Classic clothes

Classics are a sign of aristocracy and elegance. At all times, the classic style is universal. And even if your wardrobe is reduced to a minimum, classic things must definitely take place in it. They are relevant not only in office everyday life. At almost any event or holiday, the classic style of clothing will not let you down, unless you got to a carnival or a party with a strictly designated dress code.

Classic clothes for women

In general terms, the classic style can be described in just three words:

  • elegance;
  • simplicity;
  • femininity.

The classic style of clothing for women is, in most cases, suits, dresses, blouses and trousers of a symmetrical cut with a minimum number of darts, cutouts and decorative elements.

The main purpose of women’s classic clothing is not to express sexuality, but to emphasize femininity. Hence the limitation on the length of skirts and dresses. Ultra mini and maxi do not fall under the characteristics of the classic style. There is a very thin line between business and classic clothing for women. Although, the latter allows for some loyalty in the severity of the cut and color scheme. Especially when it comes to classic clothes for girls. A certain touch of romanticism is acceptable here: dresses and skirts with a large number of darts, the presence of folds, pockets and other elements of clothing decoration. The color scheme is somewhat brighter than in clothes for women of mature age. Although, pastel plain fabrics, or fabrics with a small pattern, still remain a priority. The classic style of clothing for girls is the absence of eroticism, completeness of the image and sophistication in harmony with perky additions in the form of bright accessories and jewelry.

Classic clothing brands

  1. Among the most famous classic clothing brands in the world, the fundamental house of Chanel occupies the first place. It was Mademoiselle Coco who at one time created the standard of classical style. With her light hand, women and girls from all over Europe, and after that from all over the world, began to wear fashionable clothes, which were later called classics. Classical women’s clothing from Chanel involves the creation of an image of complete naturalness and elegance, not only in clothes, but also in makeup, hair, shoes and accessories. It is worth noting that Chanel designers consider the quality of fabrics, their natural and pleasant to the touch composition, to be the most important element in creating clothes for women. Modest fitted jackets and dresses are still relevant and eternal, like the very spirit of a brilliant mademoiselle.
  2. One of the leading classic clothing brands, Hugo Boss, is reimagined with a slightly masculine twist in women’s suits. This classic is more like a business one, although it is less strict in terms of restrictions on the length of skirts, lines of jackets and cuts of trousers. In addition to classic women’s trousers, slightly tapered to the bottom, the Hugo Boss brand offers both skirt trousers and straight trousers in compositions with a jacket, classic golf or a blouse.
  3. The Italian brand D’Avenza has gained popularity in Europe due to the perfect quality of the composition of the fabrics. Combined with the flowing cut lines of women’s clothing, the scrupulousness in the selection of materials has propelled the brand to the pinnacle of Italian fashion.

Fashion classic clothes

classic clothing brands

The classic does not go out of fashion. This is a well known fact. But still, fashion trends in classic stylish clothes are directed towards the development of more comfortable cuts, the creation of higher quality fabrics. High-tech processing of natural materials allows designers to come up with new ways to translate classic cuts into comfortable casual and at the same time elegant modern classic clothes. Of course, the king of classics is black. But fashionable classic clothes are now painted in deep warm colors: terracotta, orange.

Whatever a woman is wearing, her style is her “calling card”. The classic look of clothing creates exactly the image that denotes the very essence of the feminine without frills and embellishments. To be dressed in classics means to be a woman one hundred percent.


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