clothing by body type

The main difficulty in creating any image is the right choice of clothes according to the type of figure. Only clothes that will fit your figure will allow you to create the most successful image.

How to choose clothes on body type?

Almost the most common female figure is a stable trapezoid. Her characteristic features are narrow shoulders and wide hips. Owners of this type of figure should definitely pay attention to different types of trousers — banana trousers or trousers with a straight cut, which will visually hide the excessive width of the hips. You should not buy too narrow jeans, it is better to focus on flared models, while the flare should match the width of your hips. A-line skirts and half-sun skirts, as well as empire-style dresses, will look good. It is these products that hide the hips well and focus on the chest and waistline.

There are practically no special recommendations for girls with an hourglass figure, since such a complexion is a classic female silhouette and clothes for this type of figure can be very diverse. The only thing to avoid is skinny pants, which will visually increase the hips. Give your preference to banana models, pants with a high waistline or a straight cut. You can choose a wide variety of skirts, while combining them with a tight-fitting top and fitted jackets. Clothes for completely different types of figure can fit and go well with such a complexion.

Another common body type is the inverted trapezoid. In this case, choosing a style of clothing according to the figure is also not at all difficult, since girls can afford absolutely any bottom. It is on such a figure that trousers-pipes look perfect. The main rule is that if the bottom has a tight-fitting cut, then the top should have a free silhouette so that the sharp difference between the hips and shoulders is not striking.


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