Clothes for a business lady

Successful business women always look stylish and elegant, because appearance plays an important role during business meetings. To do this, women choose only the correct forms, seasoned colors and clear lines.

The image of a business woman

The business suit is considered the king of clothes for a business woman. The following colors are acceptable for him: olive, brown, burgundy, blue, classic black and gray. The suit should be comfortable and, like other business attire, not too revealing. It is worth noting that the suit is not only trouser, but also with a skirt. At the same time, trousers should be slightly high-waisted, and the length of the skirt should reach the level of the knee, or 2 cm lower or higher.

With the help of a dress, you can create an unsurpassed style and any business woman will look feminine and elegant. It can be both monophonic dresses with a strictly cut, and models with bright colors and various decorative elements, in the form of flounces, ruffles and draperies. It is also appropriate to use neckerchiefs or pendants as decorations. It is preferable to choose closed shoes, best with medium heels. You can complete the look with modest makeup and neatly styled hair. For example, for the image of a business woman, a hairstyle in the form of a bun at the back of the head or a shell is suitable.

Haircuts for business women

A bob haircut does not go out of fashion in all social statuses of a woman. To diversify your business image, you can style the square in different ways, avoiding carelessness and disheveledness. Also, many business ladies prefer short hairstyles, and to make the image fashionable, you can use the option with oblique bangs. Do not load your hair with catchy accessories. The main thing, no matter what haircut you prefer, do not forget about the health and shine of your hair, because a business woman should be well-groomed and perfect in everything.


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