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In spring and summer, you want brightness in the image. You can achieve it with the help of not only clothes, but also additional techniques that fashionistas use. Cherry manicure is one of the main trends to show your personality and express yourself. It is extremely bright, juicy and relevant.

Cherry manicure 2019 — fashion trends

Many stylists and fashionistas appreciated the 2019 cherry manicure:

  1. This color looks noble and bright, therefore it can be used in a monochromatic coating without additional elements in decoration. This nail art can go with any image. Any length and shape will fit this design.
  2. Exquisite color can be used for floral motifs. Often this is a tulip flower, which can be presented as a masterpiece of nail design. A tulip can be created in many shades, for example, the main tone is combined with petals made in white or yellow.
  3. Cherry manicure can play with different overflows of colors. A smooth transition from one color to another is created using similar shades.
  4. In addition to the combination of colors, different textures of the lacquer coating can be used, this is a glossy or matte version.
  5. Nails can be embellished with rhinestones or geometry techniques, while creating suitable color transitions.
  6. Lunar nail art looks truly unsurpassed. An unpainted hole is used, which looks like a crescent. The original version can be supplemented with a pattern or rhinestones.
  7. A glamorous solution can be a design with the effect of reflective highlights.
  8. Mirror nail art is an option that fascinates with its brilliance.
  9. Glitter or foil can bring colorfulness, often such decoration is used for one or two fingers.

cherry manicure 2019 fashion trends

Cherry manicure 2019

cherry manicure 2019beautiful cherry manicure

Cherry manicure on short nails

Owners of shortened nail plates will be able to create a light or dark cherry manicure on short nails:

  1. One of the original options will be a matte design, which looks very luxurious in this design. It can be complemented with patterns, rhinestones or drawings made in gold or black.
  2. Cherry overflows in a glossy version look good, especially if bright shades are used. Drawings and stones will help to create a unique elegance.
  3. Geometry, ornament or highlighting the hole is perfect for short nails. Lunar nail art can be combined with a classic jacket. You can embellish the edging a little with sparkling rhinestones and the design will be even more colorful.

cherry manicure on short nailsdark cherry manicure on short nails

Cherry manicure for long nails

Long nails are designed for a variety of patterns, cherry-colored manicure looks amazing on them:

  1. Golden, silver, white and black colors are perfectly combined with the main shade.
  2. You can turn to floral, curly and colorful motifs.
  3. Raindrops or leaves in gold or silver look great on this color.
  4. For long nails, you can choose to apply a jacket, which can be suitable for both special occasions and everyday life.
  5. The gradient technique will look unique on long nails, because you can clearly see all the color transitions. Ombre can be used gradually on all nails, creating a slightly lighter or darker transition from one side to the other. This technique can be used separately on each nail.
  6. Cherry manicure looks even more excellent if it is diluted with a beige or pink tint on individual nails.

cherry manicure for long nailscherry blossom manicure

Cherry Manicure Ideas

Stylists offer to the attention of fashionistas a variety of cherry manicure with a design:

  1. In recent seasons, such a brilliant idea as a frosty berry has been popular. This design looks great on medium length oval nails. A base polish is applied first, and a deeply saturated shade is applied on top. Then, silver-like gel is applied on individual fingers.
  2. You can create a composition on the ring finger, draw a cherry, and leaves on the other fingers. On these drawings, you can apply a top, this is the use of sparkles in purple and silver.
  3. Another original idea is the brocade knot design. The base color is applied to the coating, which has a brocade effect. After drying, thin threads are created that resemble fabric. As a basis for this option, you can take several shades that are combined, and the addition of sparkles.
  4. A unique jacket looks unsurpassed if the smile is made in dark cherry color. The ring finger can be complemented by a pattern of cherries and a floral pattern.
  5. You can create a combination of French style and lunar.
  6. An ombre style idea would look great, starting with a pale pink at the cuticle and finishing with a dark cherry on top.
  7. Against the background of a monochromatic varnish, you can apply the original drawing only on the ring finger. You can depict options such as floral designs, plants, shapes, and other images.
  8. A popular design is the addition of parallel lines. You can apply the foil effect.
  9. To create drawings, it is worth using stamping stamps, they emphasize individuality.

cherry manicure ideas

Cherry Manicure Ideas

cherry manicure with designcherry polish manicure

Solid cherry manicure

Solid dark cherry manicure enjoys well-deserved popularity among many fashionistas:

  1. Of the dark shades, many turn to tones of ruby, marsala and burgundy.
  2. A monophonic cherry manicure can be embellished with a brocade pattern. Gold, silver and black shades are often involved in such a pattern.
  3. For painting, you can use velvet sand or golden paste.

monochrome cherry manicure

Cherry matte manicure

A matte manicure in cherry tones really looks luxurious. It can be complemented with patterns, rhinestones or drawings in gold. Matte design is created from a variety of colors, where you can use the color palette of dark red and other tones. Matte application can be combined with a glossy finish.

cherry matte manicurecherry blossom manicure

Cherry manicure with rhinestones

Cherry color manicure with a design containing rhinestones looks extremely attractive:

  • pebbles can be of different colors, with their help different drawings are laid out;
  • if you stop at colorless rhinestones, then they can be combined with a plain coating;
  • laying out the pattern can occur both at the base and in the middle of the nail.

cherry manicure with rhinestonescherry blossom manicure with design

Cherry manicure with gold

Cherry manicure with gold looks incomparable:

  • to create gold decoration, foil is used, which is laid out in the form of even strips or in random order;
  • French, golden patterns or simple shapes from geometry will look interesting with gold;
  • individual nails can be covered with gold using the casting technique.

