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Stalkers are people who spend a lot of time outside the city and often visit man-made objects to get a dose of adrenaline, as well as aesthetic satisfaction. Sometimes they document these objects, and sometimes they are engaged in the theft of material values ​​at these objects. To do this, they need very practical and comfortable clothing. Some stalkers use military attire, others lend themselves to their signature style.

The main elements of clothing in the style of a stalker are trousers with comfortable knee pads, which help when falling or kneeling down so that you can conduct aimed fire. If you compress the knee pads with Velcro at the back, this can give practicality.

The stalker style is clothes with a huge number of pockets for a flashlight, knife and other attributes.

Women’s clothing stalker

Stalker style for women is no different from men’s. Sweaters with a hood have a separate stand with fasteners — it protects the neck from strong winds and holds the hood well on the head. In the area of ​​​​the biceps of the left hand there is always a place for the chevron of your group. Raglan with imitation of shoulder pads, «armrests» are sewn on the sleeves. A small percentage of synthetics in fabrics makes clothes pleasant to the touch.

T-shirts with imitation armor plates and an interesting cut of the shoulder. The mesh neckline complements the style of the T-shirt well.

Very stylish DOLG jackets, they have a detachable hood and detachable sleeves. On the side of the torso and back, a “bulletproof vest” is made, which additionally helps to protect against the cold. Sleeves tightly and comfortably clasp hands and do not hinder movement. At the bottom of the jacket there are two convenient slanting pockets where you can hide your hands. The top of the jacket is made of high-quality raincoat fabric, and its inner part is made of fleece with synthetic winterizer insulation.


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