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Changeable women, perhaps, only fashion. She changes everything around, denouncing people in a variety of styles, screamingly extravagant and classically restrained, sophisticated and brutal, giving her fans a variegation and many solutions to create their own individual image and style. Which one everyone likes is a personal decision, but certain limits still exist. And if you don’t want to limit your flight of fancy at all, then club fashion is just for you.

The history of the formation of the club style

Club fashion for women allows everything rather than prohibits something, and the influence of fashion trends on the club style is very minimal, because, as the clubbers say, individuality and uniqueness lie at its basis. Many do not understand the originality of this style, they blame it for being too crazy, but this does not prevent them from filling the dance floors with incredible images, and fashion designers from creating new masterpieces of attires for women’s club fashion.

History tells us that the club style appeared in the sixties of the last century. Despite all the severity of past morals, by the style of clothing it was already possible to determine a person’s belonging to a night party life. How not to mention such an extraordinary trend of hippies, shoes exclusively on a high platform, flashy, acid colors of clothes, breathtaking styles, glitter of club-style shirts and multi-colored glasses. Further, the hippie period was followed by even more avant-garde club fashion for girls and boys, cosmic, rather alien images. Vinyl, lycra, latex flooded the night dance floors. Materials with a reflective effect, plastic decorations were a hit of that period. Then, the avant-garde is replaced by the classics, the English dandy, dressed in black formal suits. Lacquered shoes, a perfectly ironed shirt became a pass to nightlife. The club style of clothing for girls of the period of English stiffness assumed discreet makeup, a strict hairstyle, a rather modest dress or a two-piece suit.

Modern club style

Today it is very difficult to find striking differences in the club style, you will have to go around many establishments in order to create an approximate uniform image. The only thing you won’t find is a tracksuit, coupled with sneakers or sneakers. Modern party-goers prefer jeans, jackets, shirts, classic shoes, and girls prefer high heels and short dresses. A branded belt, watch, handbag will make you a welcome guest in elite clubs, a dress code and face control will weed out visitors who do not meet the requirements of modern club style or simply do not match the theme of the party.


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