Cat eye manicure - design to complement the most fashionable female images

Modern nail-art art is very diverse in terms of original and stylish ideas. Today, masters use simply incredible tools and techniques for creating fashion design. And one of the most popular solutions is cat’s eye manicure — a touch of mystery even in the most modest way.

Manicure cat’s eye 2018-2019

This stylish nail design features a glare stripe that creates the illusion of a cat’s eye. Fashionable nail-art has become one of the spectacular ways to add attractiveness and at the same time mystery, and even mysticism. Such ideas are easiest to make with a special magnet that creates a highlight. Masters recommend the use of sustainable, long-term materials. Therefore, in the trend manicure 2018 gel polish cat’s eye. However, an interesting effect can be conveyed on ordinary varnish. And the main difference is the direction of the strip:

  1. Vertical highlight. A light stripe is standardly presented vertically in an even shape. This option not only looks stylish, but is also visually able to lengthen the nail plate.
  2. Diagonally. Diagonal gloss looks especially unusual and original. However, the main advantage of such ideas is the ability to visually correct the surface, leveling out the flaws.
  3. Stripe on the side. If your main style is creative and non-standard, placing a highlight on the edge of the nail plate is a great choice for you. In this case, the strip can be wide blurry or narrow clear.

cat eye on short nails

For owners of nail plates of short length, such a fashionable option will be a real find. Thanks to the addition in the form of a light strip, the nails visually look longer, and the handles are generally more elegant. Nail design 2018 cat eye is popular both in dark and rich colors, and in light, delicate colors. And in this case, it is worth deciding on the goal of nail-art. If you want to make a catchy accent, it is better to stay on bright varnishes. For a gentle addition, pastel and nude shades are suitable. The current form of short length is considered to be a soft square, almond and an oval outline.

cat eye on short nails

Cat eye manicure for long nails

For girls with beautiful long «claws» there are no restrictions in the manifestation of fantasy. On a large surface, you can embody the most intricate and original ideas. In addition to a varied choice of lacquer colors, stylists offer an unlimited number of interesting techniques and decor. One of the most popular manicure is cat eye gel polish with a pattern. Attractive patterns can be done with a contrasting feng shui varnish or in the form of textures using acrylic powder or transparent gel. In the trend and finishing with casting and liquid stones, rhinestones and pixies, gradient transitions.

cat eye manicure for long nails

cat eye manicure ideas

Such fashionable nail-art is distinguished not only by originality in execution and attractiveness, but also by versatility. Simple monochrome solutions are perfect for everyday bows, regardless of the color of the varnish. Ideas with decor and additions will be a spectacular accent in the evening look. Restrained and classic colors are perfect for strict business combinations. Masters suggest covering all nails the same way or using a concise selection of several fingers. Let’s see the most popular cat eye gel polish manicure ideas:

  1. According to Feng Shui. If you need to maintain conciseness or you want to focus directly on the stylish design technique, the masters suggest focusing on highlighting one or two fingers. At the same time, glare stripes can be chosen both as a base and as a decor.
  2. For all nails. A win-win in modern nail-art is a monophonic coating in one color. At the same time, adding highlights will become a spectacular finish that will emphasize your originality.
  3. With rubbing. Shiny rubbed powder has been a fashionable addition for several seasons in a row. Such a tool can be used in the style of feng shui or decorate all fingers. In the latter case, it is better to stop at a light rub, for example, pearl.
  4. with casting. Gold trim will add a touch of sophistication and luxury to the whole look. Cast patterns in an ensemble with liquid stones will make even the most modest bow elegant and attractive.
  5. with sequins. The simplest decor solution is glitter. And in an ensemble with a fashionable technique of glare stripes, it is better to use a small tool in the form of varnish.

Red cat eye manicure

One of the most popular color solutions for creating a stylish effect on nails is considered to be a feminine rich palette. At the same time, all shades of red are in trend — delicate coral, catchy scarlet, deep burgundy and wine. A burgundy cat-eye manicure is perfect for complementing bright bows. This choice will be a great end to the evening look. In the hot season, saturated and light colors are welcome. Red varnishes are considered universal for any length and shape of the nail plates. This color can be combined with classic and nude tones.

