Choosing an evening dress fashion rules

Every girl must have at least one evening dress in her wardrobe. Even if you are not a Hollywood star, not the wife of an oligarch, and not a fashionable writer who regularly appears on the red carpet of festivals and vernissages, make sure that if necessary you can always look like a million.

In this article, we will tell you how to choose the perfect evening dress.

How to choose a dress?

When choosing a dress, be guided by several main features:

  • right size;
  • suitable color scheme;
  • appropriate style and length;
  • personal feelings.

And now about each of the points in more detail.

Right size. Despite the apparent simplicity and obviousness, this rule is not always observed. Don’t try to fit into a dress that’s a couple sizes too small, it won’t make you look slimmer. On the contrary, constrictions and folds formed due to excessive tension of the fabric will make you look like, at best, a chubby graduate of a provincial vocational school, and at worst, like a piece of ham in a net.

The oversized fashion, which has returned this season, allows you to wear deliberately large dresses, but we still advise you to choose evening clothes that are completely true to your size. Leave this trend for city walks and casual parties with friends.

Suitable color range. It is unlikely that today there is a fashionista who has never heard of the division of appearance types into four color types — winter, spring, summer and autumn. And yet, many girls have not learned how to choose the colors that suit them. Having chosen the color of the dress, always try it on in several shades — both warm and cold. You will immediately feel the difference. Colors and shades that are suitable for you in terms of “temperature” will refresh your face, make your eyes shine, and their color will become deeper. Colors that do not suit you make the appearance dull, and sometimes even painful.

Very often, girls, afraid to take risks with the choice of color, stop at black. But we should not forget that black, contrary to the stereotypical opinion, is not suitable for everyone. In addition, being in close proximity to the face, black can visually emphasize skin imperfections (redness, fine wrinkles, bruises under the eyes). If you notice that the evening dress does not suit you in color, but there is no way to change it, do not be discouraged, there is an easy way to fix the situation — throw a shawl or light scarf over your shoulders in the color that suits you (of course, do not forget to think about the color compatibility of the dress and capes). When placed close to the face, a “good” color will offset the hue of the dress and help you look dignified.

Appropriate style and length. It’s no secret that the style and length of the dress affect the perception of the figure as a whole. To look slimmer, choose fitted models, and to compensate for the missing volume, use draperies in the right places. Dark inserts on the sides also slim, while light ones, on the contrary, make the figure a little more voluminous.

Despite the desire to stand out, you should not choose models with too frank necklines or cutouts — most often you will later regret this choice.

Maxi dresses look best on tall girls. It is better for petite beauties to emphasize the legs with dresses to the knee or higher. The most risky length is mini. If you do not have enough confidence, it is better to refuse a dress of this length.

Personal feelings. It is clear that the key to beauty is self-confidence. Even the perfect dress will not save the situation if you constantly pull it up, slouch and only think about how good you look at the moment. If you feel insecure in a dress, something presses, interferes or distracts you, refuse to buy. Choose a model in which you will feel like a queen — others will immediately notice and appreciate it.

What to wear with evening dresses?

The best additions to an evening dress are stylish clutches, luxurious jewelry and high-heeled shoes. Evening is a period when you can allow yourself to shine, but still you should not forget about common sense and a sense of proportion.

A sparkling dress with rich trims is best complemented with neutral accessories and shoes, while discreet models go well with catchy accessories.

To feel comfortable and confident, practice wearing your chosen look at home — look at yourself in different poses, under different lighting, make sure everything looks harmonious. Confidence and calmness are your main trump card, do not forget about it.


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