headbands and hairpins.

everyday voluminous hairstyles

Casual hairstyles

The buns are the perfect variation to present everyday gathered hairstyles. For many years, a bun has been helping out any girl with medium-length hair. It can be casually collected during lectures at the university, at home, so that the strands do not interfere even during the summer heat. For girls with a small amount of hair, special soft rollers of different sizes come to the rescue, which help to collect a large and voluminous bundle. It can look like an office option, and like a careless bunch, thanks to extra strands that can be combed smoothly or, conversely, released.

casual hairstyles buns

High casual hairstyle

High simple everyday hairstyles visually lengthen the neckline and make the cheekbone line higher. They come in the following variations:

  1. Many girls try to collect their hair high and secure it with an elastic band or hairpins.
  2. The simplest option in which everyday hairstyles are presented is a high ponytail, which is gathered with an elastic band.
  3. If the length allows, then you can raise the strands as high as you like. A simple ponytail at the crown can be easily remade into a high sloppy bun or, on the contrary, smoothly collected.
  4. You can fix the strands with several hairpins or a “crab” hairpin.
  5. A high «malvina» is suitable not only for long hair, but also for medium length and even a square. You can fix them on top both in a regular tail and in a bun.

high casual hairstyle

Casual hairstyles with bangs

It has been proven that a bang of any length visually rejuvenates its owner. There are many forms of bangs. This is straight, and oblique, and bangs in the shape of a horseshoe, and extremely short bangs. Knowing the type of hair and features of the shape of the face, an experienced stylist will easily select the unique shape of the bangs and create quick everyday hairstyles. The main thing is to maintain its length and care for it. You can designate the following design variations:

  1. Looks great bangs in the shape of a horseshoe with a careless haircut «cascade».
  2. A high ponytail or bun in addition to bangs of any shape is a great option for every day.
  3. With oblique bangs, a tail or a braid gathered to one side looks good, like a continuation of the line given by the bangs.

everyday hairstyles with bangs

Accessories for everyday hairstyles

Numerous fashionable everyday hairstyles often do not require special means of fixation. They are valid only if the strands are too «capricious» or rain or strong winds are expected. Casual stylish hairstyles are good because almost any girl can do them with a small number of accessories:

  1. One of the fashionable gizmos for everyday jewelry is the bezel, it can look like a hard ring or a soft bandage. Both loose strands and highly gathered bunches or «malvins» adorn such rims.
  2. The crab hairpin will perfectly complement any bow. Depending on its size, a hairpin can both fix both volumetric starts and lightly collect several strands.
  3. Hairpins, elastic bands and “invisible” hairpins are classics that should be on the dressing table of any fashionista, because with their help you can create a huge number of styling options.

accessories for everyday hairstylestrendy everyday hairstyles


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