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The phrase color blocking has recently become quite often used in the fashion industry and now we can contemplate it on the pages of magazines, hear it from TV screens … But what does this phrase mean? And how important can it be for fashionistas and lovers of bright clothes? Let’s figure out what it is — color blocking and what, as they say, they eat it with.

rainbow in your hands

Color blocking in fashion is a color technique in which bright contrasting colors are combined in one outfit. They don’t have to be neon, it can be a combination of white and blue, for example, but the most important thing is different, inherently contrasting colors. And it is desirable that things be without prints and patterns, in one color, then such an image will look much more impressive.

A laconic and original outfit in contrasting colors can refresh you and attract attention. And this despite the fact that there are no special frills in this style. The most important thing is to be able to correctly combine colors so as not to become like a traffic light or a peacock bathing in a bucket of paint.

For example, if you want to use color blocking in clothes, then the easiest and safest option is to pair a rich color item with white. For example, a bright yellow blouse and a white skirt, or blue trousers and a white T-shirt. Color combinations are also interesting. Expressive lilac combined with bright fuchsia or azure with cobalt. If you are ready for bold experiments and confident in your sense of style, then try the most incredible color combinations that combine not only two, but three or even four colors. For example, black, pink, fuchsia and salad. There are simply countless options here.

Also, the color block technique can be used on nails. It looks very stylish and catchy. The color block manicure uses several colors. Again, you can choose the color scheme to your taste, guided by the rules described above.


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