Color type dark autumn

«Dark autumn» is the complete opposite of the light color type of appearance. Dark and warm shades prevail here. Let’s try to determine which color combination is most suitable for the «dark autumn» color type.

Female color type «autumn»

The appearance of the autumn girl is distinguished by dark and warm tones. Often, the “autumn” color type has a reddish hair color, but more often chestnut. In this case, the color of the eyes can be absolutely any. The fundamental factor in determining the color type is the skin tone, which in this case will certainly be warm.

Color type «autumn» and clothes

For the fair sex of this type, light colors of underwear are recommended, as well as for summer and evening wear. But these colors should be warm.

Dark shades look perfect in outerwear, trousers, suits, skirts, jackets and various accessories. Therefore, girls with the “autumn” color type who work in the office should definitely pay attention to dark-colored clothes.

Medium colors are calm and relatively saturated. They are not annoying at all and are easily combined with other shades.

A rich gamma for an autumn girl is applicable to evening and sportswear, various accessories that will help revive the image. Monochrome combinations of wardrobe items will look good. The outfits show bright contrasts. For example, for the summer period it is worth choosing a dress of bright green or turquoise color. Turquoise goes well with orange. In addition to bright shades, you can safely choose among pastel colors.

The main rule for the “dark autumn” color type is a combination of warm and dark shades and the search for contrasts in light colors.


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