clothes for women over 40

Age does not need to be feared or avoided, it just needs to be respected — this is the most important rule that every woman should remember. After all, how often you can see women over forty on the street, dressed as eighteen-year-old girls. This is an attempt to hide your age, to return to your youth, but it all looks utterly ridiculous. A woman should not be afraid of her age, because it is known that looking good at forty is just as real as at twenty. You just need to find the right image. Therefore, let’s figure out what dresses for women 40 years old should be like so that you can look attractive and charming, but at the same time match your age.

How to be stylish at 40?

First of all, absolutely all stylists recommend that women forget about mini, tight leggings, youth prints and fashion trends. You will look at least ridiculous if you decide to try on the grunge or rock style.

In your appearance, bet on elegance. A coat for women over 40 is suitable for a classic cut. Fitted silhouettes, straight or flared trousers, medium height heels will look organic. For women over 40 years old, trousers with arrows for office work are perfect. By the way, hairpins should also be gradually abandoned. Of course, for celebrations and important events, it still remains indispensable, but in everyday life, give preference to more comfortable shoes.

In choosing accessories, focus not on brightness, but on contrast, if you want to add zest to your image. You do not need to buy an acid bag or belt at all. You will look stylish and original if, for example, you pick up light-colored shoes, a bag and a neckerchief for a dark dress.

Dresses for women over 40 — how to make the right choice?

First, you need to understand that a woman’s style changes throughout her life. If at twenty you can experiment with your appearance, dress brightly and even provocatively, then at forty you can’t do this anymore. For women over forty, the most suitable is the classic elegant style, which is dominated by exquisite minimalism and simplicity. Rely on these concepts when choosing your clothes, and you will never miss.

Dresses for a 40-year-old woman should not be very short. If you don’t like the length of the maxi, then stop at the midi. The ideal dress length for this age is two fingers below the knee. If you have a special desire, you can choose a dress two fingers long above the knee, but in short — this is already undesirable.

The color scheme is calm. Preferred colors: gray, black, white, beige, cream, ivory. You can add bright and pastel shades to dilute the look. For example, the color «ash rose» is very good, which, by the way, is quite popular this year. You can experiment with colors, look for the color that is right for you, but remember that these experiments should still have boundaries and a bright crimson dress with a yellow strap for a woman after 40 years old is already bad manners. Although everything here is pretty relative. For example, when choosing an evening dress for a woman over 40, it is quite possible to stop at a rich red hue. But this is only for the evening, so for everyday wear this color is too bright.

And the last thing that can not be said is the style of the dress. It is advisable to choose strict classic styles that match the elegant style. «Sheath», straight dress, «tulip», A-line, you can also try dresses in the style of a new bow, if you are close to retro style. It is better to give up puffy skirts and too deep necklines.


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