Color combination in clothes

When compiling and updating her wardrobe, a girl should know about the basic rules for combining colors and shades in clothes. After all, if she wants to look not only fashionable, but also beautiful, she must be able to combine colors correctly. Many girls, in pursuit of fashion, put on bright colors, creating an absurd image. That is why it is important to know the secrets of color psychology.

But some, fearing to make a mistake, completely refuse bright and beautiful things. Today we will talk about the right combination of colors in clothes, and how to create great images with the help of bright things.

Secrets of color

When shopping, use a palette of color combinations in clothes. The color wheel used by famous designers, fashion designers, and also artists can become an assistant. The color wheel shows which colors and shades are compatible with each other and which are not. The circle has three primary colors — red, blue and yellow. By mixing two primary colors, secondary colors can be obtained — these are purple, green and orange. If you mix a primary color with a secondary color, you get a tertiary color. Tertiary colors are those that are not among the primary and secondary. If you have seen the color wheel, then you noticed that it does not contain white, black, gray and brown. These colors are considered neutral and they are combined with all colors and shades.

For example, the combination of black in clothes is a classic. If you decide to wear black trousers, then choosing outerwear and accessories for them will not be difficult, because whatever color you choose, it will be combined with black.

Today, designers have offered us the best color combinations in clothes. For example, to look bright and stylish on these cloudy and dull days, put on a blue skirt and a bright orange blouse. Such an image will immediately cheer you up and energize you for the whole day.

Knowing how to correctly combine colors in clothes, you will always be the most fashionable, stylish and beautiful. Good luck with your experiments!


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