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In the modern world, in addition to certain rules of conduct, there are established norms and requirements for clothing. Fashion tries to correctly emphasize the best sides of each person, and highlight them qualitatively. Today, designers offer a huge selection of a variety of trends and styles, so even an office worker can choose something special and original for himself.

The rules of business style in clothes are very simple, but they must be strictly observed. After all, at a business dinner or at negotiations, you represent not so much your interests as the interests of the campaign. Very often, non-compliance with the rules of business style in clothes ends in a fiasco for the enterprise during negotiations or presentations, because whatever one may say, the interlocutor always first of all pays attention to the appearance, and only then notices other advantages.

Basic rules of business style in clothes for women

A woman should always look perfect, it is very simple to do this, but you need to take into account every detail:

  1. Underwear. This item of clothing should fit perfectly on the figure. Everyone has flaws, however, they can always be hidden. Pantaloon belts, a bra with a supporting tape under the bust and many other elements will help to model the figure. Linen is chosen to match the clothes.
  2. Stockings. The business world recognizes stockings of only one color — flesh, the shade can be selected according to your skin type. Black tights are only allowed to be worn with a black dress for a business dinner.
  3. Blouses. A woman’s wardrobe must have at least one white blouse. You need to choose it from a fabric that does not wrinkle, the neckline should not be vulgar. Too bright colors are not welcome.
  4. Costume. Your choice is better to stop on the dark blue version. When choosing a style, you also need to pay attention to the proportions.
  5. Skirt. It should be classic. It is better to purchase a lined skirt so that it does not stick to tights and does not wrinkle.


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