For several hundred years now, collars have been given great attention in women’s wardrobe. This detail of the wardrobe in some countries even determined the class affiliation of its mistress. Over time, the collar has changed, the rules of life have changed, and now every woman can wear it. Lovers of such fashionable collars today will find a lot of useful things in this article.

Juliana dress

Often, in a simple denim shirt or collarless dress, a girl looks rather boring, if not even faceless. In the Juliana dress, you can easily avoid such a fate. It can be buttoned down to the neckline for a more formal look, or you can leave a couple of buttons open for a looser, more relaxed look.

Women's blouse

If we talk about blouses, then the collar is not an obligatory element of the cut. However, it performs an important decorative function. For example, a yellow collar makes the Moth blouse even more original and attractive. Made in the same color as the sleeves, the collar becomes a bright accent and attracts attention. In such a blouse your mood will always be great!


On elegant dresses, a collar is not so common, but with its help you can make an evening outfit more elegant and sophisticated, and also add a touch of rigor to it. If the format of the event is not known for sure, opt for a dress

«Nightprincess» and you can’t go wrong!
Women's coat

You won’t surprise anyone with a collar on a coat; in the case of outerwear, it performs not so much a decorative as a protective function. A vivid example of this is the coat «Spring» — sunny and incredibly positive, it attracts attention, first of all, by color, but this does not detract from the importance of the collar.


The perfect combination of restraint, romance and color — all this is about the «Flower Fairy» dress, which perfectly emphasizes the attractiveness of the figure, its femininity and grace. And the collar in this case is a great addition!


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