A romantic date, corporate party, graduation, marriage — all these events are extremely difficult to imagine without girls in cocktail dresses. How do such models differ from classic and casual dresses?

Variety of styles

Before looking at the styles of cocktail dresses, let’s dwell on the types of fabrics used for their tailoring. These models must be made of high quality fabric. This is satin, natural silk, thick lace, velvet or taffeta. Cocktail models are open. Often, models of cocktail dresses are distinguished by the absence of sleeves and collars. That is why it is necessary to balance the image with length. This means that a very short dress should have a closed top, and if the length of the model is just above the knee, then you can choose an outfit without straps or with thin straps. If this rule is not followed, you can correct the mistake with a tippet or an elegant bolero.

If you are the owner of a slim figure and a small bust, then choosing the right style will not be difficult. These can be short, tight-fitting models, and outfits with puffy skirts and a cut-off bodice, decorated with drapery or rhinestones. But girls who have lush breasts and hips should not wear puffy dresses that open the neckline and shoulders. Firstly, multi-layered skirts add extra pounds and centimeters, and secondly, large breasts in such a bodice can look too vulgar. Owners of the above parameters should pay attention to dresses with a V-neck in the neckline and high waist.

Sometimes a maxi-length cocktail dress is also quite appropriate. At the same time, it should not be overloaded with decorative elements, otherwise it risks turning into an evening one.


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