red cat eye manicure

Blue cat eye manicure

A beautiful sky-sea palette is considered a good choice for embodying a mysterious idea. Saturated and deep tones have become especially relevant. On a dark varnish, the glare strip looks brighter and more expressive. And in this case, you can maintain one gamut, creating a glare in blue or making a finish in white. The blue cat eye nail design will perfectly complement the evening look in an ensemble with rhinestones, sparkles, cast patterns. This option remains fashionable in the winter season for ensembles for every day. To accent stylish handles, add white color to the nail-art.

blue cat eye manicure

Green cat eye manicure

Another popular solution was green colors. Designers use both warm and cold tones. Autumn cat eye manicure is presented in combination with yellow or gold trim. And besides glare, here you can make original openwork patterns with casting or varnish. For evening combinations, deep colors, such as emerald, are an excellent choice. Ideas in green colors are relevant in spring and summer. A fashionable combination will be ideas with red, black, white. The ensemble of several shades of one palette in the ombre style remains original.

green cat eye manicure

Black cat eye manicure

If you are looking for a versatile option that will complement both a casual look and an exit look, then the idea with black lacquer will be the most suitable. In addition, such a design will successfully fit into strict business-style ensembles without violating the dress code. A dark cat’s eye manicure can be supplemented with a thin, clear stripe of white. Wide highlights in gray tones look more elegant and restrained. Especially relevant ideas in black are considered for sharp and almond-shaped long nails. And the main advantage in this case is a harmonious combination with any varnishes and decor.

black cat eye manicure

Matte cat eye manicure

Best of all, glare stripes look on a glossy finish. In this case, the nail-art idea is more expressive and attractive. However, stylists also offer original solutions with a matte top finish. As you know, a non-reflective surface, even in dark colors, gives accuracy and neatness. And therefore, such ideas are especially relevant for short nail plates. A beautiful cat-eye manicure can be done in a concise style without finishing. But if you prefer rhinestones and stones, sequins, drawings and textured patterns, then this design will be a spectacular backdrop.

matte cat eye manicure

Pink cat eye manicure

Dark and rich colors remain the most successful for the embodiment of fashionable design. On such varnishes, the glare looks expressive and clear, which cannot but attract attention. However, stylists also use light coatings, which will especially successfully complement the image in a romantic style. A fashionable choice in modern nail-art has become a pink palette. You can choose both rich and delicate shades. A light cat-eye manicure is perfect for feminine images in the warm season. But given that such a gamma refers to cold ones, pink ideas are also relevant in cold weather.

pink cat eye manicure

Manicure cat’s eye with a pattern

Drawings and abstractions always attract attention and accentuate an outstanding style. Masters perform complex and simple, but no less interesting ideas. Floral, animalistic, geometric themes are considered popular in modern nail-art art. The patterned cat eye nail design is presented with openwork monograms and lace. Such patterns are best done in white on a dark background, highlighting one or two fingers in Feng Shui. Glare on dark cold varnishes will perfectly complement the plot images in winter. To make the drawings look symmetrical, use sliders.

cat eye manicure with pattern

Cat eye nail design with rhinestones

Sparkling crystals are considered the most spectacular and attractive finish. This type of decor until recently belonged to a purely evening style. However, in recent seasons, stylists are using beautiful stones in everyday ideas. A cat’s eye manicure with rhinestones looks especially mysterious and unusual. Especially successfully, such an addition will decorate ideas in dark colors, which is ideal for going out. The trend is both laconic compositions and large-scale abstractions with rhinestones of different sizes and colors, combined with pearls and small pixies.

cat eye nail design with rhinestones

Manicure cat’s eye with holes

A fashionable solution in modern nail-art is the selection of a hole at the root of the nail plates. This option is considered an alternative to the classic jacket, but is represented by a large selection of original variations. In addition, the highlighted crescent is able to visually adjust the shape and length of the nails. Cover cat eye manicure can be used for the base in combination with transparent holes. The trend is the standard semicircular shape. However, ideas with an unusual contour look more original and interesting — geometric, textured, concave or contrasting.

cat eye manicure with holes

Manicure cat’s eye with drops

Combined techniques in nail design have become a fashion trend today. One of these solutions is considered to be an ensemble of matte and glossy coatings. Using a magnet for highlights, stylists offer a cat eye manicure with a water drop design. This option can be done in the style of Feng Shui, highlighting one or two fingers. A highlight stripe can be done on a matte top, which will be a stylish backdrop for transparent splashes. Such ideas look especially beautiful in rich deep colors — burgundy, emerald, sapphire and black lacquer.

cat eye manicure with drops


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