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The problem of «nothing to wear» with closets chock full of clothes is familiar to millions of girls around the world. It would seem that the more expensive, branded clothes, the more space for experiments and creating unique stylish bows. But it’s not. Properly selected mass-market clothes can look much more stylish and expensive than branded items combined “anyhow”.

The ability to create good combinations is perhaps the most important skill for a fashionista. In this article, we will talk about just that — the right combination of clothes.

Fashionable clothing combinations

Before you take another “stunningly cute blouse” to the checkout, consider whether this color, print and style will be combined with the things you already have. If in doubt, don’t buy.

Clothing with prints in general requires special treatment. Most often, the best companions for her are calm, neutral tones. But this summer, a combination of two or more prints is at the peak of popularity — checks and polka dots, stripes and polka dots, houndstooth and stripes, checks and a floral print. It is difficult to pick up such things, and wearing them with confidence is even more difficult. Try to match things with prints not only in color, but also in style.

It is very important to remember the stylistic unity of the image. Of course, you can always put on a fur coat with a tracksuit and claim that you are a fan of eclecticism, but this is unlikely to save you from the bewildered looks of others and giggles behind your back. If you do not feel the strength to endure this and resist public opinion with dignity, it is not worth the risk. Use the generally accepted rules for combining clothes and shoes.

Clothing combination rules

The main rule of the image is harmony. This applies to both color and style. If you decide to wear bulky trousers or a skirt, take care of a fitted blouse, T-shirt or top. If the upper part is free, then the trousers or skirt should emphasize the shape of the legs. If both parts of the silhouette — both the top and bottom — are quite voluminous, emphasize the waist to avoid shapelessness.

The image should have one main and one or two additional colors. These can be shades of the main or contrasting color. More colors can cause a feeling of variegation and slovenliness.

It is also important to remember the combination of textures — when playing on contrasts, do not forget about the sense of proportion. Very dense, “winter” fabrics rarely combine well with translucent, light “summer” ones. The exception is the images for the off-season.

Now you know the basic principles of a beautiful combination of clothes, and the photos in our gallery will help you with this.


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