cherry manicure with gold

Cherry manicure with a pattern

Drawings on the nails is one of the most common types of nail decor. Nail painting was used at the very beginning of nail art. Now a manicure with cherry varnish is one of the most popular and in demand:

  1. Many masters of nail art use the technique of drawing and constantly improve in it. A nail coating of any color and shade can be an excellent background for applying a picture with acrylic paints.
  2. In the spring of 2019, a cherry manicure with a pattern will add bright colors to any everyday life. The plots that can be done with a thin brush are very diverse: landscapes, summer sunsets, characters from popular cartoons, retro motifs, flowers, floral patterns.

cherry manicure with a patterncherry polish manicure

Cherry manicure «cat’s eye»

Gel polishes and regular cat-eye nail polishes have been popular for many years. Such coatings are not throws, but they attract attention, they fit a large number of images. With their help, a beautiful cherry manicure is also created:

  1. The brightest examples of «cat’s eye» on the nails are performed using dark, red or a variety of wine shades.
  2. Cherry nail polish goes great with the cat-eye effect, with a deep 3D shimmer.
  3. You can apply a cat’s eye coating on your nails not only in a manicure studio, but also on your own at home.

cherry cat eye manicure

Cherry manicure with silver

Metallic coatings on top of the main color of gel polish or additional metallic decor are especially relevant in the coming spring and next summer. Shades of platinum and silver became especially popular. In this design, a cherry manicure with foil and other silver details can be created:

  1. Decorative elements in the form of foil can be either with a discreet matte sheen or brighter glossy options.
  2. Cherry spectacular manicure goes well with silver decor. As additional materials, there can be silver sparkles, the thinnest foil for silver-colored nails, thin metallized strips.
  3. For a more luxurious design, silver non-shimmering hemisphere rhinestones are suitable.

cherry manicure with silvercherry manicure 2019

Cherry Glitter Manicure

Cherry color manicure for short nails, complemented by sparkles, looks extremely impressive:

  1. You can easily decorate any nail art with sparkles at home. Glitter is the brightest and most affordable option for a decorative nail coating.
  2. In the salon, you can choose not only the color of the sparkles, but also their shape, size, shimmer intensity, brightness or haze.
  3. Glitter is one of the oldest ways to decorate nails. A variety of parts are available in bulk or liquid form.
  4. In terms of ease of use, sparkles are almost equivalent. It is convenient for many masters to work with a crumbly form, for someone it is convenient to draw patterns with liquid sparkles.
  5. With the cherry color of the nail coating, bright shimmering sparkles to match the base color, all kinds of metallic colors are perfectly combined. So, with the help of sparkles, you can cover either the entire nail, draw a pattern on it, or use them for an ombre.

cherry glitter manicure

Cherry French manicure

A bright touch of the spring season is a cherry French manicure:

  1. This shade provides an opportunity to choose a variety of options for nail art. The most popular type of jacket is its classic design with the designation of the free edge of the nail in white and with a natural base.
  2. But the fashion for a jacket also has its own options, which are created based on current trends and requests from a client of a nail salon. In the new season, it is fashionable to make a jacket in which the free edge will be decorated with a cherry-colored gel polish, matte or with a shimmering sheen.
  3. Cherry French manicure, different in depth, will become a bright and spring-like fresh detail that attracts attention.

cherry manicure french

Cherry manicure with rubbing

Rubbing looks different on both dark and light nails, but it always looks advantageous, so the use of this pearl powder has become one of the most popular nail design techniques. A cherry-colored manicure with a design can also be done using a rub:

  1. Rubbing powder is the smallest particles resembling dust, which have a different shade of pearl color, giving the nail cold and warm overflows.
  2. Can be applied over regular nail polish or over gel polish. Apply the rub often with a soft sponge or finger in soft circular motions.
  3. Rubbing a pink or reddish tint is perfect over a cherry-colored nail coating, enhancing it and giving a mother-of-pearl shimmer.

cherry manicure with rubbing

Cherry ombre manicure

The ombre design or better known as the gradient has gained a lot of popularity:

  1. Nail service masters embody any wishes of their clients, performing both vertical and horizontal gradient coating.
  2. The most popular is the horizontal ombre. If earlier the gradient on the nails was done completely manually, the transitions of shades of gel polishes of different colors were selected, the colors were mixed, then at the moment most masters make their work easier by using special devices with a uniform fine spray of paint that forms the main gradient color transition.
  3. Cherry ombre can be performed in the transition from the lightest shades, for example, pale pink, to cherry.
  4. Ombre looks especially interesting in dark shades, for example, it is a black and cherry manicure or a color transition from maroon to cherry.
  5. Additionally, the gradient coating can be decorated on top with rhinestones or straight metallic lines.

cherry ombre manicure

Cherry manicure with geometry

Nail art with geometric elements will become trendy this spring:

  1. Geometric nail art on any background color looks especially advantageous, especially if it is a cherry manicure with white.
  2. Geometric patterns are applied by the master using a stencil or manually. To emphasize the geometry, use several contrasting or close patterns.
  3. The most popular elements are stripes, triangles and rhombuses.
  4. With a cherry color coating, geometric patterns in white, pink, black, burgundy, contrasting pastel shades, highlighted by stripes of metallic colors, are perfectly combined.
  5. Often there is no need to additionally decorate a geometric manicure with rhinestones, foil or other techniques, but in some cases the combination of these design techniques looks incredibly advantageous.

cherry manicure with geometrycherry blossom manicure


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