Clothing for Muslim women

All Muslim women must adhere to certain rules of behavior and wearing clothes, not many people know what the clothes of Muslim women are called, and in this article it will no longer be a secret for you.

There are several types of clothing for Muslim women, we will consider them in more detail:

  • hijab or rusari is a small scarf that covers the head and neck, and the face remains open, it can often be seen in the clothes of a Muslim woman according to Sharia;
  • niqab — a headdress, it covers everything except the eyes, a special slot remains for them, sometimes it is covered with a mesh similar to a veil, usually it is sewn from black fabric;
  • veil — translated from Persian as “tent”, this is outerwear, worn outside the home, often has a blue, black or white color, the face in this product is open, sometimes complemented by a transparent cape for the head and face;
  • burqa and burqa are the most closed clothing for Muslim women, the first is a robe or cape to the floor and without sleeves, which has a slit for the eyes, closed with a mesh, the second is a headdress to the waist;
  • abaya — an elegant cape to the floor, similar to a burqa, is made from rich fabrics.

Mandatory requirements for women’s clothing Muslim women:

  • clothes should cover everything except the hands and face, if a woman wears earrings, they cannot be seen, the neck and collarbones must also be covered; there is disagreement on the issue of the feet, some believe that they should be closed;
  • it is unacceptable to wear clothes made of bright fabrics with shiny jewelry or accessories, this is only permissible in front of a husband;
  • fabrics are used dense, which are not translucent;
  • clothes cannot fit or fit the figure, emphasize the shape of its owner;
  • perfume smells cannot be;
  • trousers or any other clothing is used feminine cut, not similar to men’s;
  • the clothes of Muslim women cannot look like the clothes of people of other religions, you need to be proud of your faith;
  • you can’t wear flashy clothes sprinkled with expensive stones, gold chains, let modesty and restraint be present in everything.

Almost all clothes for Muslim women are comfortable — they are free-cut, do not hinder movement, do not pinch anything and do not crash anywhere, a head covered with a scarf always looks neat, well-groomed and stylish.

In an interesting and original way, tying a scarf can cause surprise and admiration among others, proving that Muslim women are not just incomprehensible creatures wrapped in dark cloaks.

Designers create fashionable clothes for Muslim women, they deserve to be beautiful too. They work, study, visit public places. Modern world fashion trends require to look good and be individual in everything.

Do not forget that with her appearance, a Muslim woman calls others to faith, and high-quality and properly selected clothes will only help in this. Being in the city in the summer, when we do not know what else to take off, a Muslim woman reminds others of the Almighty by wearing long clothes with long sleeves and a headscarf. If she is dressed with taste, she evokes a respectful attitude towards herself. Summer clothing for Muslim women is distinguished by a wide selection of fabrics, colors and styles. The best fabrics are linen, cotton, silk, they are natural and breathable.

Clothes for Muslim women may well be stylish, long clothes are not yet a sign of bad taste and not a reason for sadness. A well-chosen palette of colors, original but modest accessories and your image will look harmonious and in accordance with all the canons of Islam.


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